'Japanese Schindler' cartoon in works
Iris Georlette
Published: 25.04.06, 18:58
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1. Blessings To Thee, May It Honorable To See
2. Arigato gozaimashita, Japan
Ron ,   LA   (04.25.06)
Every kid in the West must see this film. Streets and schools must be named after this great man. Mr. Sugihara showed to the world what does it mean to " do the right thing" even at when it is against your own interests. Another such individual, modern hero and pure soul is Pat Tillman. People should never forget their goodness and most importantly try to imitate their corageous spirit. Arigato gozaimashita, Japan !
3. Japanese Schindler
Adam ,   Manchester   (04.25.06)
Amazing Story. If only more people during the Shoah could have had his courage! It is very easy to judge those who did nothing to help Jews and other persecuted minorities during WWII but if only a few more people could have acted even more could have been saved. Acts of humanity like this changed so many lives! G-d Bless his soul.
4. A true hero
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (04.26.06)
He who saves even one life, saves the world entire. In a time when so many millions of people either refused to acknowledge what was happening or refused to take action to save the lives of Jewish human beings, Sugihara -- and his family -- both saw and acted, in spite of clear orders that he do otherwise. Much more info about Mr. Sugihara: Mr. Sugihara was a remarkable man, and although he never sought praise or honors, he was a man well worthy of every honor.
5. His name is Sugihara
Robert ,   LA, USA   (04.26.06)
Nice article, Iris; but you've made the error by referring to him as the "Japanese Schindler". Both men saved lives; but unlike the war profiteer who prospered throughout the war, Mr. Sugihara put his career on the line - lost it - and was publicly maligned for nearly 50 years. He is a Tzadik who is worthy of standing before HaSheim by his name alone. Thank you.
6. Maligned Heroic Bureaucrats
Adam ,   Manchester   (04.26.06)
Sugihara joins the list of maligned bureaucrats and heroic individuals who, against their government's wishes, saved Jews or bent the rules during the Jewish flight from persecution. Why is it that men lke him and other notables from Switzerland and Portugal, among others, were damned by their governments after the war for doing so much good during it...some even had to reply on Jewish self help groups to make ends meet after the war! Anti-Semitism unfortunately will never die and the ones who help to prevent it, contrary to the wishes of their respective governments, will always suffer! Raoul Wallenburg is a notable exception to the rule!
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