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Eritrea's last native Jew tends graves, remembers
Published: 02.05.06, 14:41
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1. i never new
Zaid ,   England, UK   (05.05.06)
i never new that we have Eriteran Jews, i know that we micksed with the Jew and Arabs, but i never new we have a Jews comunity. Such amezing history.
2. I Visited there
Reuven   (05.07.06)
In 2003 I spent Pesach there with him, and the other jews there. Its really a shame that its dieing out.
3. A tzaddick!
Rami ,   London   (05.07.06)
Sami is a true tzaddick. He takes care of all the interests of the jewish community. He tends to the graves, maintains the synagogue in pristine condition, receives guests in the most welcoming manner, explains to them the history of the community, entertains the local Israeli enbassy and looks after the property and affairs of the community with total selflessness. Last year he organised the synagogue's 100th anniversary celebrations. This was attended by visitors from all over the world. These consisted of expatriates, both jewish and gentile, and many others who were interested in the history of the Eritrean Jews. The celebrations were so successful that they had to be split into two different evenings as one evening could not accomodate the hundreds of people who attended. Representatives of the local government as well as practically all the ambassadors stationed in Eritrea attended. Sami was the driving force behind all the arrangements, the result of which was definitely one of the most memorable visits one could have possible had.
4. The Jewish Community
Silas Cento ,   London, Uk   (05.08.06)
The remaining Jew is a last page in a closing chapter of a community closing down for good. It is sad, and disappointing. The Eritrean uncertain future would not encourage other Jews to follow. Neither the Eritrean current reality of a dicatorial rule will attract jews business men to invest in the economy. While Eritrean young generation fleeing their country in seeking qualitative life, there is no sense for other valuable people to travel opposite.
5. Fighters but uncosiders as such
Yonathan Sebhatu ,   Sweden   (05.09.06)
I`m happy that jews (we)┬┤re not in Eritrea now under this dictatorship. We could be used for some political advatages of the dictator. We fighted for Eritrea like every eritreans but most of them are killed and morethan 35000in jailed.What a shame!!!
6. Asmara Eritrea
Almaz ,   Tel Aviv   (08.27.07)
Yes I am Eritrean Jew and I miss Asmara Very much. VERY VERY VERY much. It could be a wonderful place to live if not for the dictatorship.
7. Peaceful life in Asmara
Karaz ,   USA   (09.12.07)
when the Eri-Ethiopia boarder case is settled, life will be back to Asmara, hence all and every body will experience the peaceful life there.
8. Eritrea's History of Unity & Peace
Meron ,   Seattle   (02.29.08)
If it wasn't for the current government and the EPLF. The Jewish Community wouldn't be allowed to flourish or exhibit there culture. It was this govt that extremist with the ELF and its allies. Eritrean prosperity is around the corner, do your history before making assumptions.
9. selamta
TEKLE ,   TELAAVIV   (03.29.08)
i want to communicate with this person so thids is my email.
10. good light to trace my jew identity
tesfa ,   jaffa, israel   (10.04.08)
i saw the synagougue and no one was telling me the history i ever wont to listen about the eritrean jew but now thanks i can start to trace the eritrean jew links !
11. Religion in Eritrea
Nico ,   Maputo, Mozambique   (04.07.10)
In its 2006 religious freedom report, the U.S. State Department named Eritrea a "Country of Particular Concern"(CPC) for the third year in a row, designating it one of the worst violators of religious freedom in the world!
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