'Strike on Iran to trigger global terror'
Published: 16.04.06, 09:00
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1. eye for an eye! don`t attack and you won`t be attacked!
2. What goes around comes around ...
Joey ,   Iran   (04.16.06)
3. Bomb the bastards already...
ashan   (04.16.06)
or be ready to submit to islamofascist blackmail at every turn.
4. so they may say
Yisraeli   (04.16.06)
however if you take out as many of their leadership coupled with the strike on their facilities you will send them scurrying around like rats in a cage. Have surveillance on all the top mullahs and theyre whereabouts, pick a time when they may be congregated together. Target all the high command of the revolutionary guard. Drop mass leaflets saying to the public that the time to act is NOW. Rise up and take your freedom, eradicate all those associated with the leading cadre and even small time revolutionaries. Mention if the people do not rise up NOW then the world will NOT be responsible for the continued existence of Tehran or any other major cities. It is for your own very exsistence that you the people will now be fighting for. The regime will collapse and all those promises of bands of shaheeds will evaporate as they evaporated under saddam, remember all those parades, nothing became of them. Hizbollah will mount their greatest offensive in the north of Israel, however with american warning of impending strikes to Israel, Israel will pre-empt by massive carpet bombing of all their facilities in Sth Lebanon. No forces need enter Iran, the people will finally take back theyre freedom, if they dont then after any retaliation by the guard on the west will result in massive casualties on Iran. Thereafter the UN to oversee, removal and destruction of any remaining nuclear facility. If the west does not act decisively and with extreme predjudice they will invite an onslaught on theyre own populations, if not soon then definately only a matter of sometime in the future. If only I was world leader these dogs wouldnt stand a chance coz I wouldnt give a rats arse about public opinion as a leader you have to do what has to be done to secure your people, not just for this generation but for generations to come. Alas in Israels ruling elite you only have wimps.
5. you will feel sorry
jamal hani ,   quatar   (04.16.06)
america will feel sorry if it strikes iran , so they must act wisely and be quite, why do they prohibit nuclear weapons for us , and it is permissible for them , if they fear that we will use it , they have to remember that they used it before in japan those cannibles , so stop acting as peace-seekers when you are not , iran go ahead , we will back you , and if there is one who doenst like it , iran must send him one,
6. Iran wil be destroyed but.........
Lemar ,   UK   (04.16.06)
The obvious scenario in the near future when Iran has a nuclear capacity will be to get Hizbollah to provoke Israel sufficiently for Israel to strongly retaliate and neutralise Hizbullah. Iran will have given Hizbullah a limited nuclear weapon for a response thereby doing terrible damage to Israel hoping that Iran will not be brought into the war. Of course Israel will not fall for that and will annihilate Iran. The Iranians are that stupid else they would not openly show their hand by announcing their intentions to destroy Israel. Only complete destruction of Iran will suffice, just destroying their nuclear facilities will be pointless. Of course this can only happen after Israel suffers a terrible atrocity.
7. Iran
James ,   Dallas,U.S.   (04.16.06)
'Strike on Iran to trigger global terror' this particular article sounds like it is made up crap that you not even be regarded as true by anyone, .
8. Answer to 1st massage.
DimaIL ,   Ashdod   (04.16.06)
Man, if we dont attack them, they will destroy us, they will destroy Israel with 1 nuclear bomb. So dont be so honest because Israel and the west countries must arrack this nuclear facilities. Dima
9. All need obey NPT
Peter ,   Adelaide, Australia   (04.16.06)
I wish for a world where all nations followed the NPT they've signed. That would mean the USA, Russia, France, China, UK were annually reducing their nuclear weapons towards nil. Then they'd have the moral authority to persuade Pakistan, North Korea, Israel and India to all do the same. Iran (with its scary fanatical president) wouldn't have a hope of starting up a nuclear weapons program in such a world. Also with proven solar technology - there is no need for oil and uranium in the near future anyway. Only vested interests keep pushing oil and uranium at our peril.
10. and they won't lauch the attacks if we don't blow it up?
Lisa   (04.16.06)
that is a funny one! of course they lauch their suicide bombers any way, other wise they would not have helped create the monsters they did...
11. You're damned if you do and damened if you don't
Ram ,   London   (04.16.06)
If the Iranians are acting with such aggression and confidence now, how much more so will they be when they become more powerful? Unlike the West, these people have an agenda; world domination in the name of Islam with Iran ambitious to rule above them all. 40,000 suicide bombers have been lined up as a sacrificial lamb in order to achieve their goal. This, of course, on top any amount of other potential human loss they are prepared to meet. What is the spineless West prepared to sacrifice? Nothing. There is no doubt that the West is overdue to confront the mad Mullahs. If it means withdrawing from Iraq, as a strategy, so be it. If Iraq can be used a s a base, then it should be. Only the total collaboration between the western countries will guarantee Iran's defeat; this coupled with absolute ruthlessness. They must be crushed. The days are passing and the threat is growing. The West owes its citizens protection. To hell with oil and to hell with diplomacy. Our future needs to be secured first! Without making some sacrifices the West will be heading for doom. The irony is that the West is financing its potential destruction by its dependence on oil, now pushed up to $70 a barrell.
12. #9
Ram ,   London   (04.16.06)
Sadly, the scenario you describe can only exist in fairy tales. I would suggest that if all the countries mentioned disposed of their A bomb arsenals this would encourage Iran even more so to attain it.
13. 40,000 less idiots to worry about
S Judah ,   london   (04.16.06)
A worthless threat, just threaten to nuke the fanatics and do so tactically if necessarily subsequently. If they want to survive as a peole they will soon shut up. Better still eliminate the mad leader who is leading them to disaster.
14. like saddam said
america won't be able to infilitrate iraq and bring him down, and look what happend. he also promised for global terror attacks against civilians and nothing happend... no matter what they say, it's always 180° degree diffrent.
15. irans bigshot has a big mouth
manuel ruiz ,   laval canada   (04.16.06)
is iranians president going to run like Saddam. Love to see Isreal straighten this guy out
16. a nation of islamikazes...
stephane ,   france   (04.16.06)
the iranians are in total panic ! they feel that they will be soon attacked,so,as everytime,when muslim countries feel in danger,they do blackmail.western world mustn't fall in their trap,and must remind them that iran is a large country;if they send islamikazes,US and britain can destroy in iran much more than nuclear facilities.iranians must remember for example hiroshima and nagasaki.i mean that west must make them understand that whatever they destroy,west or israel can destroy 100 times more in iran.
17. Iran - Another typical Islamic State...
RF ,   Israel   (04.16.06)
The people live in mud huts while the leaders spend money on weapons.
18. Islamic threath
Steve   (04.16.06)
Not all muslims are terrorist, but all terrorist are muslims and you still call this a peaceful religion. If we don't stop them, there will be no us anymore to live in peace but through the Islamic sword!! Wake up!!!
19. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Muhammad the Prophet ,   Dir al Hanazir   (04.16.06)
Cancel the plan at once!!! Where am I going to find 2880000 virgins!??!?!
20. Hitler could have been taken out in the 1930's sparing 55M M
Alan ,   SA   (04.16.06)
21. Death to Iran
Tony ,   Orange County   (04.16.06)
22. greed
john ,   sweden   (04.16.06)
I have to agree with No 11. When you have greedy men controlling U.S. foreign policy, buying oil from those bent on destroying them ! How ridiculously short sighted!! The U.S., long ago should have developed alternatives to oil but the powerful oil companies have effectively curtailed that. Even on the smaller domestic scale-the efficient automobile is anathema to big oil interests in the U.S. Besides the Muslim agenda, big oil interests in the U.S. is the other threat to world peace.
23. most amusing
!@#$%^&*   (04.16.06)
I love it - the names the US dream up - not just bad ... but the Badr Brigade
24. "Iran strike on country to trigger war three"
Jonathan Levo ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.16.06)
Hum mass terrorism all outworld war? I'm truly debating which is worse what do you guys all think?
25. As Rabin said
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (04.16.06)
When Arafat was seni-dead in Tunisia and Israel had no terror, Rabin and Peres said that Israel must invite Arafat and his gangs, give them weopons. Then we will have real peace and most of Syria will love us and wouldn't sent missiles (remember how Rabin played Syria.). If a few bombs are dropped on Iran then suiciders will disaapear at once.
26. Don't talk. fight !
Norman Cone   (04.16.06)
America has forgotten to fight a war with the aim to win. Don't "democratize" the Muslim world, fight ! We are already in the 3.World War - Islamist against the rest of the the world - so fight them. Don't be the nice guy, be the fighting machine. Wipe out Iran with H-Bombs, make Tehran to a large parking plot. Don't worry, the Revolutionary Guards weren't able to win an 8 year long war with Saddam , they won't be able to fight America and the West. Just ,please, don't talk and speculate - start fighting and bomb them to hell !
27. Iran wants to create hell on earth
Dan ,   USA   (04.17.06)
The president of Iran is WILLING to sacrific his own people so he can have nuclear power. If suicide bombers are going hit America than inocent people will die Iran if the US strikes It's going to be hell on earth.
28. answer to #1
Hilda ,   USA   (04.17.06)
Ah if it were only that easy. Remember it was not Israel who threatened Iran but Iran who threatens to remove Israel from the map. Israel weould like nothing better than to live in peace with all its neighbors and for them to recognize her existence and allow her to live. In 1948 that was not the case and every day since then. HJow can Israel depend that Iran will allow it ot live when they are rattling the chains . I am sure than Iran will not attack Britain and probably not the US if they promise to leave Iran alone but Iran has not come out and threatened them in so many words as it has Israel. But I guess you don't care.
29. Defending own right go to hell?
omar   (04.17.06)
Please you guys to clear in mind who start it first? In world of muslim, we seem been threaten, and we muslim will stand and fall as martyr.
30. #1,2 and 5
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.17.06)
ytou brainwashed idiots can't see that the whole world is against you??? It's not just the US and Israel, it's Russia, China, Europe etc. You have no hope for a real future with that Monkey, Ahmedinejad leading you, he will only lead you to death. The fact that you can't see that means you are all brianwashed, there's no other explanation. Have fun running away from the cruise missiles and daisy cutters!!!
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