Qassam victims: Order IDF back to Gaza
Tal Rosner
Published: 16.04.06, 22:09
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1. ...side by side in peace, etc. etc.Ka-BOOM!
Yoel Ariel ,   Going   (04.16.06)
NO! There is absolutely no reason for returning to Gaza. If the IDF goes back it will support the contentions of those criminal Katifians who by hard work and the sweat of their brows earned a respectable and honorable living for theirselves and their kids. There is no reason to return. There are NO Quassams. there are no terrorists. The dis-engagement was a success. Everything is cool. On with the next Armona. down with those miserable settlers and their ilk. Long live Arik! (or something) But honestly folks, does anyone get it yet. Israel's ruling government and it's cowardly politicians screwed the pooch, and believe that by ordering more KY it will be able to fix it.
2. what human rights?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.16.06)
What human rights are they petitioning about. The last humans were ethnically cleansed by fat boy and his gang. Why not have human rights groups for Jews go to the high court and petition to have the army destroy terrorist infrastructure as well as civilian dwellings? What right do foreigners have to go to our high court? What right does the high court have to rule on military matters. Let barak and his puppets keep out of this! What about our suffering from terrorism? If someone wants to charge us with war crimes,then charge the arabs with crimes against humanity.
3. Who the fuck do they think they are?
Jenya ,   Israel   (04.16.06)
"both Israeli and Palestinian – claim the new IDF instruction is significant because it cancels out any protection civilian residents had" and what about the protection israeli civilians should have from the terrorists? in my opinion, they should fire not 100 meter of civilian homes but they should fire directly at the homes from which qassam rockets are luanched. i promise you that after that, no onw would let the terrorists fire qassam from their houses.
4. kol ha kavod,bravo to sderot residents.
stephane ,   france   (04.17.06)
it's a very good move from the residents of sderot and gaza area wich are everyday attacked by quassam.they are right to do this petition.if traitors take advantage of democracy,so for sure the real victims of terrorism have the right to ask the government to defend them.what is disgusting from this leftist is that they live in ramat aviv,tel aviv,and they afford themselves to ask the army to stop fighting cells of quassam launchers.those leftists are so stupid,naïve and selfish...ikhhhhsssa!
5. Demand Justice From The Courts
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (04.17.06)
The Jewish citizens who are being bombarded by the rocket attacks should demand from the Supreme Court of (in)Justice that the political regime must untie the hands of the IDF to destroy the terror nests bombarding them. In the event that they do not do so, they should refuse completely to pay ANY taxes to a system that refuses to protect their rights to security as citizens.
6. Sederot settlers should "appropriate" tanks.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (04.17.06)
7. Palestinian Responsibility
Shaka ,   New York, USA   (04.17.06)
Any deaths or injuries caused by Israeli shelling of missile site in Palestinian populated areas are the responsibility of the Palestinian Terrorist that fire from those areas and the Palestinian Population that allows them to fire from their areas. International Law has clearly defined the outlines of responsibility of civilian deaths that are caused because of shelling from populated areas. Its simple if you don't want civilian areas shelled do not fire from them. The so called human rights activists seem to care only for the human rights of terrorists and the population that aides them. Why dont they care about the population that is being bombarded with katushas? They are hyprocrits and they have a double standard when it comes to Israel. But as we all know so does the whole world. I say Bomb the hell out of those bastards then go in and finish them off. It is a war and only the enemies of Israel acts like it. Israel is trying to pretend its not happening.
8. qassams
natan greenberg ,   toronto, canada   (04.17.06)
if israelis want to stop qassams why don't they stop killing in west bank an gaza, remove their check points religious and not so religious fanatics who occupy palestinian land. as long as gaza won't have a real border and ability to trade freely israel will be getting qassams katushas and worse.'s israeli government who brings citizens of other countries , gives them new ID's (israeli passports) based on their Israel can be protected by those naive folks who believe to zionist lies. As long as Palestinians and Israelis won't have equals rights , rights not based on ethniciy or religion more violence will be happening.
9. Israel's Government
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.17.06)
It would seem Israel doesn't need a knesset or cabinet - it has a high court.
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