Historians: Lieberman’s words belittle Holocaust
Roee Nahmias
Published: 05.05.06, 01:07
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1. His words are the truth
If one forgets what happened to us in the Holocaust when six million of us were butchered and forget we have an enemy that wants to spill our blood. I have a big problem and I am looking right at it you Erev Rav self destructive scumbags.
2. Lieberman's Struggle
George W ,   Chicago IL   (05.05.06)
Did Lieberman grow up reading Mein Kampf or something? This guy's on the same level as Le Pen and Haider and the other fascist politicians of the world. He's a neo-Nazi and anyone who supports him is a neo-Nazi as well. People throw that term around all the time and it's usually wrong, lazy, and offensive (Sharon wasn't a Nazi, for instance, no matter what his detractors say). But Lieberman is beyond the pale; he's an extremely dangerous man. His philosophy will lead Israel away from what it is now (relatively tolerant and democratic despite its obvious problems) and turn it into a nightmare of ethnic cleansing, chauvinism, and perpetual war. If there's anyone in the Knesset who should be shot, it's not the Arab MKs.
Raymond ,   South Africa   (05.05.06)
Lieberman is right.I dont see any insult to the holocaust in his remarks.Jewish compassion has been our down fall for to long.Let all all traitors get a fair trial & if guilty-put an end to their miserable 2-faced lives. AM YISRAEL CHAI
4. Arab Treason
sandgroper ,   Australia   (05.05.06)
This article focusses on the Holocaust analogy. Whether Lieberman should have used that form of expression is of minor imporatnce. THE REAL ISSUE HERE IS ARAB TREASON - AND LIEBERMAN IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT - IT'S A CAPITAL OFFENCE IN A COUNTRY AT WAR...
5. Lieberman spoke the with it!
6. HistoriansL Lieberman's words belittle holocaust
sl ,   ny, ny   (05.05.06)
I support Lieberman. He's right!
7. a bunch of bull cr-p
Betsy   (05.05.06)
the statements harm nothing and do no damage to the memory of anything. they just express the utter frustration, anger, and sense of helplessness of a man who cares deeply about the fate of Israel. period. I am shocked to learn that some members of the knesset called Israel's day of independance catastrophe day and waved black flags! what are these people doing there? why are they allowed? and why wasn't this fact mentioned in this article? the reporter wants to make Lieberman look bad, ....but why? is there any such thing as straight, truthful, unbiased reporting?
8. Will they be as outraged at the Arab MKs for their Holocaust
David ,   Israel   (05.05.06)
Comparison? The Arab MKs declare Israel to be a Nazi state, and claim the Arabs are being genocided every day, they also at best compare us to South Africa, so shall the Historians be outraged by that? Liberman is right, the Arab MKs are blatant traitors and should be deported, or put in prison with the keys thrown into the Red Sea.
9. how
yisrael carmi ,   eilat israel   (05.05.06)
how is that belittling the holocast its the truth
10. Proportionality run amuck
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.05.06)
Hmmmm. Let me get this straight. Olmert plans to divide Jerusalem and plots with Labor to abandon Judea & Samaria's Jews and give future firebases and jumping off points to sworn and deadly enemies, and the heartburn is with the hyperbolic rhetoric of a minor politician from a minority party? Aint politics grand?
11. Stop the hypocrisy
Jenya ,   Israel   (05.05.06)
When Olmert and and many other politicians all over the world compare Iran's president Ahmadinejahd (or how the hell it is spelled) and his actions to Hitler, then its Okay... But when Liberman has the guts to tell the truth and compare the arab MK's to the nazi collaborators every blames him just cause its not politicly correct or cuase they are hypocrits or what ever. arab MK's who support the destruction of Israel (which is exactly the case) are the same like the nazi collaborators
12. all the way with lieberman
ciara ,   australia   (05.05.06)
olmert has set the stage of israel's destruction... well actually mr sharon did... for shame olmert, for shame
13. Crazy Man
48 ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.05.06)
Listening to what liebermans saying and to what the comments are saying, i can only answer them it is much more dangerous to Israel security than any arab Mk's. I mean to say such comments is to further push Israeli arabs to the Palestinian side. Israeli arabs have all been fairly reasonable citezens in Israels wars with the arabs beginning in 1948. They rarely collabarated with any of the enemys and were not that much of a security burden. Such comments would transform them to becoming a security threat when they feel they are being threatened inside Israel. They have been Israeli citezens well before Lieberman and his gang of russian immigrents.
14. #13 - canadian hippi
ciara ,   australia   (05.05.06)
"Israeli arabs have all been fairly reasonable citezens " WHO DO YOU THINK DRIVES THE HABIBS TO DETONATE THEMSELVES AND SPILL MORE JEWISH BLOOD??!! go save a whale or hug a tree you idiot
15. Leftist Israelis scared to face the truth
Jenny ,   NYC   (05.05.06)
They'd rather hide behind the Meretz camp saying we should deal with Hamas. Why are the leftists so afraid of the truth? Is it b/c they don't want to admit they were wrong all along? They still cannot come out and say that Oslo was a disaster. Why does the loser, Peres have a platform when he lost the spot in his own party to Peretz? Why does he have a Nobel Peace Prize when he never brought peace to Israel only PIECES? Lieberman is a hero. I don't care what the so-called "historians" or Arab MK's have to say. He says what even Netanyahu is afraid to say.
16. Oh come on!
daniel ,   Amsterdam   (05.05.06)
What's the point in taking a man's word, twisting them and then getting angry about it? He did not make a comparisment between the Holocaust and Arab MK's. He did not say they should be trialed at Nuremberg but like Nuremberg. So stop fussing. The idea of responsibility for your actions is a good one. Arab MK's who call on enemy states to continue waging war on Israel are criminals. It's that simple.
17. he is sounding an alarm
gm ,   south africa   (05.05.06)
Lieberman is right. Israelis need to take their blinkers off. How are members of a parliament allowed to march against that parliament to say that it shouldn't exist? Israel is turning a blind eye to a lot of things and making herself extremely vulnerable. We need to learn to live with 'palestinians', but they have to EARN the right to Israeli and Jewish respect and show that they can be true partners for peace.
18. The multitude of redundacy/resources for the memory of the d
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (05.05.06)
overwhelms the the lack of any support of same for thoe liveing who love the land and are trying to survive against the erev rav etrogs.
19. gm from south africa
ciara ,   australia   (05.05.06)
very diplomatic of you g man.... however the reality is they don't give 2 hoots about respect, they dont even respect themselves, let alone a bunch of yids. have a good shabbos
20. Remembering respectfully versus Holocaustolatry
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.05.06)
The Holocaust was a holocaust, not Har Sinai and not sacred! The 6M should be remembered with respect, even more importantly we should remember its lesson; but these turn it into Avodah Zarah that at least a significant portion of the 6M would loath. The Arab MKs are seditious operatives, supporting and cooperating with our enemy. But the 'World's Greatest Moron' prize goes to those who defend inviting our enemies among us. Separate and defend. Paqid 16, The Netzarim Israeli Orthodox Jew
STEVE ,   LONDON   (05.05.06)
Peace means compromises. Compromises for some of the dreams that have pre-occupied us for a very long time. But peace offers more promises for realistic people. It is Human Rights that need to be tried. Hatred has been tried. It is everywhere. Now it must be sentenced. So ask them, 'Can you quote any of the Articles of Universal Human Rights - word for word?'. Just go to the relevant website and read to your hearts content. Then try to find the people who are opposed to it. Thus you shall find the illegitimate hatred. Those of us who bear scars from our wars and the mental wounds too know too well a legitimate hate. Some cannot forgive. Some should not be asked to forgive. But we must keep the eternal flame alive ......... amen ve amen.
22. Raymond's traitors
Rustum ,   London UK   (05.05.06)
What total idiocy. OF course there is no comparison between disenfranchised members of the Palestinian community speaking about their own rights and the war criminals tried at Nuremberg. Only self-servicing, parochial, tiny-minded, knee-jerk fascists would have the lack of brain cells to imply that an Arab MK who speaks opinions should be put on trial. Hey-ho - there are many people who would be better off in North Korea - where your very own Zionist think police could execute anyone you disagree with. It is so utterly galling, almost always to see that the most rabid supremacist ideologues actually live in South Africa, Australia, the USA. Shrieking cowards is what you are - calling for death to those who disagree with you. It is so deeply pathetic to read.
23. GM South Africa
Rustum ,   London UK   (05.05.06)
"We need to learn to live with 'palestinians', " How many Palestinians do you need to learn to live with in South AFrica? Obviously your connection with the racist Israeli state is so strong that you live thousands of miles away and pontificate from the nudist beaches of Cape Town where you can see the visible difference between Jews and non-Jews.
24. #23
gm ,   south africa   (05.05.06)
Actually the world needs to learn to live with 'palestinians' considering they are a fairly new group of people. I went to a multi-racial school during the years of apartheid, so don't come to me with your holy than thou attitude. The transition in this country, to a democracy, was exemplary and Nelson Mandela is a true leader of people. It's a pity hamas and the PA act like barbarians. how many variations and options have the 'palestinians' be given for a palestinian state? What has their strategy been to achieve this and to show the world they want to achieve this (apart from suicide bombings and outright rejecting any proposals)??
25. Expel Lieberman from the Knesset
Karen R ,   Maryland   (05.05.06)
Some of us had already figured out that MK Lieberman is a bit irresponsible, but this is beyond the limit. "יש גבול." First, he cheapens the Jewish blood shed in the Holocaust. Second, he refuses to get his history right. Third: he forgot where he is. The Knesset is the seat of Israel's democracy, not a street rally. Democracies survive because of mutual respect, simulated if not actual. Fourth, he doesn't think through the consequences of what he does. This is downright dangerous for all concerned. Fifth, his expressions of opinion create even more anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli feelings than there already are, giving our enemies a visible excuse. (Is this fellow a disciple of the late Meir Kahane, also given to running his mouth overtime?) The people in his party deserve representation in the Knesset - by an MK who is at least in touch with basic reality. Get rid of this overgrown adolescent and let the next one on their list take his seat.
26. To 6,7 & 15 to name a few:
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (05.05.06)
The professor proves that Lieberman is full of #%$*@! Shame on him for insulting the memory of all those who died with his nonsense! Have you people ever thought of the possibility that maybe just maybe the arab mks are in contact with the hamas and fatah because they are trying to work with them to change their ways..?? At least Lieberman could come up with a shred of evidence to back his claims of "collaboration". #15 : What "truth" exactly are you talking about? The way we on the left see it (and this will answer the stupid question of "why has the left never apologized?") Oslo was a landmark step in the right direction. It was the beginning of anything that could be considered progress with our neighbors and it was effectively torpedoed by Bibi and then in turn Arafat. If Rabin would have stayed in power things might look a lot different (better) today. I guess Yigal Amir (and Bibi for that matter) are happy with the way things turned out . (who do you think he voted for?) And Peres has done more for the state of Israel than you will ever accomplish in your insignificant life. Lieberman is a russian thug dressed up as a politician. No offense to Russians, but they could have done better.
27. go gm go!!
ciara ,   australia   (05.05.06)
28. Arab MKs and Israeli Arabs are not traitors
Caligula's Horse ,   so   (05.05.06)
They are by no means traitors to Israel, I respect their feelings, their attachment to their nation, and their desires, like every Arab. Arab Israelis are Arab nationalists, just like ones from Iraq or Libya, I will not demand them to fall on their knees and sing the tikva nor will I force them to serve in the army which fights their own people. They must make a choice, cards must be put on the table, the Israeli Arabs are standing in a crossroad, should they choose to remain loyal to the Arab nation, I have no problem and no grudge, let them express their national feelings and act to fullfil them, but that cannot be done in a Jewish country. So, the Arabs who choose the Arab nation's road shall leave to one of the 22 Arab countries. Should they choose the path of loyalty to the state they live in, by all means, grant them equal rights, along with their equal duties, let them live as a minority, like the Druze or the Cherkes, but not as a national minority.
29. Liberman is right and his words do us proud
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (05.05.06)
Anyone who supports Hamas is supporting an Arab Nazi group. have you ever read their charter? The only difference between Hamas Nazis and German Nazis is the fact that Jews can defend themselves now. The parallel is appropriate. I completely agree. This from the son of a Holocaust Surviver whose great grandparents were killed by the Nazis. Any group or individual who supports the Hamas agenda is a traitor and a genocidal maniac and needs to be tried.
30. Ciara and GM
Rustum ,   London UK   (05.05.06)
For all Ciara's "go gm go", either she nor GM have bothered to explain the tricky fact that the people formerly considered "terrorists" in South Africa are now the government. The apartheid laws, formerly considered racist, have been trashed and the whites who feared the bloodbath are still comfortably living there under black rule. Now if this Liebermann idiot had been in South Africa, we would now see him taking part in the truth and reconciliation committee, crying over the failure of his past racism and expressing regret for slandering the democratic freedom movement members as terrorists and communists. I would be most surprised if either Ciara and GM didn't join a freedom movement if a:) they couldn't get their pregnant relatives to hospital, b) their family members were shot dead while huddling at home, c) their relatives were shoved into prison for long periods for no other reason than expressing their love of freedom, etc, etc, etc. What you fail to realise is that there is absolutely no difference between a Jewish life or a non-Jewish life, and the constant supremacist longings (expel the Arabs, put the Arab MKs on trial) is the most odious form of racial superiority and in the short or long term is doomed to be condemned by history, as it is condemned by most civilised nations of the world. Your feeble sloganeering will do absolutely nil to improve the situation of the millions of Palestinians in their festering camps. A movement towards equality and respect for human rights, restitution of property, the right to return, and possibly the natural death of Lieberman, will all do much to defuse a patently inhuman, unsupportable, indefensible and perfectly racist situation.
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