Olmert: Scattered settlements endanger us
Ilan Marciano
Published: 04.05.06, 13:24
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1. Olmert is a fool
Yehu Ben Zohar ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.04.06)
a dangerous fool. The Arabs, the EU and the US have already said, unilateral land decisions will NOT be recognized by the world communitiy. Yet this fool plans to drag thousands of Jews off land they legitamately own to satisfy his own irrational ideas. no matter how insane the idea, no matter that Al Queda, Hamas, and other terrorist groups can't wait to get closer to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to launch rockets to Israel, Olmert is in a rush to give them more land. It is time the Jewish people wake up and realize that Olmert and Kadima will be the cause of unimagined suffering for Israel. All those who blindly follow this fool will pay the consequences later. Wake UP Israel.
2. It's the ARABS who are endangering us, idiot!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.04.06)
Why should Jews have to leave??? There is no such thing as a 'palestinian' people! They do not deserve a 'state!' Send them to the Sinai or to Jordan!
3. To Olmert
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.06)
The "settlements" don't endanger us. You do. I only hope that something stops you from making the worst mistake in our 58 year history.
4. Time for the exchange - and a leader
Arie   (05.04.06)
Olmert has proven he is not the leader to take Israel strongly into the 21st century with his continued waffling and bending over for the palis. It is time to truly give the arabs what they have asked for: exchange the arab triangle of the galillee for the Jewish sttlements of the West Bank, and consolidate the territory so as to make a contiguous defensible territory. The ex-"Israeli arabs" will get their wish and get to live under the despotic poverty-stricken homicidal pali government and the Israeli borders would be made secure,
5. its olmert that is endangering us with his stupidity
michael   (05.04.06)
6. Will Not Work
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (05.04.06)
Unless Olmart negotiates a border first with the settlers the plan will fail, and Civil War will probably occurr. Instead of the Arab parties and Meritz Kadima should try and bring in Likud. The PA should be blocked pernamently from Israel no repeat of what is happening in the US now with immigration that would threaten the Jewish majority. If there is is going to be a one sided negotiation with the settlers with the Settlers getting no land or important settlements or a real secure border not the 9 mile borders that the 67 fence represent then there will be a failure in his plan misserably. If the borders that are going to be drawn and going to be given away again 10 years down the road then there will be Civil War. If the Left Wing US and Israeli Backers of Olmart and Peres have their way the agreement will be forced upon the Israeli Settlers and the israeli public. If this occurrs and Israelis get nothing from the world like recognition of Jerusalem then converge will fail.
7. news flash: Iran is endangering us
8. common sense!
shai ,   T-A   (05.04.06)
forget ideology! of course, settlements isolated in the middle of 2 millions of palestinians don't make sense. They fuel resentment and they need our soldiers to protect them. it is a simple and conspicuous fact.
9. Prophecy
Rafael ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.06)
The Prophecy sais: They have taken the letter 'R' from you, you have no Rosh anymore. Therefore your name will be called All-Met, az kum taase kulanu Hi Ani lo haver shelcha All-Met V ani lo Ach shelcha All-Met Prophecy says: they will divide the spoils of war, which is Jerusalem, but on the lives of their enemies they will not prostrate their hands.
10. Scatterbrained Olmerts endanger all
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.04.06)
Does this Polititurd really believe the trash he is spewing? I dont think so. Even a scrubber like Olmert cannot be that stupid. He is simply using whatever wedge issue is at hand to substitute for the "missing ideology" of Kadima as a whole and lack of his own positive personal character traits. Can you say failed leader? Failure to deal with actual threats because the political expedient issues are easier and appeal to the lighter minded voter blocs, is an innvitation to future pitchforks and torches.
11. To Shai #8
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.06)
In a vacuum, you would be right that the "settlements" don't make sense. We don't live in a vacuum though, so we must consider the bigger, broader picture. The fuel of the Palestinian resentment, if you want to call it that, is not the "settlements." Before there ever were any "settlements" and even before the State of Israel, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem instilled Nazi ideology in the Arabs of Palestine. He took an example from Hitler and incited many bloody riots against the Jews and this was in the 1930's. Ever since then, the Palestinians have been taught from birth in their mosques and schools to hate Jews. The fact is that they don't resent us because of the "settlements," they resent us because we are a thriving Jewish state in the center of the Middle East Muslim tyranny and they want us out.
12. Imagine Olmert in place of Ben Gurion...
Ezra ,   Canada   (05.04.06)
... and leading the old yishuv 70 years ago. With such a policy, he would have give up settlement of Galil, Neguev and Jerusalem corridor. By 1948, the Jews would have lost the war and the state of Israel would not exist today...
13. #8 is right!
raffi golberg ,   haifa   (05.04.06)
Go to the territories and see the reality : across the fence, you have 60 000 settlers and 2 millions of palestinians. It is simply not viable. For once, we have to look at the reality on the ground, which is difficult for canadians, and take our decisions on the basis of common sense. Shai is right!
14. the only possible peace!
shai ,   T-A   (05.04.06)
two people, us and the palestinians, are fighting for the same land. Either one has to leave or we should share. My jewish choice is the second one, which means, at least, the end of the colonisation beyond the fence.
15. # 8
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.04.06)
This is not common sense! That is ISRAEL and must CONTINUE being so, for the sake of the Jewish People. Mentality should be to expels pals from Jew┬┤s Land,not Jews! You will regret for this,and all of us will suffer with its results! Govt.should make a plan of consolidating those areas and not handing them over. Pals should ,somehow,starting to be expeled from there,step by step,avoiding a mass problem.But not Jews!!!! What has being planned for Jews should be implemented for arabs!!! The goal has been twisted! Please!!!open your eyes!!!!
16. To Raffi #13 and Shai #14
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.06)
Explain what would change by uprooting the "settlements" instead of just saying that it doesn't make sense. I want to know what you think the advantages are. But no BS, just hard facts.
17. So the arabs would endanger us when we give it up?
They will just put down their weopons and forget about their pride and cult? Death to Amalek will bring peace You Tel Aviv or Eilat or anyone else that supports him, you will reap the rewards by having missles shot over your heads. Good luck as Olmert says: "We are tired of fighting, we are tired of winning...."
18. Reality strikes again
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.04.06)
The old saw about "What if they gave a war and nobody came((?))" Answer: "The war would come to you!", is closely related here. What if one party abandoned the field of battle, and retreated to their own defensive lines ((a la Maginot)), would the war be over? Or would the enemy, sensing that they have scored victories, move their attack lines and firebases closer to the new lines; an improved place from which to continue their attacks? If the enemy does not see any need to quit the field, why would he? If the defenders do not see any purpose in keeping strategically significant & historically and traditionally held territory, why would they seek to defend ANYTHING? ANYWHERE? Why would not everyone just throw in the towel and say OK it's over, lets move someplace, anyplace and screw this Jewish ((no less Zionist)) thing? Lets all take the crescent, bump our noggins against the floor several times a day and regress into the 7th century. All supporters of the transfer of Jews, as a legal and intelligent move should consider the alternate open. Then transfer of the hostile population away from Jewish land and territory. History clearly reveals that various agreements made provision for partition, i.e. Sykes-Picot, Balfour, et. etc.with what is now Jordan being established for the dune dancers, and the Jews recieving what is now Israel. Israel always recieved the lesser portion of the political deal and only improved it's position as a result of agressive wars launched against her, after territory was captured or seized. Does anyone really expect the 'rabs to be satisfied if Israel retreats to '67borders? Or the '49, or the 1880 border? Seriously? Really? In your heart? More importantly, in your logical and intellectual mind?
19. settlements are beneficial
Steve ,   USA   (05.04.06)
B"H The Jewish settlements are sources of peace on Israel's population centers. Removing an army of G-d from a neigboring terror nest does not make any city safer.
20. Can someone please put forward an alternative?
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.04.06)
You can scream and cry all you want about how Arabs are terrorists blah blah any of you right-wingers have an alternative to a two-state solution, besides transfer?
21. a good reason to stay
Yehu Ben Zohar ,   Jerusale, Israel   (05.04.06)
So tell me Josh, who in The Pa have said that they would be satisfied with part of Yesha? No one. The maps in the PA do not have Israel on them at all. The Arabs use the term from the river to the sea. They have stated over and over, they want ALL of Israel, not just part of it. How many times do they have to tell you, they don't want Jews here at all, not even dead ones. How many Jews do they have to murder before you get the message, the Arabs want us dead and gone. Terrorism works because fools like Sharon and Olmert give them what they want, and they have to do nothing. Olmert even promises them most of Yesha if they do nothing, so why should they do anything? They continue to kill Jews, firing over 500 Kassam missles into Israel. why are they still breathing? They feel that they will outlast the Jews, because we have no stomach to defend ourselves. Olmert has all but said that. All the negative things forecast by the IDF about the "Disengagement" have proven true, but has Olmert learned anything? NO. Only now he calls it convergence. Another word for surrender.
22. You left-wing/secular Jews are spineless...
Jeremiah ,   Israel   (05.04.06)
even though most of you don't live in Yehuda and Shomron it's amazing how you would give away your own homeland to bunch of arabs. You are truly the most disgusting bunch of cowards the world has known. You have no God and you have no balls. You are a joke unto the nations not a light. You make yourselves slaves to dogs and you enjoy your servitude. Do you know who you are? Are you truly that ignorant and disconnected from your past? You deserve the knife that the arabs will place in your back.
23. settlements
Hilda ,   USA   (05.05.06)
What nonsense. How many Jews are there in the world. Look out there--there are more antisemites than Jews Does that ean we should all disppear from the world? I grew up in a neighborhood where we were the only Jewish family. I attended school for 8 years in a school where my sister and I were the only Jews. It was not until high school that i knew any other Jews. It was hard., I suffered all the slings and arrow s but I survived. If the early halutzim thought these depressing thoughts, there would be no Israel today at all. Has Israel lost all its spirit?
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