Olmert: Appeasement recipe for Shoah
Neta Sela
Published: 24.04.06, 20:47
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1. Never Again
Ricjard ,   London   (04.24.06)
When we stand in silence to remember our bloodlines that were slaughtered at the hands of nazi Germany and the world countries that sat and watched until it was too late for 6 1/2 million Jews and other people lets remember that when we say Never Again make sure you and i mean NEVER AGAIN.
2. Jews To Everyone: We Are Not Leaving
We have survived when others have fallen, for over 4000 years we have survived by G-d, we will retake our holy sites and retake Greater Israel. Eretz Yisrael Will Be Reclaimed!
3. Wake up World
Arie   (04.24.06)
We are not our grandparent's Jews. We are not prepared to walk into the ovens that many would have us do. The scions of hitler, known as muHAMedans and led by the likes of bin laden and the ayatollahs of Iran, would wish us exterminated. We will fight you, using ALL our technologies, and we will win. If you are prepared to doom yourself, as the palestinians have done in their election, you will not change. Despite the hesitance of our current leadership to act with resolve, we will not be relegated to extinction simply to serve your murderous hitlerian g-d. May the blessed memory of those who have sacrificed continue to remind us that only the Jews really care about the Jews!
4. Olmert & His Appeasement Policies
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (04.24.06)
How dare Olmert invoke the Holocaust and appeasement in the same sentence! This is a man who ONLY talks about appeasement. However, he cloaks his modern day appeasement in Orwellian doublespeak - convergence, disengagement, turning inward et al are ALL methods of appeasement. How can he state that handing over Israel's heartland and making tens of thousands of Jews refugees is NOT appeasement and is instead a triumph for Israel? How are the Arabs NOT losers when they will be gifted our land through the canard of 'convergence'? Wouldn't the real triumph and the opposite of appeasement be if Olmert declared - Israel will assert its rights over its heartland of Judea & Samaria. Israel will destroy all the terror nests. Now. The demographic canard would then be dispelled. Asserting rights in Judea & Samaria does not create a demographic problem. Why? Because Arabs in Judea & Samaria will NEVER become citizens of Israel under any circumstances. To try and conflate 'democracy' as the reason Israel cannot implement this plan is rubbish.
5. The Lord shall return the murderers deeds on their own heads
Hebrews ,   Earth   (04.24.06)
The Lord shall return the murderers deeds on their own heads, waste their seed and exterminate them, devastate them and vanish them from this world.", Obadiah 1:18
6. Is Olmert listening
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.24.06)
Is Olmert listening to the words that are coming out of his own mouth?
7. ehud chamberlain
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.24.06)
All it needs is the umbrella.
8. "Convergence" = Withdrawl = Appeasement
Olmert is no too good at maths!
9. If the Germans did it why Arabs and Muslims are punished?
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (04.25.06)
10. #9 Can anyone shut this savage up? He is a waste of life
11. #9 Shut up dirtbag
Mo   (04.25.06)
12. #9 This is why we will never have peace
Destroy those that seek to oppose us, and there will be peace. Remove them from this earth
13. #9 You oppress yourself
the palos have been givin billions over the years but what have they done, nothing, and thats all they will ever be, a nothing, a looser. And they will be dead soon if they cant have peace even in their own society.
14. The Oslo COVENANT of DEATH
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.25.06)
Conceived in great secrecy, Oslo betrayed Israel. Israelis who took part broke Israeli law forbidding meetings with terrorists. Because Oslo-Road Map, and all the agreements are made with terrorists fighting for conquest of all Israel, the agreements produce massive increases in terrorism and murder of Jews. Arab MKs, members of Israel's government, including large numbers of Arab Muslim Israelis are openly genocidal, and support the violent overthrow of Israel. Lessons of the Rabin Assassination By David Bedein | September 17, 2004 25,000 religious Israeli citizens gathered on Saturday night, September 11th in the public square of a major city in Israel chanting slogans that called for the death of Israel’s police minister and for the violent overthrow of the Israeli government. Their goal? To replace the government with one closer to their religious ideology. The most vociferous moments of incitement during that rally were telecast that evening on both major Israeli TV by newsreels on Israel’s Public Channel One and on Israel’s Commercial Channel Two. Yet there was no public outcry to indict the organizers of this event, and there was no response of senior Israel law enforcement officials in reaction to the rally. Calls placed to the Israeli police to ask if they would prosecute the organizers for incitement did not even receive the courtesy of a returned phone call. The rally on September 11th had been organized by the Israeli Islamic Movement and took place in the largest Israeli Arab city, Um El Facham..." The 9/11 jihad date against American innocents was chosen for the demonstration. The Road Map Islamic Terror State is the shocking international approval for over 26,000 terrorist attacks against Israel in the last five years, and thousands of Jews maimed and murdered. Arab Israelis and Arab countries will join in the final war against Israel's Jews. Arafat explained on Jordanian TV shortly after Oslo the PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL." There was not a single human bomb murderer in Israel before Oslo. All those responsible for Oslo-Road Map are guilty of horrific betrayal of Israel and owe financial compensation to the thousands of Jews maimed and murdered; victims of agreements made with terrorists. Oslo-Road Map and all agreements must be declared Null and Void. Israel owes nothing to implacable enemies who seek Israel's total destruction and a second holocaust of Jews.
15. Great, we have a schizophrenic running the country.
Jeremiah ,   Israel   (04.25.06)
16. #9 if you stop going ''kabooooom'' you wont need punishment
17. Zichronum L'Bracha
Steve Lieblich ,   Perth   (04.25.06)
To the loving memory of my dear grandparents Zvy ben Yosef and Chaya bat Yitzchak, and my uncle Mordechai ben Zvy, I never hugged you, or even met you, but I carry you in my heart.
18. Where the hell is marcel?
19. #2
I got news for ya, it's already ours. Now we need to protect it rather then reclaim it. The arabs are the one who tries reclaiming it, and thats what we defend it from.
20. what olmert must learn from bush in may
debra ,   usa   (04.25.06)
when prime minister olmert comes to the u.s. next month to see president bush, he must get two specific answers from bush. #1 is bush going to attack and bomb iran's underground nuclear factories? #2. what is the date certain this will take place? depending on bush's answers, israel will know if the nukes of the iranian enemy are going to be destroyed by the u.s. and when. or, if, in reality, no actual military action is planned by bush. from these two answers israel can then plot its course of action for its own survival. it's crucial to israel that olmert doesn't leave washington without getting answers to these two questions. bush has said 9-11 is tatooed on his brain. he believes the war on terror is the battle his presidency has to fight. olmert must convince bush iran is the next battleground and israel's existence is at stake now.
21. #9 and all the Palestinians
Talula Belle ,   Tel Aviv - Israel   (04.25.06)
You're not being punished. Why do you think that? The Jews that lived in Europe were sent to the death camps because their only 'sin' was that they are Jewish. They were intelligent people with thriving business and a good life. That's more than you'll ever have. You punish yourselves because of your incessant desire to kill and murder Israelis/Jews. The Holocaust will never happen again. Israel is a strong and compassionate country that respects human life and has values that you people will never ever understand. You have never done anything or contributed anything to the international community. All you do is attack Israel, cause as many deaths as you can in crowded places and cry when you get a gunship missile in response. Start to be better people and hey, you never know, the world may sit up and take notice of you, and, if you're lucky, may even WANT to help you.
22. Learn from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Michael   (04.25.06)
instead of waiting for the "silent" west to act on Iran. When you see President Bush you should say to him never again will relly on other s to defend ourselves and finally, declare we will defend ourselves without having to ge tapproval and make it clear to the world. we will not wait for disater. the jews of the Warsaw Ghetto did what neede to be done despite knowing the odds against them. certainly, as a country we should do no less.
23. #9 because three israelo-arab wars later (...)
PAR ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.25.06)
Because three israelo-arab wars later u still don't recognize the right of a democratic israel to live in peace.
24. Vive Zionism!
Kool Kody Karlson ,   Parts Unknown   (04.25.06)
You must support Israel. If you don't, you're an anti-semitic dirtbag who should go to jail for a hate crime. You racists!
25. #21
ron moses ,   israel   (01.16.07)
all you do is judge arabs and islamic nations,instead of looking down on them why dont you talk like a real human being with the morals u brag to have? so im jewish too, but i dont understand why we hate explain with out getting emotional.
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