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Nepal: 1,500 Israelis take part in Seder
Published: 13.04.06, 20:57
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1. Beit Habad,greatest merit!
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.13.06)
Beit Habad do a very,very beatiful and moving service to gather Jews all over the world. Maybe they have the greatest merit from any other movement. These Religious really do the Mitzvah of not leting Jews leave from Judaism ,and are making those who are far ,to make Tshuvah. They don't care what people wear,like long sleeves or short sleeves;they don't care whether people are kosher or not.They just want gathering Yehudim Souls. I respect and like them very much. Here in Brasil ,they started this movement some 40 years ago ,and I am sure that is due to them that an enormous quantity of brasilians Jews keep Jewish tratitions ,without being totally assimilated.
2. coalescing
peter ,   amsterdam, NL   (04.13.06)
Quote:"According to Alon most of the travelers are young backpackers who recently completed their IDF service." Nepal(in the middle of a civil war)seems to be one of the favourite destinations for Israeli travellers-for it's oriental mysticism or maybe because it's faraway from home and exotic. India(Goa) is another one. Israeli youngsters seem to cling to the ' hippy' culture. They're travelling everywhere-Peru(dangerous too), Africa, Europe-these days. Good for them, I hope it broadens their minds while having a good time. Whether the Kathmandu Seder is just a popular 'happening' or 'in thing'('gizi'-cool) or an opportunity for Israelis to coalesce overseas-for which they're (in)famous or a genuinely cultural/religious gathering is an open question-probably all the aforementioned.
3. I didn't understamd your point,#2
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.13.06)
What are you questioning? dangerous places...coalescing... what's your point?
4. #2 We just like to feel at home ;)
5. to #1
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.16.06)
I worked with habad for a year and a half. They have no Israeli flags at their schools. Twice attempts were made by students to rip my flag. On heros' Day and Holocaust Memorial Day they were instructed by the principlal not to stand in silence during the siren. Independance Day is just another school day. The students are instructed not to serve in the army. A couple of times soldiers went down the street cleaning up garbage. The female soldiers were called all sorts of curses including"whore". They are a curse on our heads. They are only interested in snatching Jewish souls like missionaries. They even have their own messiah.
6. Jason # 5
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.16.06)
At least here in Sao Paulo,I didn't have the same impression.I heard the Rabbi chief of one of the sinagogues defendind Israel ,and his words were against the new Israel's politics that is handing over the country. Anyway,nobody is perfect.The only thing is one should respect the other. This is the more important thing,Iguess.
7. response to Jason #5
DHW ,   South Africa   (04.17.06)
In what capacity did you work with Cjabad? were you in a position to protest? did you? This depiction is totally contrary to the general experience that anyone has with chabad, from Alaska to Argentina to South Africa; Chabad may not support the creation of a state but are very respectful of the State and its institutions- why else would every great Israeli leader of the last 30 years visit their Rebbe and speak so highly of him? get your facts (and your story) straight!
8. Thank G-d for Chabad
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.18.06)
Chabad is the greatest movement in Judaism. Chabadnicks reach out to Jews every where. They are totally sincere in doing the commandmant "to love your fellow Jew."
9. To # 5 re Chabad
Micha Sloman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.18.06)
My experience with Chabad (over about 26 years) is completely opposite yours. Chabad loves all the Jewish people and strongly supports settlement in the Land of Israel. Chabad doesn't support the secular Government of Israel. However Chabad certainly supports the people of Israel who live here. In my Chabad Shul they always say the prayer for the Israeli Defense Force. Of course there are some immature individuals who attach themselves to Chabad and behave wrongly. Mainstream Chabad, however, is a model of correct Jewish behavior. They set a wonderful example of how a Jews should live and how they should relate to their fellow human beings. Thank G-d for Chabad and the inspiring leadership that they received from their great Rebbes.
10. Merit to Chabad ? I find them obscene !
Marvin ,   Maple ON   (04.19.06)
actually , the whole scene is obscene. chabad is not returning the celebrants to their roots. quite the contrary, they are projecting a message that you don't really have to celebrate pessach at home for seven or 8 days, you can of your own will go to nepal on passover and celebrate a quickie seder. followed by whatever smokes you want. to paraphrase what they say , they are not Gd's policemen, they are the false messiah's salesmen. oy to the fools who fall in their trap ! does anybody believe for a minute that the poor kids suddenly found themselves stranded in katmandu or in a chiang mai massage parlour ? yiikes ! pity to those who believe them !
11. to those who can't see
Marvin   (04.19.06)
keren some people speak straight, other say what serves them best at a given moment, even if it means, speaking simultaneously from 6 sides of their mouth. sure in sao paolo, they are after the donnors. so they will say what the donnors want to hear. in afula, they don't expect a penny, they feel free to spray their venom. israeli leaders who went to pick a dollar from the deceased megalomane were fools. till today many israelis are fooled. those katmando and phuket party organisers, are bad news. they our out to hijack judaism. they do not bring you your tradition, they usurp everybody's traditin. on them the prophet yirmiyahu said: madua derekh reshaim tzalecha !
12. chabad
mussa ,   us   (04.19.06)
To #5 Jason. chabad otu of israel is something completely diferent then the chabad that you know in israel. they came too political in israel and have to compete with other religious partys. in the"gola" they will go out of there way to save any jewish " "nefesh" and save them from assimilation. you don't have to be afraid to be asked for money if you want to join jews in a synagogue in a holiday and they have many programs helping people with drugs and other necessities. may they be blessed.
13. Marvin
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.19.06)
I can see you don't like them at all! About me, I can not see any bad on them,neither I can see how are they usurping tradition from anyone. And I see them selling books,promoting dinners,selling Mezuzot,etc,apparently as a way to make their ends meet. That's what I see. I go there,in their sinagogues,once in a while,and I am very well receptioned...don't see nothing wrong. I may not agree on their way of wearing,for example,but as long as they don't impose that to me,everything is fine. I would like to understand your hate,really.
14. Email Buddy
Macio Lynn Perry ,   Seattle, WA USA   (04.19.06)
Any chance my email could be passed to young lady in photo so I can be an email pal.
15. keren, there is no hate.
Marvin   (04.20.06)
but, i have come to realise that they don't represent judaism. they have their own agenda, in which their messianic movement is at the centre of things. no longer priority givin to G-d but a repetitive mentra of the rebbe, the rebbe, he is this he is that, he did this he did that. their "love" to judaism is because jews are their fishing ground. i don't care much about their deceased rebbe.
16. Marvin
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.20.06)
Dear Marvin, You really don't understand a lot about Judaism or about Chabad. I don't mean to offend you in saying this, but if you were learned in Sulhan Aruch you would understand that the Lubavicher Jews are really very strict in their observance of the Mitzvot. Because Chabad reaches out to all Jews no matter where they live or how far removed they are from Judaism, it sometimes happen that some rather odd souls attach themselves to the movement. Such individuals can give a false impression of Chabad. Chabad, however, never rejects a fellow Jew no matter how secular he or she may be. For the soul of evey Jew is precious. The great message of Chabad is to love your fellow Jews and to reach out to them with kindness and understanding in order to instill in them a love of Judaism.
17. Micha, G-d bless you Part 1
Marvin   (04.20.06)
this has nothing to do with shulchan arukh. (agav, which one?they have their own!). see my earlier posting, they go to katmandu to let people think that pessach is 3 hours dinner ? all they are after is the publicity exposure. also, it is not just a matter of few chassidim shoytim that spoil their image. nobody. nobody, among their leadership came out and say one word against the "messianists" among them. the arguments you see, are nothing but earthly turf wars, and different opinion on how to go about "parnosse" . otherwise, the giant posters of their rebbe are still hanging all over their centers. you need more than that to convince me.
18. Micha G-d bless you ! (part2)
Marvin   (04.20.06)
their love to "fellow jew" is fetishist. the less educated , the more they like their fellow whatever. as soon as he is past primary one in judaism they love him less. if he is a litvish, they will tell you that he knows nothing about yiros shomayim, which started with the tanya. (seems neither moyshe rabbeinu , nor r' akiva, knew anything about yiras shomayim either). the king is naked, my friend .
19. more to keren
Marvin   (04.20.06)
keren their tradition is not mine, they stress the visible only ! selling books, depends what books, they resemble judaism. i have nothing against them doing business-making ens meet as you say. they receive you well, because you are a number in their statistics . i am past worrying on how well they receive people. i am after the essence of their message . go to where they really live, they are fanatics, go to hebron , go to crown heights, go to kfar chabad. see the venom coming out. it is not a question of what they wear and if you can wear what you want. unbeknown to most people like yourself, you are an instrument in their hand. yes, they smile, so do officers of the salvation army, the mormons , and any southern baptist denomination.
20. Marvin
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.20.06)
What venon are you talking about? What is the essence of their message? Why am I an instrument in their hands? What do you mean?
21. what do you mean? asks paulista keren!
Netanel   (04.23.06)
Irrespective of the clothing they tolerate or not. I suggest you read this article just published on Jerusalem Post on line "Who controls Lubavitch headquarters?" by Rabbi Dr David Berger, better yet read his book."The Rebbe the Messiah and the Scandal of Orthodox indifference". While some of us are happy to be "tolerated" in sleeveless blouses, these people are destroying Judaism as we know it, to be replaced by some ridiculous third class Christianity. As to your questions on their ways of deceiving you in person, and using you as statistics, you have to find out on your own.
22. keren, keren, where are you ?
Marvin   (04.25.06)
Beit Habad,greatest merit! I think not ! It' not just the sleeveless blouses that they tolerate you with. This URL will take you to quite a few topics of substance to discuss with your so called "rabbi". . With one topic a week, it will last you thru Rosh Hashana, if you still want to continue !
23. marvin,marvin! Iam here!
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.26.06)
Ok,I will read the site you suggested me,and will reflect more about this. But ,anyway,be carefull yourself too of Lashon Hara!( I am not saying you did it,just to be careful!)
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