Ukrainian skinheads stab Jew
Miri Chason
Published: 23.04.06, 09:06
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1. Get the hint already
Ezra ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.23.06)
"Jewish Agency head Ze'ev Bielsky said that "we are at a situation 60 years after the Holocaust where Jews in Ukraine and Russia live under nonstop harassment." Of course, not all ethnic Ukrainians or ethnic Russians are anti-Semites, but a very significant percentage of people in both Ukraine and Russia are anti-Semitic and there's nothing that can be done to change their attitudes. Considering that the Soviet Union is no more and Jews are no longer prohibited from emigrating, what the hell are Jews doing there anyway? What are they, masochists?
2. Ukraine Hot Bed for Hitler Enthusiasts
yo ,   har sinai   (04.23.06)
next time invite the skinheads to the Passover meal. ya know thats what they really wanted
3. Changing Attitudes in Ukraine, Like Changing Skin Color
dove ,   happy valley, usa   (04.23.06)
you take a borderline peasantry population, victomized for decades by intolerance, unfairness and prejudice and expose them to 50 yrs worth of an industrialized global movement, there will be some dissent, apprehension and stubborness and in time these social issues can be confronted, worked through and overcome. however the hatred exhibited by the locals has a greater grip on the collective conscienceness of the population b/c of its relationship to religious beliefs and social norms which were not reasoned into the people and therefore cannot be reasoned out
4. Dove
Dr. Pollack ,   NYC   (04.23.06)
How is the weather in outer space?
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