US intelligence chief: Iran years away from nukes
Published: 21.04.06, 09:46
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1. So we just wait until they're minutes away?
Rob ,   UK   (04.21.06)
Is that this idiot's plan? The idea is to prevent them for ever having the capacity to produce atomic weapons, not wait until the rockets are sliding off the production line. And Negroponte is the chief of intelligence? God help us all.
2. to no 1
What makes you think US, UK, and France are superior to have rights to own nuclear technology, and others like Iran cannot? what kind of a racism superemist agenda is that?
3. How can we take a chance?
Michael ,   Israel   (04.21.06)
In Iraq they said there were nukes had there weren't any. So they said they made a mistake. Regarding Iran, if they are wrong they'll be hundreds of thousands of dead people.
4. 2 Nameless Coward - Has a thinking problem again
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.21.06)
5. Michael: You obviously did not follow the opening
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.21.06)
of thousands of files - that prove the Media and You wrong But funny enough the media hates to report facts now The Intelligence Summit: Intelligence News and Information ...The Intelligence Summit brings together the international intelligence agencies ...
6. To #2
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (04.21.06)
Because the US, UK and France don't threaten their fellow UN member countries to wipe them off the face of the earth! Iran is declaring and preaching GENOCIDE and the zombies in the west still deny his evil intentions. I swear, the only way for you people to believe this is if Ahmadinejad himself comes up to you, slaps you in the face and tells you that he wants to destroy Israel. Probably even then you wouldn't realize it. But then again, when you throw around allegations like "racism" and "supremist agenda" about the west and say nothing about Iran, I seriously doubt your intelligence.
7. To #2
Roni   (04.21.06)
Iran can have nuclear technology ONLY if it’s for peaceful, energy production purposes. This is CLEARLY NOT the case no matter what the Russians and the Iranians themselves are proclaiming. If you do not believe that Iran's #1 goal is to get nuclear weapons then you are delusional. Iran with nukes is a direct threat to Israel (and to the Western world to a lesser extent). Thus, Israel will make sure that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons whether you like it or not. Your opinion is irrelevant in this case.
8. Zero Credibility
emanon ,   USA   (04.21.06)
The problem is, US intel has zero credibility. This is almost as bad as Xeno's Paradox. The US government lied to the US and the world to get the US to invade Iraq. Are they lieing about Iran now or are they telling the truth? I agree with #3 poster, how can we take a chance? One big swaying factor in favor of some type of militaru action *against* Iran is there continued stream of rhetoric against Israel. Nuclear or not, Iran is cooking up some type of action against Israel. I don't know if Iran will do it themselves or by proxy, i.e. recruit terrorists to strike against Israel without loosing any of it's own people, remains to be seen. Bottom line on this: Yes to a military strike against Iran!
9. to retarded #2
u mofo, no cuntry every threatened to "wipe out" another cuntry. it's only iran syria and jordan (palys) who ever said that. now imagine them having nukes, guess what will happen. it's like you give a baby to handle a company or something like that. they have "bad" meanings (offence), where the other cuntries you mentioned have "good" intentions (defense)... get it? aight, now don't miss school kid.
10. What's that soft green glow????
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (04.21.06)
OH, OH!!!! If the Chief Honcho of US Intelligence says Iran is years away from a nuke, it is time to dig a shelter and really worry. With a track record like theirs, put your money down of the opposite.
11. #2: What Makes You Think I Want Anyone To Have Nukes?
emanon ,   USA   (04.21.06)
12. Nucleur Iran
Hilda ,   USA   (04.21.06)
Maybe US< UK and UN don;t care if Iran gets nucleur as long as it doesn;t threaten them. As long as Israel is their only target, perhaps they are willing to stick their heads in the sand and pretend it doesn;t exist.
13. Israel's Intelligence Report is more reliable
Brod ,   Marshall, USA   (04.21.06)
Israel will do well by listening to their own Intelligence Report which is far more reliable. Negroponte's assessment on Iran nukes is unrealistic in view of the actual situation in Iran where several nuke complexes have been built and they are feverishly working on their nukes to accomplish their "wiping off Israel" plan which their leaders have publically announced to the world. This is in effect a declaration of War on Israel by Iran. Why give Iran ample time to complete the tools of Armageddon?
14. I'm a patriot, but ...
sk ,   USA   (04.21.06)
let's acknowledge that the US is utterly incompetent in intelligence matters, except when the info can be gleaned from high-tech alone. We have crummy humint. This is why we were caught flat-footed when Pakistan went nuclear. Our vaunted spies could not penetrate al-Qaeda, even though we have oodles of Arabic-speaking citizens, some of whom are even Jewish and who would thus be most unlikely to be double-agents for al-Quada. Anyway, if Iran is years away, but we know where they are heading, why wait? Is it any less a "gathering danger" in 5 years than it would be in 1 year?
15. Bush lied about Iraq, y should h be trusted again
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (04.21.06)
16. Muhammad...please stop posting....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.21.06)
We are all tired of reading your stupid posts. You never say anything inteligent and it is obvious that you post just to incite anger. You are a part of a losing society that is slowly fading away. We are just trying to figure out how to help others like you in the future...unfortunately, many of you have been so far brainwashed and mis-educated that it is hopeless. Please stop making all of us dumber!!!
17. 15 Muhammad-Ali: You Lie constantly
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.21.06)
you are so dumbed down that you don't even read facts Stop posting - you make youself look rather like a complete Fool Since you have NO education and never inform yourself The Intelligence Summit: Intelligence News and Information ...The Intelligence Summit brings together the international intelligence agencies ...
18. Iran `years away' way
Robert Miller ,   USA   (04.21.06)
Negroponte is ill informed on this issue. I give the mullahs 3 years tops, if they don't already have nukes:J O S H U A P U N D I T: The nuclear project Ahmadinejad didn't brag about Remember..that plant, with 155,000 p1 and p2 centrifuges will be online by the end of 2007..or sooner.
19. Good Job Mohammad-Ali...
20. 19 Nameless - Yes Good job in Lying
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.22.06)
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