9 killed in Tel Aviv blast
Avi Cohen
Published: 17.04.06, 20:59
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31. maybe we can get Hamas cops to fight Fatah
Kadima is Chelm ,   Chelm, Israel   (04.17.06)
32. 14Ali , London: Arabs only need to stop terror attacks
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.17.06)
now wake up to reality OK this is as old as over 70 years Arabs have to learn to live in peace with the entire world but they only live by Terrorism world-wide Example: 1929 Hebron Massacre How come ? There was no Arab called Palestinian - yet they killed Jews in cold blood then - only reason was - They were Jews Here's an english video on this massacre: Now stop your Goebbels lies thinking they may one day become legit No way
33. why is everybody suprised?
123... ,   TA   (04.17.06)
All of you really thought there wouldn't be a "pigua" this pesach? But stop blaming Olmert, if Bibi would heve been elected this would also have is very diffficult to fight someone who is determined to blow himself up.... I'm getting so tired of this old woman G. Goldwater....yaawn...have you al seen her pic on the net? I'm not suprised she is so bitter and full of hatred...
34. 15 samson Hope your family is save Shalom
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.17.06)
35. To atmawi in dreamland #23 and Ali #14
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.06)
The IDF unfortunately does unintentionally kill innocent people, but does not target them. The IDF targets terrorists. Terrorists unfortunately target innocent people. If you can't tell the difference there is really no hope.
36. 19 Kobi -.Jew for Truth, Israel : Shalom Shalom
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.17.06)
37. #23
Moshe ,   Herzlia   (04.17.06)
My dear Islamic Friend, I see you speak, but do not understand what your mouth or should I say your fingers are writing. The sick one's are living on your side, and to let me add our so called government is the nothing else than a terroristic group, even said so by your president. So please do all of us a favour, and keep yourself quiet. Shalom
38. #35
atmawi ,   Historic palestine   (04.17.06)
I hope you did not spend too much time thinking before writing your response to my talkback, because if so, then really there is no hope. Statistics baby show it all, more than 700 kids among the 4000 killed in Palestine for the last 5 years Intifada are children under the age of 12, in most cases they been killed while they are in there homes, or playing in the back yard. Stop this kind of ignorance, and look back to your IDF ugly faces, this will expalin it all.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.17.06)
How can people bear the continual murder and horrendous suffering of innocents caused by barbaric humans determined to get 72 virgins in Islamic heaven - the reward Muslims believe they will receive for their atrocities and murder of innocents. On a deeper level, is the trauma of witnessing a society deeply committed to such horrific crimes against humanity, treated with respect and rewarded with the Jewish land and assets of their victims. It is unbearable to the human soul.
40. To 123 #33
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.06)
It actually is not that hard to fight someone who is determined to blow himself up. All you have to do is TRY! But you are just another nonchalant, Yisraeli tipusi (textbook Israeli). You "yaawn" at 7 INNOCENT DEATHS and put other, informed people down instead of opening your eyes to reality. Just know that Olmert and his disengagement is to blame. He rewards terrorists by giving them more land and removing the only thing that can stop terrorism from the territories -- the IDF. He also gives them a public opinion boost because terrorists see the withdrawal as a weakness and therefore they heighten their activities. Actually, during Bibi's term, terror was at its lowest point since the first intifada. Do you know why? It's because he fought it and didn't ignore it like Olmert. But I'm sure you're afternoon latte is more important than this political nonsense for you so enjoy.
41. #37
atmawi ,   Historic palestine   (04.17.06)
Great, that tells a lot about you. You do not like any one to say the truth, Just some ignorant to agree with you. You shall be thanking me as well as Ynet for giving you the chance to see how others think. Keep listening to your self, good for you.
42. Tel Aviv
Bill ,   Yonkers, NY   (04.17.06)
Time for TOTAL VICTORY: Carpet bomb the entire Palestinian territories. ALL OF IT. Make THEM sue for peace... for those few who survive. Immediately exterminate All of Hamas. Expel all arabs from Israel proper NOW. Ignore the LEFTIST whines of racism. Its just a ruse to prevent Israel from self preservation.
43. to #30 and the others !
Ali ,   London   (04.17.06)
My logic shocked all of you...I see I was very logical with what I wrote...wrong-doers and hypocrites hate common sense...Killing in general is not justified I am telling you now ...I am 100 % against what happened in Tel Aviv lately..BUT if you want to avoid this TERROR in the future and solve this problem for should get together as families and ask yourselves these questions: 1) What are we doing in Palestine ? 2) Do we ethically accept living in a country that is not ours ? 3) where did we originally come from ? even if we were born in Palestine..where did our fathers live before ? 4) Is ocupying a country and kikcking its people out of it , killing and wiping them out ethical ? are we ok with that ? 5) If we want to be fair to ourselves and our religion, what should a wise man do ? Anyways, these are just sample questions.....for those who really want to be fair and honest to themselves and Really really want to live in peace and happiness ! Be logical Be wise and do the right thing
44. for how long more is israel going to tolerate these killings
carlos murphy ,   melb aus   (04.17.06)
ad matai, till when, another meeting , a few more empty buildings being bombed.some more empty promises.these palestinians have an agenda and it is to wipe israel off the face of this planet.WHAT IS ISRAELS AGENDA.
45. #22 Wrong again -- moral equivalence is not acceptable.
AK   (04.17.06)
You must condemn those responsible for the Arab terrorism unconditionally, or you are no different from them.
46. Let me tell you just two things
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (04.17.06)
Firstly - however many atrocities are perpetrated by the terrorists, however many people they murder, and however much they are supported by their friends in the European Union, the United Nations, the far-left and elsewhere, Israel and the Jewish people will survive. Secondly - even if there were no Israel and no Jews, the "Palestinians" would be a failure as a people and a state.
47. olmert
yaakov ,   Judea   (04.17.06)
was in the north this weekend according to iba news both descerating Shabbot and the 1st day of PESSACH with his commie wife, THEN MAKES STATEMENT SAYING ACCORDING TO YNET THAT ATTACKS CAN NOT BE STOPPED, BEND YOUR KNEE TO THE KING--- EHUD, SEE WHAT OCCURS.
48. To atmawi #38
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.06)
Tell me that little Palestinian kids don't run around in war zones with bullets flying everywhere. Tell me that Palestinian kids don't hang around their terrorist brothers and cousins and idolize them. Tell me that Palestinian kids don't play with guns before they play with toy cars. Tell me that Palestinian kids don't dream of one day becoming suicide bombers because that's what they're taught in school, the media and in your society in general. The IDF must fight terror. This is not up for argument. The fact that children are put in the battlefield is not Israel's fault. Israel does not target innocent people. Terrorists do.
49. Does Olmert Know What To Do?
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (04.17.06)
Hopefully Israel's deluded regime will see the error of their plans for 'convergence'. 'Convergence' is code word for running away AND whetting the terrorists appetites. IF after this first horrific bombing on Olmert's watch he still believes that handing over Israel's heartland is a good idea, then the people need to drag him out of office. What normal leader would give over one's country to the enemy to endanger it further by making it easier ! to kill its citizens? Would Bush have handed over parts of NYC to AlQadea after 9/11/01? Not likely. He dispatched his forces halfway around the world for revenge. Olmert knows exactly where the terrorists are hiding - in plain sight. What is missing is the will to totally destroy them. Even a non military/security genius can figure out the dangers and treachery of the 'convergence' plans. To be sure Olmert & his Kadima gang have villas and get - aways to go to when the more lethal rockets implode. However, the average citizen will be sitting ducks. Perhaps if the Kadima gang feels the same pain as the many bereaved and injured in Israel they will change their minds. Just perhaps....
50. I agree with #42
Go for it! ,   Israel   (04.17.06)
Spread their blood as they spread ours!!
51. Waiting For Kofi Annan and the Security Counsel To
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.17.06)
condemn the terror attack and emand a Resolution will be passed against the PA - or bring them to Justice to their silly UN court for war crimes but lets not hold our breath - it's only Jews that got killed and Kofi and Co. only work for the Arab crowds - despite that Israel is a UN member
52. Ali have you been going hard on the Lebanese Hasheesh?
Jonathan Levi ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.17.06)
I'll answer everyone of your questions. 1) What are doing in Israel? ans1) We are in the homeland of our great great great granfathers who had the land stolen by your grand fathers who then had the land liberated by our grand fathers. 2) Do we ethically accept living in a country that was ours before the islamic arabs even existed? ans2) I wouldn't see any ethical qualm in living in our 5000 year old land. Do you palestinians see a problem with trying to steal a land you only percieved as yours 50 years ago? 3) Where did we originally come from? even if we were born in Israel.... where did our fathers live before? ans3) Ok heres the Levi family history. My family lived in Tunisia (So much for the whole "your all european" theory). My family went to Tunisia after the non-islamic non-arabic babylonians conquored Judah and destroyed the first temple. So before they went to Tunisia they lived in Judah. Looks like I am back where I belong. 4) Is occupying a country and kicking its people out of it, killing and wiping them out ethical? are we ok with that? ans4) We sure are ok with it because no one was wiped out unless I'm missing the mass the graves.... We're also ok with it because we liberated a stolen country that was ours far before you stopped worshipping moons in the desert and having "parties" (I'm going to call animal rights because that little problem that you guys have still hasn't stopped) with your camels. 5) If we want to be fair to ourselves and our religion, what should a wise do? ans5) To be fair to my religion, to my g-d (the one and only), and to my ancestors I would honor their land (Israel) by living in it for they would ardently desire their descendants (me and the rest of the Jews) to live in Israel. So Ali, be logical and be wise because I couldn't give a s$%t about the false peace you preach. I'm of the opinion you need to dealt with mongolian style. Go do a little research on how the mongolians dealt with the afghani Hashassins.
53. reply #43 (Ali)
sk ,   USA   (04.17.06)
Dear London Ali: Your "logic" shocked nobody, as it is neither logic nor original. It is mere hum-drum Arab propaganda. Can't you tell the difference? The increase in terrorism and its re-emergence in Tel Aviv was predictable. It will continue until Olmert's government falls. Only a government with Jewish values will be able to address this issue. Do you have any doubt what Feiglin would do?
54. To all terror excusers : We dont need your lip tax
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (04.17.06)
You might aswell wave hamas flags, scream itbah al yahud and shoot in the air, because you still the same cowardly, ignorant, bloodthirsty barbarians. Shove your condemination and "Sorrow for every victim, Arab or Israeli" because we all know your real thoughts and intentions, which are the same as any average Hamasnik, yes, including that suicide bomber.
55. Wake up Israel. Take those gloves off already!
Ram ,   London   (04.17.06)
56. I hate these terrorist bastards.
Drew ,   AZ, USA   (04.17.06)
57. Terror
Farouk ,   Jerusalem   (04.17.06)
My sincere condolences to the innocent people that died today, yet another cowardly act targeting civilians. It seems that civilians are the preferred target by both sides these days. Looking ahead, it is unfortunately real but things are going to get worse. Those who did not expect this to come are idiots and those who feel safe are their stupid mirror image. Pray for those innocent Israelis and Palestinians who will die this summer which promises to be hot and violent (except for a lull during the world cup 2006). We are not ready yet to make a difference, alas.
58. We want LIEBERMANN - NOW!!!!
Mike ,   Rishon-le-Zion, Isra   (04.17.06)
Arik Silverman ,   MIlwaukee, USA   (04.17.06)
Hamas Letter Dear Mr. Bush: Sorry, but we don't have any money to pay security forces to protect Israel because you cut off our funds. And if you do give back some money, it will go to feed our people before it will go to protect Israel. Yours, Hamas The Israel Lobby has got the US Congress into a corner: it can't give any money to the Hamas government. Well, remember the old one about cutting off your nose to spite your face?
60. Response to Ali
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (04.17.06)
1) What are we doing in Palestine ? This is not Palestine, this is the land of Israel, the land to which we belong, the place whom we are indigenous to, we are fulfiling the purpose of our religion and our existence, living in our homeland, independent and free. 2) Do we ethically accept living in a country that is not ours ? This country is ours, like it or not, we are a fact and we arent going anywhere (despite your attempts to remove us) 3) where did we originally come from ? even if we were born in Palestine..where did our fathers live before ? We originally came from the land of Israel to which we have returned today, maybe your question should be refferred to the PALESTINIANS. Where did Mr. Al-Masri come from (hint there's a big river there)? Where did Carantinaji come from (hint he is decentent of the mongol horde)? Where did Al-Saud come from (hint from where Muhammad did)? Where did Al-Husseini come from (hint from the homeland of the berbers)? Where did Turak come from (hint from a country in black africa)? Where did Al-Tikriti come from (hint Saddam was born there)? Like it or not, most Palestinians date back to the end of the 19th century-middle 20th century, Palestinians are nothing but erev rav, groups of people and tribes who have no historical, national, spiritual, lingual and even religious connection, people from Bosnia to Sudan, from Afganistan to north Africa with nothing in common besides the pursuit of a better life quality (and I have no problem with that, but accept that) 4) Is ocupying a country and kikcking its people out of it , killing and wiping them out ethical ? are we ok with that ? I am deeply sorry for winning a war which you started, I am terribly ashamed of not allowing the Arabs to throw me to the sea or hang me, please accept my deepest regrets and forgive me, master. 5) If we want to be fair to ourselves and our religion, what should a wise man do ? Try to achieve peace while fighting his enemies.
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