Ahmadinejad: We don't give a damn
Associated Press
Published: 28.04.06, 12:34
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MAHMOOD ,   LONDON   (04.28.06)
Irrespective of allegiance one cannot ignore the truth.........Iran is absolutely under no obligation to wind up enriching uranium.But, will the justice prevail?
2. iran
shmulik ,   israel   (04.28.06)
madness, expressed by a madman!
3. iran is right 2
steve ,   israel   (04.28.06)
In iran,madness is expressed by a disturbed leader!
4. President Majnoun A-Majnoun-Jihad
Joy Springreen   (04.28.06)
5. Sure Iran is a threat, Sure Its leader is mad!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (04.28.06)
Yet, I can understand every nation in the Middle East region who feels the needs to owning nuclear arms to buy its own security and respect! Israel being the only nuclear power is a security to it and it alone and a threat to all of its neighbors and telling those neighbors to live with that fact is both hypocritical and un-realistic! Shalom.
6. Dumb Bush
harold ,   SA   (04.28.06)
Instead of building relations with countries, bush and his administration is breaking down every trust it has. Now not only will israelis walk looking over their shoulder, but americans too.
7. mad man
goshi ,   lahore pakistan   (04.28.06)
mad man is not iranian president rather pres bush and and his allies perticularly israeli leadership
8. us is wrong
jone doe ,   unknow   (04.28.06)
well if i was iran i would tell bush to bring it cuz there is no proof that hes bulind weapons, he does not have enough uranium to build one like bush said(oh theres WMD'S in iraq oh we got proof) we get over there aint crap over there...bush is oil happy thats all it is its pitful that we got to police the world north koras got nukes why arent we threating them or plooting to bomb them cuz bush knows they kick our butts (mabye) but like i said if i was iran 3x bigger than iraq i would tell bush to bring it quit talking and start walking
9. Iran
Kris ,   hollyewood   (04.28.06)
Iran is no doubt in the process of producing nuclear weapons considering Israel has secretly produced their own. There is no way President Amadinejad will allow Israel, a country whose very existance he questions, to have such an advantage over Iran.
10. the solution
the savage man   (04.28.06)
Israel should let china and Russia know that its willing to sell all kind(and i mean all kind..)of military aquipment to taiwan and Georgia and all the other republics that this 2 nations have tensions with,and that if they will not support action against iran,also i will send special comando units into iran to contaminate the reactors areas with biological material that will kill all the scientists and the workers in this nuclear reactors. I think that this is the easiest solution at the moment,and if it does not work Israel should send all of its AIRFORCE to strike and wipe off this areas from the map..that will be good use for our tax money!!
11. Stupid, ignorant mad-mullahs and others
Infidelia ,   NY, USA   (04.28.06)
The comments here are just as pathetically ignorant and stupid as those of the mad politicians. What the heck is wrong? Did no one learn to read, write and spell—never mind think? Now, the mad-mullahs of Iran plan to give their stolen nuclear technology to Sudan. That way the Islamic Janjaweed can kill the black Africans more efficiently. Soon enough the mad-mullahs of Iran will get the bomb— with the technology they stole—and they will use it. Of course, they are too stupid to comprehend the concept of nuclear fallout and being to close. What has Iran done to move the world forward for the last 1000 years—aside from support terror and steal nuclear technology? Where are their scientists, artists, writers, medical researchers? Where are their Nobel Prize winners? Hang on to your hats boys. It's going to be a rough ride. But, if Iran has anything to do with it—it will be short.
12. America is responsible
Tony ,   Brussels   (04.28.06)
It is imperative for the world to find itself in this predicament when the US starts calling names like axis of evil, when UN resoutions is being flouted with impunity a la Isreal/Palestine issue and when hyper power decide to invade other countries on a false pretense this is the result. And don't forget North Korea too.
13. But rafasanji 2 years ago said iran would use it
14. People believe that Iran wants nukes for peace?
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (04.28.06)
Are you really that stupid or are you just acting so?
15. to the savage man
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (04.28.06)
"i will send special comando units into iran to contaminate the reactors areas with biological material that will kill all the scientists and the workers in this nuclear reactors. " That shows how savage u r. "Israel should send all of its AIRFORCE to strike and wipe off this areas from the map" Israel can'tb wipe Iran ufr the map u moron, Iran isw big, Israel is tiny.
16. The man is right
Wise Man ,   USA   (04.28.06)
Israel want to be the only nucler power in the middle east. That is the jewish view of the world, the "chosen". Iran will become a nucler power sooner or later and the jews will cry as usual. They still crying over the WWII after 60 yeras. The man is right and if you do not like it please go back to where you come from and leave our middle east alone.
17. iran's nuclear.....
s.h ,   israel   (04.28.06)
i think their president should go to hell that ugly rat........ i think we should wipe them out entirely
18. Wipe out all nuclear plants from Iran
peace11   (04.28.06)
19. #1,#5,#8,#12 etc.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.28.06)
You are all mad!!! You do not mention once the fact that Ahmedinemonkey continually says that he wants to destroy Israel. That is a threat my friends and Israel, the US and the rest of the modern international community will not ignore it. You are all blind and stupid to miss this point. Israel has never threatened one single nation in the ME, but has been attacked more than once...again you fail to mention this. All you guys do is regergitate what has been placed in your head by repetitive brainwashing and propoganda against Israel and the West...that's all. No one with and education or a normal brain will side with you lunatic raves. A war is coming to Iran whether you like it or not. At this point the world has no choice but to take out thie lunie regime...enjoy the fire works...losers!!!
20. T'Hiyeh Milchamah
Carmi ,   Eilat,Israel   (04.28.06)
21. To Abdulla
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (04.28.06)
The difference is that Israel is not saying to anyother country that we will destroy you. Pakistan has nukes but no one is threatening to attack them. To the best of my knowledge pakistan has not threaten to use them against anyone nor said that any country has no right to exist.
22. Israels fault
david   (04.28.06)
Why is that every time there is some conflict in the world it's the jews fault? I'm sick and tired of blaming the jews for all the trouble in the world? Was it their fault that the Nazi's tried to exterminate them, was it their fault that the UN gave them a tiny sliver of land in 1948? Is it their fault that every arab nation in the world wants them dead because they live on a microcosmic peice of land on this planet? Is it their fault that they defended and keep defending annhilation by these so called Koran believers in peace? Is it their fault that 90% of the world which has absoluetly no contact with Israel despise them? Yes, Yes, Yes, Im gonna get some rebuttals from some arab hate filled murderer who say that the jews "stole" our land so we have the right to take it back and kill every jew in israel. I know that there are some very dedicated anti-semites out there that blame all the worlds troubles on the jews. I'm just sick and tired of always blaming the jews, it's boring already
23. # 19
sameer ,   jerusalem   (04.28.06)
you and all brainwashed israel supporters want war and destruction to all anti israel people who think that israel must be like all other nations and countries, not ubove the UN rules, iran is a free country with free leader any war with iran will continue tens of years and the result will be the defeat of the americans and their allies in the ME
24. The Antichrist has spoken ! Pious Muslim !
Marcos ,   Mexico   (04.28.06)
25.'re right!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.28.06)
Blaming the Jews and Israel has become the new fad in the world. No one points fingers at Muslims in Africa who are wiping out whole populations, no one is pointing at suicide bombers, Syria, Iran, etc. The world is under attck by extreme Islam, but the attention is on Israel b/c it defends itself from fanatic Palestinians who blow themselves up. Really make you think about the people in this world doesn't it???
26. TO MAHMOOD, #1
27. To Sameer the genious from Jerusalem
Incase you dont know, nuclear bombs cant tell Jew from Arab, why are you so stupid? Cant you understand that if Iran nukes Israel you will also die?
28. to # 16, wISE mAN :)
who cares ,   Tel Aviv   (04.28.06)
Your Middle East???? You idiot, why are you livinge the in the USA then ???
29. Enriched Uranium
Sharon ,   Israel.   (04.28.06)
To comment on: "....expected to report that Iran has refused to suspend all uranium enrichment, which can be used to generate electricity but also in nuclear weapons." well, you trully made me laugh. While its true that enriched Uranium can be used for other purposes, and not only for making nuclear warheads, there is a BIG difference. You see, there is a degree of how rich the Uranium is. Enriched Uranium needed for all those peaceful stuff, like producing electricity and doing research, has to be riched only a little. But, to produce Warheads, they need to enrich it about 5-10 times MORE... you see, this process is long and not easy. when you see Uranium that has been enriched so much, there is no mistake in figuring out that the intent is bad. This kind of enriched Uranium WAS ALREADY FOUND in Iran by the U.N. personel. what more do you people need??? waiting for the missle to be fired is not the answer. the world has to act NOW.
30. 8 jone doe , You are just another fool who has access to
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (04.28.06)
a PC - it shows in your slang talk that has little substance you are most likely a foolish youngster who fancies to shoot his mouth off - in Slang Go to school and get educated much better than to talk crap
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