IDF probes huge sex scandal
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 01.05.06, 00:33
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1. Sex Scandal
leon ,   Grand Rapids U S A   (04.30.06)
This matter must be investigated ona national scale !!! Top brass has to be held accountable...
2. Sexual abuse in the army
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (04.30.06)
This is one of the reasons why the haredi community does not send its children to the army. Its nothing but a big brothel. No tsanuar behaviour. 55000 abortions a year. Where is women's lib. These guys should be hang by their male organs till they die. Long live Mrs Bobit
3. Coverup
Joe Simon ,   Kfar Aviv   (04.30.06)
The problem in most public area in this country is the "Good old boy" coverup. Be it in the Knesset or any other branch of the government. Even when something is uncovered and an investigation is begun, it is immediately hushed up and everyone just continues as before. When will it stop. Is there no shame at all in ANYONE? It completely boggles the mind to realize that everything and everyone is corrupt.
4. To Leah
Efi ,   Tel Aviv   (04.30.06)
The amount of sexual abuse going on in the ultra-Orthodox community is no less than anything you see here. A former Haredi spoke about how he was "touched" by a powerful rabbi's son, repeatedly. Most of it is kept under wraps though, to "hide" the "embarassment." So save the self-rightous crap.
5. Very sad
Nancy ,   Crossville   (04.30.06)
Scandal is everywhere and in everything. The important thing to remember is to pray for all involved in this, that most importantly, Hashem's will be done. In my opinion (which means nothing) the girl sounded a bit disturbed to start with.. who lies about her age in order to have sex?? Something is very wrong here.
6. Army scandal
Jerry ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.30.06)
The Torah describes how holy Israel's army camps are supposed to be. What a difference in today's Israel of no values, no ideology (remember Meir Shitrit?) and no morals. The army that can throw Jews out of the land of Israel and break heads in Amona can certainly do something as dreadful as this. I vote for Leah's solution, too!!!
7. there used to be a girl in my neighborhood like that...
timmy ,   j-town   (04.30.06)
she looked 17, but was really 13 i think. anyways, she just wanted attention...and boy, did she get it. on some weekend evenings, guys from all over town lined up and took turns. i'm not sure where her parents were... anyways, while it may sound sad, it does happen naturally...and honestly, i learned a lot from her. my current and former gilfriends can attest to that.
8. this happens all the time...
jerry ,   kvar yona   (04.30.06)
this sort of thing happens every neighborhood, city, country.... i'm not really sure what the big deal is.....a bunch of horny 18 and 19 guys getting seduced by a cute young thang that looks and acts the part..... where i'm from this is called 'running a train'...choo choo. its a shame that children like this young girl feels necessary to gain attention because her parents clearly do not care for her...
9. #7, #8
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (04.30.06)
#7, I never thought that this was something that was common. Maybe guys taking turns one night, yes, but being the hooker for 35 guys for around a year, never heard of that one. #8, I'm not sure she was seducing them. Someone who's that insecure couldn't possibly be manipulative. Horny 18, 19 year olds? Yes. But I don't think it's like they couldn't resist. They probably took it because it was just too easy.
10. #2
Sharon ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.30.06)
Haredi community ???!!! No they don't need to send them to the army - they do it elsewhere. Get Real !!
11. army base
liora ,   usa   (04.30.06)
Israel is one of the last countries in the world with a draft for girls and women for shame
12. A great counry we are in that the press can expose this (End
13. Sex in the army base
Simon ,   C-Town, South Africa   (04.30.06)
Can I join your army it sounds fun ?END
14. facts, please
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (04.30.06)
Let's really wait till the facts are in. If most of the guys really thought she was 17-18, then it's no big deal, except for her. In my school, too, in a Western country that is not Israel, there was a girl like that. No, I was not one of the ones who partook, but there were a lot who did. It was famous all over the school. The girl clearly had a serious psychological problem. But guys around that age are not going to care about that. I hope this was the case--I hope not many, or none, of the guys knew she was actually 13. And people should keep secular-religious out of this. There are sexual problems and abuse problems in both communities.
16. boys are boys.
17. Question: How did a civilian get into the base with no ID?
18. not really their fault
carmi ,   eilat israel   (05.01.06)
its not really the soldiers fault if they didnt know and she pretended to be older than she was and she looked older than she was. its sick that she was only 14, and the soldiers should of asked, but sometimes you need to put the blame on the girl. this is her fault too. no one forced her to do this, if she was underage then what was she doing. she was the one who pretended to be older telling them she was about to be drafted. im 19 and i would have come to the same conclusion as the soldiers.
19. #4 - #2
Talula Belle ,   Israel   (05.01.06)
Well done Efi. I agree 100% with you. These religious people like to hold the high moral ground.They are more sly in the orthodox communities and hide perverted sexual abuse much better than the secular community. Unfortunately, in the orthodox community it normally involves young boys and rabbis. VOMIT!!!! This girl is clearly a little slapper. A disgusting little tart that enjoyed all the attention from boys in uniforms. I don't see anyone asking her what the hell she was doing on an airforce base. She also needs to be held accountable for her actions, and being a 'minor' they also need to question her parents. Someone had better wise up and ask the right questions.
20. Going for gold
Talula Belle ,   Israel   (05.01.06)
Maybe she's trying to get into the Guiness Book of Records.
21. language
michal ,   afula   (05.01.06)
The word 'consensual' is apt albeit non - existent. Should be 'illegal consenting relations'. Either way a black mark for IDF.
SID   (05.01.06)
23. IDF Basic Values
Oops!   (05.01.06)
"The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to protect human dignity. Every human being is of value regardless of his or her origin, religion, nationality, gender, status or position."
24. TO # 4, # 10, AND # 19
Bush ,   USA   (05.01.06)
First of all you are confusing Christians priests with Orthodox Jews. The priests molest the boys not the Rabbis. Second of all there was an article in Ynet last week stating incidents in the army of a commander molesting soldiers. Third of all you have no proof against the haredim. We see it time and again in secular communities just read ynet news, yet you convince the public it's everywhere. Trust me with all the hatred the secular media has to religious believe me you would see these incidents on ynet. Who doesn't want to knock the Haredim. there is so much a community can hide from the media. I think you are all jealous knowing we have values for life and people.
25. Suggested new name for IDF base is "Camp Chlamydia"
Alan ,   SA   (05.01.06)
26. Holy Moses
May ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.01.06)
Get over yourself and off your holier than thou attitude. The only reason that sexual abuse in the haredi community is hushed up is because of your very attitude. You are all in denial if you think it doesn't happen in a neighbourhood near you. A rabbi was convicted of sexually abusing a student of his not so long ago.
27. #16
nemo ,   us   (05.02.06)
How shameful. I don't think you would said that if that girl was your sister or your daughter. I am Muslim and I have many Jewish friends, and I don't think Jews would stand for such disgraceful behavior. I don't know about the rest of you, but seems this world is becoming more and more insane.
28. Guys shouldnt be punished
Elad ,   Cape Town, SA   (05.02.06)
This is horrible yes. But the fact of the matter is if a girl says she is 18, looks 18 and acts that way how is the guy to know? Same thing happens in clubs all the time, what is the guy supposed to ask to see id beforehand? I dont believe that the soldiers should be punished for rape. Yes they can be punished for having sex on base etc etc but not for rape. I think that the girl should be looked at, yes a 13 year old girl doesnt know much about life and I think she needs medical and psychological care. She needs to be helped and looked after the poor thing. However that being said if it is proven that the soldiers did not know her age and all believed she was 18 or legal, then there is no way that they should be charged with rape.
29. Sex Scandal
Gizelle ,   Telaviv / Israel   (05.02.06)
The girl was obviously agreeable and lied about her age and the fact that she was to be conscripted soon......which means she did not object nor was she raped.Therefore those poor lads were actually .duped
30. to efi and everyone else
mouris ,   los angeles californ   (05.03.06)
although sexual abuse goes on in every comunity but the percentage in much less among religious jews.
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