Bush: World united, concerned over Iran
Ynet and AP
Published: 28.04.06, 23:10
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31. Muhammad knows nothing
???   (04.30.06)
That "stupid cowboy" freed an oppressed people...what have you done to help your fellow muslims other than encourage them to kill innocent people. What are you still doing living in a non Muslim land anyway.
32. Joe
Michelle   (04.30.06)
"I didn't know that deception, lies and political fantasies can reach such distorted dimensions!!" Really? Try watching Al Jazeer...they broadcast deception, lies and political fantasies on a daily basis.
33. Michelle
Digital Heretic   (05.01.06)
Don't be daft. Bush's respsponsibilty lies in the fact that he has done nothing to prevent the threat. While Bush has no problems sticking the boot to Israel, he will never face a serious threat directly. I.E Iran and N. Korea. Bush is at fault for a great many things. biggest of which is the border policy. His foriegn policy is a joke in the international arena. Don't talk to me like a liberal. I know the issues. You keep spouting your neocon rhetoric while real conservatives explore the issues rather than blind devotion to a fool.
34. #14...what???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.04.06)
I think when Israel is threatned by a country that is developing nukes, it becomes the USA's business. People like you are funny!!! You never mention the fact that Iran has openly threatened Israel. When one country, led by a lunatic, threatens another, it becomes the whole world's business. If you are too dense to understand this, then you're an idiot.
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