Army chief: Settlers cheapened Holocaust
Neta Sela
Published: 24.04.06, 16:47
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1. hahaha-lutz
yaakov ,   Judea   (04.24.06)
As a second generation survivor born in a dp camp in germany, whose whole family was murdered , I must say this fool cheapens the shoah by opening his mouth....period
2. Disengagement vs. Iran
Jew ,   Jerusalem   (04.24.06)
Halutz is avoiding the facts: Iran is just talking about wiping Israel of the map. Sharon destroyed 26 Jewish villages including synagogues. Iran destroyed none, including inside Iran. In recent history only Nazi-Germany, Arab countries and now Israel destroyed Jewish villages just because the inhabitants were Jews.
3. The IDF Has Cheapened Itself By Ethnically Cleansing Jews
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (04.24.06)
When its raison d'etre is to PROTECT Jews. And I say this as a combat veteran who has proudly and gladly served.
4. There is no comparison
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (04.24.06)
Yes, it is quite wrong to compare the disengagement with the Holocaust. Having said this, I do feel that the Israeli authorities should have treated the compulsorily evacuated citizens much better. I keep reading about them being stuck in hotels or termporary accommodation, without schools or jobs etc.
5. Army chief
Samie ,   Chicago, USA   (04.24.06)
This fool in millitry thinks his uniform makes him Mr, Klean remember the Kapo's
6. Halutz
Dan ,   us   (04.24.06)
Listen to this character! He should worry about iran and the arabs, not critisize Jews whom he has harmed by evicting them from their home!
7. Halutz: "I AM as dumb as I look".
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (04.24.06)
It is always sad when a person is revealed to be less bright than the common view of him. It is always sad when that person is a Jew. It is sadder yet, when the person in question refuses to keep his stupid mouth shut and insistantly; aggressively displays a bent toward proving that he is in fact a less bright person. Alas, I chalk it up to the arrogance of ignorance.
8. Cheapening of Holocaust
sk ,   USA   (04.24.06)
Actually, the real problem is DENIAL of the Holocaust by our Arab and Persian friends. Halutz, though, worked very hard indeed in giving these Holocaust deniers land from which to attack.
9. on sale
yoel   (04.24.06)
they have also been sacrified for nothing, and lost their owns. Then, we can see the result: LĂ©vatala! Rockets are still fired at Israel, and suicide bombers candidates are even in a bigger number than before.
10. Is he trying to cheapen settler's words...
keren ,   sao paulo   (04.24.06) order to smothe the way for the next disengagement? Yes,settlers were right in talking about holocaust,because if Israel's government keep on going in a path that is not the right one-as it seems to be the case-this proper govt.will lead Israel to an Holocaust-G'od forbid! It will undermine the country in all its aspects, in a way that it will be very vulnerable and easily captured(G'od forbid again!). This government seems to be acting like an unintelligent, blind,and mad suicidal.It is not explaining where these estrategies are leading the country(are these strategies???),what is their purpose other than"kadima"! "keep on walking,keep forward!".They are not explaining WHAT do they want to reach!!! It is crazy,because Gush Katif is clearly a desaster,and they want to keep the same way.So what is going on????What's happening?What do they have in mind that we don't know?How can they keep in an apparently wrong path? I need a better explanation!
11. Holocaust Survivor: Expulsion was Shoah   (04.24.06) ( A Holocaust survivor, who was Gush Katif's first regional council leader, said Monday that the government's forcing Jews from the Gaza an northern Samaria regions last summer was a form of a "shoah" The Hebrew word literally means a catastrophic upheaval, but the term Yom HaShoah has been used for Holocaust Remembrance Day.
12. Not fit to wipe Yalon's behind
Ilan ,   Ariel   (04.24.06)
Chalutz got his position because he kissed up to the Sharon family and is simply a disgrace
13. Halutz & His Sudden Sensitivities
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (04.24.06)
Button up your sanctimonious lips Mr. Halutz. My family (now deceased) are survivors of Auschwitz and several other camps. In their memory I can state with a very clear conscience that ethnically cleansing Jews in Israel by a Jewish government is EXACTLY what the Holocaust should be associated with. How can any Jewish leader now complain to the world that ethnic cleansing of Jews is a crime when they themselves did it? Don't blame the Jewish refugees in Israel and their supporters for the crimes that you committed by all of a sudden invoking the sacred memory of the Holocaust. IF it were so sacred you and others would NEVER have committed crimes against the Jewish people. By the way Mr. Halutz - when a Jew commits a crime against a Jew the judgment and punishment should be alot harsher. I await the People's Court to mete out the appropriate justice and punishment. Without punishment there is NO justice. Tzedek, tzedek tirdof.
14. the settler mentality isa black stain on the soul of Zionism
Yoav ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.24.06)
the behavior of the settlers are a shame on all true Zionists and Jews everywhere - but their shameful betrayal of Jewish values is nothing new: their lust for land and war make them no better than the Arabs they claim to hate - let them stay in the West Bank but without the benefit of IDF protection - O Israel, don't make the rest of us bleed for their greed!
15. #14 Yoav You are not a Jew
Goodness, shame on you really to demonize other Jews other religious Jews that follow Torah that follow true Zionism the one is of G-d's laws. Shame
16. Shut up halutz!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.24.06)
I think we can use a chief of staff with enough sense to keep his mouth shut. This halutz is preparing the way for the next holocaust,G-d forbid. Get someone who had his feet on the ground. We need someone with experience in the field and not the air.
17. Hey listen up !! Some aspects CAN be compared but
that's not EQUATING them. Even the craziest rightwing idiot wouldnt think of EQUATING them. But when you use certain tactics (e.g. whopping people recklessly with a club from horseback) you're liable to be compared to a Cossack!!!
18. Yoav - you're the "appeaser" that Olmert was referring to
19. Whipping and wipe-ing
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (04.25.06)
Dear #12, Re: your comment. For that? He certainly is.
20. Halutz, you cheapen the Jewish people...
Jeremiah ,   Israel   (04.25.06)
call us greedy if you like, but the simple fact is that us Settlers are following Hashem's laws not your's or this corrupt government's. It's called the Torah, try reading it sometime.
21. The fraud and vaccination of Yad Vashem
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (04.25.06)
While the memory of the dead and the method of their murder should not be forgotten, I shall also not foret how those who take momentary pause for thought at Yad Vashem actively engage in not only the pogroms of today but empower the homicidal Hamites. You mazuz, why do you bother to cover your head for even a moment, aren't you the highest being? You are complicit in the pogroms of today by allowing your etrog, sick mind and unbound heart of the arelim to fraudulently destroy the lives of 10000 JEWS who l,ive like jew every day oon relcaimed land with the blood of Jews sewn in itand with the blood of Jews who lived their. You mazuz destroyed 50 Torah centers of learning. For you mazuz their is no god for you to put a covering on between. May none of you be vaccinated with your all consuming momentary thought for the dead and then treat the living as the dead were.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.25.06)
Before the Jew deportation from Gaza, Islamo-Fascist religious supremacists rained down thousands of rockets and mortars on Gaza's Jewish communities. Punished for not being Muslim, 10,000 hated infidel Jews were ruthlessly ethnically cleansed from Gaza and northern Samaria to gift Jewish land to Muslims. Most Jewish refugees have been unable to get work. Many refugees live in poverty in tents. Impoverished Jewish refugees are financially obligated to pay the mortgages on their homes that Israel destroyed. Islamo-Fascist religious supremacists demand Jew cleansing from the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria - Israeli leaders willingly submit to Islamic demands. Israeli leaders, submitting to Islam, gave control of Judaism's holiest site, the Temple Mount, to Muslims. Jews are arrested if they pray or even suspected of praying on the holy Mount. U.S. taxes heavily fund the U.N. United Nations refugee help must be sought immediately for the 10,000 Jewish refugees. Lawyers, Human Rights organizations, please HELP.
24. Halut'z, you cheapen the Jewish people.
Jerry Meents ,   Ogden, Utah. USA   (04.25.06)
Dear Jermiah you micht be possible right. But after the Holocaust and 60 years of war with the Arabs would it not nice if Hashem would help a little? Israel have been losing so many of there young people and other Israeli's, Israel deserve's 2000 years of peace. Jerry Meents
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (04.25.06)
On all the settlers who equate ANY aspect of what they are going through to the holocaust. May as well go spit on their graves. Since they don't have graves, this is like spitting on their memory. And that goes for all the talkbacks 3,7,8,10,12,15.... You people are warped ...(and stupid)
26. Jerry, the Torah is very clear and always right...
Jeremiah ,   Israel   (04.25.06)
If we don't follow Hashem's laws we will be spit out of the land. Thankfully not everyone follows Israel's secular leadership and their sucidal mentality. Ignoring Hashem's laws like those still pushing Oslo (which is against Torah in itself) eventhough the arabs never committed to it will only insure that the Jewish people will once again be spit out of the land. Olmert and his plans are absolutely against Torah and by submitting to them is only more rapidly causing our self-imposed exile. And Jerry, Hashem helps out a lot by giving us the Torah and we should show our extream gratitude by studying it as often as possible and try and keep its commandments. If we all did this we would have peace for much longer that 2000 years and if we don't we will never have peace.
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