Peres in Poland: Demons still here
Ronny Sofer
Published: 25.04.06, 00:35
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1. Just wondering, has he converted?
First inviting the pope, almost giving land to the vatican, calling the iranian president Satan, now saying "demons". Jews do not believe in demons, where is this guy from, and trust me he is no Kabbalah learner.
2. Peres: Become A Maccabee
As a Jew in power you have the responsibility to safeguard Torah ideals and to protect your fellow Jew no matter the cost, PROTECT YOUR CITIZENS AND DEFEAT OUR ENEMIES
3. Retire Already & Give Every Jew A Break
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (04.25.06)
Peres is an old, tired demented fool. While he opines that Israel should remain strong to defend itself, he has done more harm to Israel's defensive posture than most of the corrupt leadership. And that my friends is a very hard record to beat!
4. Anonymous above is wrong
Michael U ,   SF,CA   (04.25.06)
The post above is incorrect in it's assertion that Jewish religion doesn't have an ideology concerning DEMONS. Yes, Judaism has a concept of Demons, not exactly like the Xtian idea of Demons. First, the Yetzer Hara is a form of demon, it's a part of the Sitra Achra, the evil or dark side. For more information concerning the Jewish idea of Demons please read : I wish Jews would wake up and learn Torah instead of making stuff up...
5. to just wondering
meni   (04.25.06)
have you ever heard of imagery or metaphors? the sad thing is that religion makes people so rigid and concrete in their thinking.
6. Demons:
Jacob   (04.25.06)
According to the mishna, Demons have the feet of a rooster.
7. Peres Watch This: Dont Repeat The Past
(04.25.06) The truth will be heard
8. #1
he didn't say demons in hebrew, it just got translated that way. He actually quoted the bible when he said every generation someone else tries to destroy us. Well, he did say demons but he didn't mean demons, it was a metaphore for hitler, ahemdinijad and the likes.
9. And just so you know...
Peres was the one who commanded the attack on the Iraqi nuclear facilities in the past.
10. Slowly opening our eyes
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.06)
Could it be that Israel is slowly realizing that the Holocaust did not end and that anti-Semitism only got stronger? Good job Shimon, for calling a spade a spade. Wow, I can't believe I just congratulated Shimon Peres. I guess times are a' changin'.
11. hey peres
john ,   israel   (04.25.06)
on your way back to Israel pop into a coffeeshop and try some haze
12. Peres's posturing
sk ,   USA   (04.25.06)
Peres is a friend only to Peres. He has no Jewish agenda, only a "peace processing" agenda. If I were you, I would immediately go to Israel National News Radio (Google it) and listen to Moshe Feiglin's comments on the Yishai Fleisher & Alex Traiman show ("Manhigut Mondays"). I hope this link works (you'll want to skip forward about 30 minutes).
13. Retire already!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.25.06)
Leave us alone.You have placed Israel in more danger than ever. abu falestine should be your name.
14. #9 You are wrong! It was Begin!
Yoav ,   Israel   (04.25.06)
It was PM Menachem Begin who ordered the bombing of the Iraq Nuclear Reactor and Peres was against it and he also said after the operation that we shouldn't bombed it but later he understood that he was wrong and said also that he was wrong
15. To those who have no respect
Halim   (04.25.06)
No value to any Prophet in his Tribe, We hope we have men like Peres who spend all his life defending What he believes (despite it is wrong) And he always doing to the benefit of What you called(Israel). Some respect to this man, who I hate Too much.
16. March
Szymon ,   Poland   (04.25.06)
Why do they have it in Poland? why don't they have it somewhere else. everyone in Poland is of catholic faith
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