Peres: Kadima, Labor should unite
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 04.05.06, 23:52
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1. Insanity
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (05.05.06)
Now the truth is coming out. Dividing Jerusalem Unifying Kadima and Labor. The puppeteers are working overtime today.
2. Wasn't Peres being investigated?
sk ,   USA   (05.05.06)
Or has the uber-political clown Mazuz "rule" not to prosecute?
3. # 1 Insanity
yakov shani ,   afula   (05.05.06)
Is an unequivocal and indispensible prerequisite of Israeli politicts. I have even heard that a draft law to this effect is to be presented to the knesset by certain members of the house who are at the present upholding this principal without the need for legislation, but wish it to be anchored in legislation in order to ensure the endurance of this quality and of course their own tenure in perpetuum.
4. #2 As always with corruption charges against Kadima
they are dropped and thrown under the cover, never to be spoken about again. Why would anyone vote for these cronies?!!!
5. Peres should leave politics and play with his grandchildren.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.05.06)
6. never again has broad meaning
yelena   (05.05.06)
we must say never again to holocousts and we must say never again to fascists like Yvet, I cannot believe that a person whose experience was similar to mine can express such hatred. He does not speak for the totality of any one group in Israel or the world.
7. Lamp high looking for an honest man
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.05.06)
Words of wisdom from Shimon the Honest. The excreable Peres denies and defies the normal circumstance of a "caught" polititurd by refusing to save a morsel of his dignity and quietly fading from public view, until his indictment and possible incarceration. However that being said, he is correct. There is not a dribble of spittle's difference between Labor and Kadima. The refuges of political dullards and hacks sans ideology or a survivable plan, living side by side in peace.
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