Sweden: Hamas not welcome
Published: 03.05.06, 13:40
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1. However, Sweden can still send funds
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (05.03.06)
becuz the fund policy of the EU does not affect individual states.
2. Boy oh boy! Have they got fever?!
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.03.06)
Well, well, well... I´ll be damned. The Swedes - the Vikings of the north -have decided to come back to their senses(or what´s left of them after plentiful drinking during May 1st) and also decided not to invite the peaceful Hamas that just wants to kill us. I´m curious - would the Swedes give financial aid to a terrorist organization that seeks to destroy Sweden or do the Swedes consider it to be "okay" only to finance terrorist organizations that seek to destroy Israel? Am I suddenly supposed to like the Swedes and the Norwegians? Do they have something up their sleeve? Best regards Alexander - a New/Neo Conservative realist and political hawk.
3. Muhammad # 1
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.03.06)
Instead of suggesting that,you could start suggesting your people to use better the funds they already receive, by not buying arms with it,neither luxury cars for its leaders,and start making their own funds as well. Pride is a very healthy thing!
4. Wanna play????
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.03.06)
Too late. Because of Swedens support of HAMAS and anti-Israel stance I decided NOT to purchase the Volvo S-60 sedan I was leaning towards, and instead I selected another vehicle with better fuel mileage within a few dollars of the Volvo's purchase price. We are selecting new furniture for purchase next week. There is a boycott of Denmark by Islam? OK. I'll buy Danish teak contemporary furniture. I fight my enemies all day. Everyday. Anyway I can. Forever. Aint it fun?? I do not buy Sweden, France or visit or spend my dollarim with anyone I class as an enemy. I urge everyone to select their enemies well and fight 24/7/365 forever.
5. To Yoel Ariel nr 4
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.03.06)
God bless you. You made a very good decision.
6. Yoel, Israel has just one friend....
David   (05.03.06)
It's AIPAC. No other entity in the world in the world welcome the agressive policies of the "jewish state" against the palestinian people. So lets buy products made in AIPAC and prepare the boycott Israel will face in a couple of years. The american elites are beginning to understand that helping and sponsoring an apartheid like regime ( WB & Gaza) in the Middle East has nothing to do with shared values or national interests.
7. 1Muhammad-Ali: Talks BS again and has NO clue
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.03.06)
look you really post stupid mongrol stuff make yourself look each time like a find a Hamas site to support them but stop posting here - you have NO followers
8. 2 Alexander: they got too many emails from all of us
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.03.06)
and heat from the organizations only reason we see this but deep down - they still will find ways - that hateful country
9. uh huh / #4
Intedi Nensak ,   Ryd, Sweden   (05.03.06)
Nothing has changed. We never gave them a visa, nor was we planning on giving them one, before either. Hamas never seeked visas to Sweden, they were planning to get them from other schengen nations, and since one country which they applied for visas in (France) rejected them, they can't really go anywhere in the EU without special permission from the separate states. And Sweden never planned to give them one. We weren't the first country in Europe they planned to visit, and not the last one, on this all-round trip they planned this summer. I don't know why we were selected as the bad guy, they were just planning to come here to meet "palestinians" living in Malmö with visas they thought they would get from France and Norway. and to you Yoel Ariel, for your information, Volvo's personal car division is owned by Ford, you're boycotting american cars :)
10. Pointless comment fails to make news
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.03.06)
David, #6, Off your medications again? Lost touch with reality once more? Feel the need to say stupid things that even you dont believe? Dont fret. Help is on the way. Just step out into traffic and wave your arms vigorously. You will feel better right away. Israel does not face a boycott. It does not make anything of major significance, other than military stuff that even enemies covertly covet. No cars. No washers & dryers no TV's. No, much of anything except bug free edible fruits and veggies which the Euro-dorks love to munch and some really nice wine which pisses off the "Franch". Oh yes. I forgot. Some real honest to goodness Jews, who are Zionistas and dont flinch from the title or hang their heads in conical hatted shame. Thanks for the excecise. NEXT!!!
11. The best things in life can be free
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.03.06)
Hi Intedi Nensak, You NEED to know that Henry Ford was a notorious anti-semite, and neither I nor any member of my family has purchased nor used a Ford product since the 1920's. And yes. I do boycott American products selectively. I do it all the time for many and varied reasons. That is known as the free market system at work. Support your friends and kick your enemies in the groin whenever you can. A free lesson in democracy. Makes life interesting and fun.
12. Truth about Sweden
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.03.06)
SWEDEN AND ITS MUSLIMS HARBORING HAMAS Sweden Fights Image of 'Safe Haven' for Terror... Does it really ??? The Region: Taking stock in Stockholm Hamas' Sweden-based Web site shut down Hamas should run in Palestinian election: Swedish FM Sweden went out of its way to assist the nazis The Swedes were one of the top suppliers to the nazi war machine Sweden used nazi-style race laws during the Shoah to emulate its hitlerian idols,7340,L-3236513,00.html neo-nazis throughout the world - even in Germany - now use the Swedish neo-nazi movement as its 'guiding light' Applied nazi mariage laws which to this day remain on the legal books Sweden - only second to France in its quest for Judenrein the nazi way! Please sign the petition to appeal the Swedish Chancellor of Justice's decision to discontinue pre-trial hearings against the Stockholm mosque.
13. Boycott
Arie   (05.03.06)
A boycott of Swedish products had begun internationally, and obviously has had an effect. While the muHAMedans use petrol production as their weapon, others have weapons just as potent! Namely, listing the "Made in Sweden" logo and purchasing with that as a criteria. Volvo and Saab have reacted, as have other Swedish companies. Keeping the pressure on will insure that the Swedes don't resurrect much of their nazified past
14. #11/13
Intedi Nensak ,   Ryd, Sweden   (05.03.06)
Yoel Ariel, i had no idea Henry Ford was an anti-semite. I also boycott things made by unethical companies or in terrorist nations and i always make sure that i don't buy oranges from morocco or egypt etc. I try to find Israeli ones if they have it. / Arie.. *laugh* a boycott of our products hasn't begun and it isn't planned. some europe-hating freaks might yell that they're gonna boycott swedish products but they would never have bought them in the first place anyway. I don't really know where you're from, but i doubt your country could do any damage to our economy. Further more i doubt the majority in your country is as racist and anti-european as you.
15. Sweden & Norway are like the Arabic country, and hit Israel
Sweden & Norway   (05.03.06)
16. To #14 Watch and see
Arie   (05.03.06)
Why not wait until the corporate numbers for the Swedish companies come out and we can see whether the boycott has hit home. Obviously the swedish leadership believes it will. As for "fascist and anti-European", one need onl look at Swedish history, especially during the Shoah to view the REAL Sweden. Instituting race laws against Jews; being the MAIN supplier of parts to hitler. I am not anti-European, I am anti-Eurabian. Europe as a group ceased to exist when, led by Sweden, France and the Swiss, it surrendered to the IslamoFascists, much like they surrendered to hitler in the 30s!
17. #16
Intedi Nensak ,   Ryd, Sweden   (05.03.06)
Assuming that you are from Israel, what do you think a couple of hundred racist extremists can do to our economy? Seriously. hehe. you can't do anything. Sweden's economy is doing better than the average western economy right now. You know nothing about Swedish history, we supplied weapons to everyone including the allies. We had to, or else the side we stopped selling to would have invaded us to get our vast resources. And what makes you think we owe you to sacrifice OUR country for your sake? We did what we could, and we did quite a lot. Raoul Wallenberg would turn over in his grave if he heard how you're speaking of his country. Well if he had one anyway, he didn't get one as he was murdered while saving jews on the request by swedish authorities. Shame on you you racist twat.
18. #17 - Racist Extremists? You must be reading Swedish history
Arie   (05.04.06)
You will find the history of your nation's complicity with the nazis: your supplying them wit minerals and spare parts for their war machine; your instituting race laws in conjunction with hitler; your over alliances with the second world war's on axis of evil. That is where the true exreme racists come from! I am just curious - what are your "vast" resources? And as to your histoy, you are either ill-read or wantonly a liar. Why do you overlook the Swedish race laws? Did the US institute the same laws to appease hitler? That you mention Walleberg is also interesting - an exception to what made the rule - you didn't state anything about the Swedish government not only disavowing Wallenberg,but chastizing his actions as well. Perhaps a quick education lesson would assist you - and you should be careful calling others "racist twats" before you review your own sad history!,7340,L-3236513,00.html;_ylt=A86.I2pBIDREqsYAtAmdk3QF;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--
19. #18
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (05.04.06)
Yes we supplied hitler with minerals and spare parts etc etc. so? we supplied everyone with it. Our vast resources is mainly the forests and minerals. we have huge amounts of iron/steel/gold/silver etc. specially in the north. I'm not ill-read nor am i a liar, i never said we did everything perfectly and the race laws was one of the things we're not proud over. but in Sweden jews weren't targeted the most, it was the indigenous people of Sápmi. You know zero about Sweden and its history, my english is too poor to understand what disavowing and chastizing means, but i take it it's something bad and then you're a liar since he had the full support of Sweden's goverment and royal family. We also harboured thousands of jews from Denmark, Norway, Poland, the baltics and Germany. I am very careful in who i call "racist twats", but no one here deseves that label more than you. anyway, this article is out of date now since sadly hamas did get a visa to Sweden anyway, i'm moving on to that article so i wont comment more here.
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