Kadima boosts Arab influence in Knesset
Ilan Marciano
Published: 08.05.06, 14:28
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1. He has always been with them, Jewish majority my a***
2. What is this jackass doing?!?!?!
More arabs less Jews, this is not Israel
3.  Peretz Permits 13,000 PA Workers to Enter Israel!!
(05.08.06) This will lead to civil war and blood shed.
4. Arab influence in Knesset
kate ,   england   (05.08.06)
Bonkers of an idea - they probably believe in the myth of 'Arab' East Jerusalem, an Arab Kotel???? things really are going from bad to worse.
6. How many Kassams today?
yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.08.06)
JUST what Israel has been needing. Greater Arab influence. I am so glad that the Kadima-crats are following the plan thought up and clearly outlined by Sharon before he became a paperweight,
7. New elections in 6 months!
Arie   (05.08.06)
8. olmert is making history
g-d help us   (05.08.06)
Olmert is going to take the place of Neville Chamberlin. Olmert's actions are making Chamberlin look like a genius. Everytime you think olmert has done something stupid he gives us more stupiditty.
9. Whose to blame?
yaakov ,   JUDEA   (05.08.06)
Olmert is a puppet of the Oligarchs who run the economic strings of the state, They need cheap Labor, so illegal and legal arab workers are brought in, Notice how the media covered up the murder of a 8 year old girl in Beit Shemish, The Contractors do not want the sham of illegal arabs exposed to the israeli public, meanwhile the media keeps pounding into the average israelis head --SETTLERS- SETTLERS-- SETTLERS, all our problems are because of the Territories,. The Oligarchs flood the media with Buffetts buying of a israeli company, Why? The Wealthy elite wants to make their Puppet look good, Anyone get whats going on yet?
10. The end of Israel is near.
G ,   Tobias   (05.08.06)
We are in a time where the end of Israel has never been so close. Not since the last exile 2000 years ago. This time only took us 60 years to forget, and to bring on the destruction. What is this clown doing?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.08.06)
AGAINST ISRAEL. Kadima endangers ALL Israel! The rabid Jew-hate of ethnically cleansing 10,000 Gaza and north Samaria Jews violated Article 80 of the United Nations Charter, broke Israel's Basic Human Rights Law and Clause 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Loyal Jews, including children, are brutally beaten and jailed. Jewish taxpayers who pay Arab MK Bishara's salary are FORCED TO FINANCE TREASON! Arab Israelis who are openly genocidal to Jews and support the violent overthrow of Israel are members of Israel's government! No other nation on earth allows such treason. Will Jews revolt against their forced financing of treason and Arab MK hate incitement to a second holocaust of Jews? From article on the violent Arab Muslim Israeli riots in 2000 'Let's investigate everything' by Yaron London, 10/2/05,7340,L-3150205,00.html The report offers a history of Arab demonstrations and protests that over time have become evermore extreme. The report also mentions several individuals that contributed, through words and through silence, to the progression from legitimate protest into a violent, destructive riot. Leaders of the Islamic Movement, wrote the Or Commission, fanned the flames by accusing Israel of planning to destroy the Islamic holy sites on the Temple Mount, and openly sympathizing with Hizbullah and al-Qaeda. MK Azmi Bishara (National Democratic Assembly) has said the Shiite militia should be a role model for the struggle with Israel, and has called several times for an intifada against Israel. Arab-Israeli leaders should be investigated The Or Commission- including one Arab justice and another member considered an important expert in Arab culture - rejected Bishara's evasive comments, and had this to say about the part Israeli Arab leaders played in the October, 2000 riots: Individuals such as the leaders of the Supreme Israeli Arab Monitoring Committee, the Islamic Movement, and Knesset Members Tibi, Bishara, Dehamshe and Zahalka were full partners to the outbreak of riots in October, 2000, and therefore also bear responsibility for the deaths of 13 of their brethren." The following is part of an article from, Sept. 25 2005 'Column One: Israel's disengaged establishment' by Caroline Glick: "...recall what happened five years ago. Following months of increased violence and extremism in the Arab-Israeli sector incited directly by the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli Islamic Movement and the Arab members of Knesset, violent riots seized the Arab sector of Israel in October 2000. During the week of riots, Arab Israelis threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli civilian cars throughout the country. Israeli motorists were dragged out of their cars on Highway 65 along Wadi Ara and beaten. An Israeli motorist was murdered when Arabs from Jasser a-Zarka threw a rock at his windshield as he drove down the coastal highway..."
12. #10
dana ,   ny   (05.08.06)
AJewish Israel deserves to exist. An"I'm not Jewish I'm Israeli" Peres style goyishe Israel will not survive-just look at olmert's kids as an example
13. What a concept!!!
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.08.06)
Here is a completely new and exciting concept. Boost the influence of JEWS in the Beit K.
14. May Hashem rescue Israel!
May He rescue us all from this madman who is willing to prostitute himself to the goyim just to score political points! The goy should be thrown out of the Knesset, not given more clout!
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