Jordan king: Israel must disarm nukes
Dudi Cohen
Published: 24.04.06, 13:24
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1. Another fool who ignores Iran and diverts
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.24.06)
from the real problem sure tell Israel to throw all weapons away - so it can be easier attacked Israel has never attacked any other State - only ever defended herself. But all Arab states have attacked more than once Israel the minute it became the new State of Israel Jordans new king has to learn facts it was Israel that stood on his father side when Arafat was threatening to overthrow the kingdom and assasinate the King.......... It was the US as well that brought the fleet ready to help Jordan. Israel and the US - !!!! NOT a single Arab state stood alongside Jordan when black september was on the scene. May be the King needs to be reminded - who his real enemies are and who his supporters would be and were.
2. Sure
Colin ,   Jerusalem   (04.24.06)
Yeah disarm our nukes and trust the that ever worked
3. Abdullah's Dream
Brod ,   Marshall, USA   (04.24.06)
Abdullah should focus on developing his own country instead of telling Israel what to do. Does he want Israel to disarm so that it would be a joy ride for the Arabs to wipe off Israel from the map?
4. King abdullah Why Don't you just tell us to kill ourselves
Michael ,   Israel   (04.24.06)
First of all, Israel never said they had nukes. Israel can't proove that they don't have nukes. In the event that Israel does have nukes. King Abdullah's suggestion of disarmement is similar to what Mohammad said to the Jews of Medina,Arabia. He told the Jews to disarm themselves and then will have peace. Subsequently,the jews listened and he entered the city andhe massacred the Jews of Medina.
5. wolves want to disarm the chickens
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.24.06)
Jordan's abdullah,just another wolf with a disarming smile and personality works towards the same agenda of all Islamic terrorists, the removal of Jews from land once under the rule of Islam. The fact that non moslems control land once under the sword of allah is a shame to all Moslems and they will never make real peace with ""infidel"" Jews. The delision of Israel is in not facintg this reality and fighting to win against this deadly threat. Islam is exposed as false by Israel's continued existence.This is why there is so much united hatred by moslems against Israel..
6. If
Arie   (04.24.06)
If the pali situation is resolved; if the Iranian threat is dismantled; if the other muHAMedan states end their belligerancy and worship of the likes of bin laden; if; if;if;if Until then, does Israel have a nuclear device or not? Does the arab world really want to find out?
7. Regression 4000
yakov shani ,   afula   (04.24.06)
The day we give up our weapons and our military might, whatever it may be comprised of is the day we go back 4000 years in history .We will be led by a pillar of smoke and fire through the desert but instead of ending up in the Promised Land we will end up in the Happy Hunting grounds. Sans les vierges !!!
8. If the world is demandin
Arie   (04.24.06)
Shows the mindset of the typical arab that victimized countries are the equivalent of a State that has openly stated its intent to commit genocide. His comments are the equivalent of stating the Poland of 1939 was the same as Nazi Germany.
9. Abdullah- friend of Israel ?
sw ,   raanana   (04.24.06)
Biggest myth in this region is that Abdullah is a friend of Israel. He just uses the 'fake' friendship to win favors from the West. His suggestion for Israel to disarm proves this
10. Two Jokes here....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.24.06)
1. Israel is a threat with nukes..ha ha 2. Israel won't need nukes when the Palestinian conflict is over...ha ha This man actually expects us to believe that if and when we finally solve the Palestinians problem, then all the Arab nations will stop harassing Israel... What an idiot!!! Israel should listen to no country when dealing with it's own survival. We learn from history, not repeat it.
11. Idiot propaganda
Yitzchak909 ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.24.06)
Listen, i am quite tired of everyone talking about Israel as if it has been proven that we have nuke's. Our position of ambiguity is there for a very good reason and all of these morons out there trying to make us commit to having them is a real aggrevation. And what moron in their right mind could possibly think that if Israel had Nukes they would be keeping them to protect us from the poor poor palestinians. The palestinians can not even afford to buy food; If the decision was ever made it would take all of 3 and 1/2 hours to obliterate the palestinians with conventional weapons. All this crap lately about trying to dis-arm Israel so that Iran to "wipe us off of the face of the earth" quitely is really begining to piss me off!
12. he said 'if there is peace" There isn't - why the hysteria?
michael ,   tel aviv   (04.24.06)
13. Middle east IS a nuclear free zone; except Israel
Jeff ,   Australia   (04.24.06)
14. DR, did you just use the phrase Palestinian problem?
George ,   NYC   (04.24.06)
do you know what that phrase sounds like? It sounds like the same racist "problem" the Europeans were dealing with. The "Jewish Problem." Look, Isreal certainly is in a precarious situation and probably needs the deterant of nuclear weaponry right now, but G!d-willing, when there is Peace, we can start acting like a moral light unto to the nations as opposed to a racist ethnocentric country it is now.
15. No Way
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (04.24.06)
Jordan should talk without supporting the Hasshemite minority in Jordan there may have been a Palis State already in Jordan with 80% Palis. Israel if she has nukes should never give them up any country can become a enemy one day even ones that are considered friends. Coups revolutions, and elections can change a goverment from day into night. Trade Embargos that threaten Israel's survival could occur. Israel must have the means to defend herself.
16. Jeff Australia # 13
yakov shani ,   afula   (04.24.06)
Dear Jeff, under the article heading appeasement 2006 both Josh,Jerusalem and I posted you some responses.I said some very serious things to you, it does not look as if you read them or if you did then you simply discount them. Try reading them again, they are still there.
17. DR # 14
yakov shani ,   afula   (04.24.06)
I understand what you mean and even agree to a certain extent but any way you evaluate the situation and from any angle they are a problem. To Israel, to the Arab World, to the region, to the West and perhaps above all to themselves. They ccreated the problem and only they can solve it.
18. Don't you people understand the psychology behind the
Judith ,   Haifa   (04.24.06)
statement. 1) This guy is terrified. By asking Israel to disarm, he is trying to show his loyalty to the Arab world, who would happily wipe him of the map. The only problem is they can see right through his sorry tactic. 2) He has forgotten that it is Israel that saved his father's behind some decades ago. 3) Maybe he is trying to rival Mubarak . He can see how the Israeli leaders run to Mubarak and not to him. He's more like Abu Mazen - a nice chap, but insignificant. 4) He just needs some darn attention, and now he's got it.
19. Who Will Bell The Cat?
emanon ,   USA   (04.24.06)
I don't know if everyone if familiar with this tale. A group of mice decide it is a good idea to put a bell on the cat so they know when the cat is coming. Then the mice can all hide and not be eaten. They all thought it was a great idea, but were then paralyzed by discussion over who should undertake such a dangerous job. Such is the case here. If Abdullah thinks it is such a great idea, let him provide help or do the job himself.
20. #14....sorry, let me rephrase...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.24.06)
I should have said Palestinian situation. I do not look at them as a problem like Europe viewd the Jews and I do not think that the solution is exterminating them, even though a lot of them think that about Israel. Let's not kid ourselves, if Israel was less cautious and more trusting of it's neighbors, it would be long gone. People like Jeff from Australia don't understand that Israel is the only country in the region that has faced destruction and is continually threatened by surrounding nations.
21. King Abdulla and nukes
SUWWAN Moussa ,   Paris/France   (04.24.06)
I am not sure that His Majesty the King of Jordan has bad thouhts against Israel. His Grandfather and father, before him, did not have such thouhts. He is right in saying that the Middle East does not need nukes if a peace treaty has been signed by the belligerents. We do not need another Tchernobyl, seen that the region is not large enough to support such a catastrophic situation. You should know that in any conflict, and even if Israel was obliged to use only tactical nuclear weapons, it will be affected as much. believe me the only and real garantee for Israel is the recongnition of the Palestinians' rights to live in peace by your side. This wil open the doors of the Arab World for, both Israel and the palestinians, yes the palestinians, to build a new era of peace and tranquelity. think of it, it is much more humane than this continuos bloodshid from both sides.
22. What nukes? We don't have nuclear weapons.
23. Nukes
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (04.24.06)
Israel should use this issue only as a bargaining chip in a comprehensive peace deal with the arabs, and a security arrangement with the US. This moves the ball forward for Israel whether one believes the arabs would honor such a deal or not. If entered into and honored, it would be a bold move forcing the two-faced doubletalkers in the EU, Moscow and other places to stand behind Israel. If the arabs refuse to sign on, their motives are once again exposed and Israel loses nothing. If they accept it, then reneg and strike first, we will all be dead anyway.
24. Jordan
Rick S. ,   L.A.   (04.24.06)
Abdullah should be glad that Israel has nukes because they protect Jordan too.
25. Jordan King
Marcel, Abel ,   Thoiry (Ain), France   (04.24.06)
That's blackmailing and would mean elimination of Israel. Israel being unable to defend itself and Iran having soon full and many opportunities to destroy Israel. The first Shoah was not enough. Enemies of Israel want a second Shoah. I am horrified ! Hate and lack of memory of recent history are the true roots of all evils happening in the world. As a french Christian allow me to reiterate what I said some time ago : all Jews are my older brothers in the faith. « tous les hommes de bonne volonté sont mes frères ». Mais : « tu ne tueras point ». Eventually the only weapon will be love but such times and spaces of global love have not arrived yet. We have first to protect ourselves againt Evil who is behind. Seigneur, aux hommes cela est impossible, mais Toi seul peut nous sauver d'un holocauste nucléaire. Is that what this King wants ? I am sure he is just being a terrified hostage of other Arab States who want to wipe off Israel.
26. I agree with King Abdullah....if...
who cares ,   Tel Aviv   (04.24.06)
If the Middle East conflict is resolved and the Palestinians have there state and all the Arab countries recognize the State Israel, if we can live in peace with eachother...why not to have a nuke clear middle east??? But then also Russia, US, Pakistan, China and Korea should also get rid of there nukes....who knows, maybe it is possible..
27. 21SUWWAN Moussa : If you believe what you posted
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.24.06)
Then you are very ignorant - Naive or worse You otherwise don't understand the Middle East - it's want to destroy the State of Israel look at this Pipe Line of hatred
Jose Goldberg ,   San Juan, PR   (04.24.06)
ISRAEL will always have nukes
29. The Kings dream? here is a bigger more intense dream for us
Joy Springreen   (04.24.06)
war, war, war. Halas, Maspik, Genoug, Enough. Jewish and Arab national movements were born in the modern age and haplessly pitted against each other and encouraged by proxy in various directions and aims. The details of which are well illustrated by the death and destruction enacted upon each side by elements from each side. I can propose a number of lofty solutions. Peace in the Levant lacks balls. Oslo, the road map, all of them fail to inspire because the extreme elements manage to derail them. So I propose 3 stages to last a few generations of peace-building. Im not going to go into them in depth but the basis is this; 3 stages - firstly a Benelux of the eastern mediterranean. Leb-Isra-Pal. Free trade for the members, tarriffs for the neighbours and others. Prosperity leads to peace. Any state is only 3 meals from anarchy. Portions and mealtimes can be manipulated to precipitate war, as has been seen. This stage is to last a generation, with borders still rigid. But this cant be done as long as Hezbollah are in Lebanon. -secondly a United Kingdom model. Lebanon as Scotland, Israel as England. West Bank as Wales, Gaza as Northern Ireland. This to happen in the second generation. Israel is the stongest economy but would work well, with Lebanese multicultural connections and of course, banking. Palestinian Industriousness and artisitic output combined together with the Israel and Lebanon. Its a powerhouse of productivity just waiting to happen. The borders are softened but security is still an imperitive which is supported by the UN and international community. -Thirdly, the Levantine Republic. A utopian dream of co-existence. I cant describe this yet. Its about 100 years away if even that. A dream, an unlikely one, but a dream nonetheless. The operational basis of the psychology is very raw and intensely middle eastern. If all parties have the "courage" and the "honour" to walk up to each other and kill each other, surely this can be translated into having courage to make peace and work together. The goals are beneficial to everyone if it can be realised, but it will take committment and courage and the "honour" factor is obvious. There is much more "honour" in feeding ones family and building society than going to war. A message that surely will cross all the communities of the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean). The middle east is all about making dreams real. Those dreams simply need re-alignment and then careful management. Various images in the spin war against each other wont matter anymore. Soon no-one will have any eyes or teeth. You cant find food and eat it without them. All we need now is an enlightenment within the muslim clerical world of Iran and the testament of co-existence can inspire humanity for an epoch. peace-shalom-salaam.
30. bla bla bla bla bla bla....
ari ,   israel   (04.24.06)
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