Peres: Iran nuclear policy could backfire
Published: 09.05.06, 00:12
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1. Israel has wiped Palestine off the map, it can do it to Iran
Jones ,   Florida   (05.08.06)
and then Iran becomes a "disputed land" that requires a 1000-year peace process between Israel and the Iranian people. And if Israel can't find a peace "partner" in Iran, then Israel needs to build a "security" wall through Tehran.
2. Persia Will Be Destroyed and Hamon Will Be Hanged!!!
3. Peres APOLOGIZE regarding the Oslo Accords
4. took 84 years but Peres said something right
s ,   israel   (05.08.06)
KS ,   Lebanon   (05.08.06)
HAHAHHAH!!! That really gave me a good laugh. Great talkback!! Really good insight...never thought about it like that...haahha...
6. To Jones from #1
Josh ,   Atlanta   (05.08.06)
You wouldn't happen to be implying that Israel doesn't have the right to defend itself against Iran would you? Are you suggesting that they not respond to a threat to exterminate them? How would you feel if you were a Jew? Forced out of Europe.....left with no choice but to move back to your ancient homeland, and then get criticized by the whole world simply for refusing to be exterminated by Arab armies and terrorists. It's so easy to criticize them, when you're not the one who has to worry about getting splattered all over the frozen foods section everytime you walk into the grocery store.
7. Believeabilty
Arie   (05.08.06)
Comments from the Chamberlain of Israeli politics
8. It's not Israel that "
Alex ,   US   (05.08.06)
9. Peres has nothing to apologize for
If he had known the outcome of oslo he wouldn't have done it, like the rest of Israel.
10. #1
Sounds good to me!
11. don't be silly jones florida.
12. to Jones #1
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (05.08.06)
You must hate living in Florida, what with all those Jews and Zionists (and with their Long Island accents)!
13. Israel scared
Sia ,   Los Angeles   (05.08.06)
Peres sounds so scared of Iran.
14. Peres is crazy
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (05.08.06)
Iran is a big country will Israel is not, moron.
15. jones in florida
kapara   (05.08.06)
You are a moron. This topic is beyond your education, stick to simple topics. What color is the sky today? And drugs are going to get you nowhere in life.
16. Re: Muhammad- Ali
Like the size of Israel has ever mattered to the strength of its power. Need we remember any of its wars with its neighboring countries, all much bigger than Israel only individually, and even greater in size put together, all which Israel battled against and won!
17. #1 what are talking about?!
palestine was split between arabs and jews. Palestine was called Judea and Samaria. Thirdly, the jews build we don't like to destroy. fourth, No country in the world is willing to give away parts of its homeland. No country in the world would do that. jones, remember that florida was originally controlled by the spanish. How did florida become part of the union?
18. to jones, #1,
shishlik ,   iran   (05.08.06)
return florida to the indians.
19. #14 - The idiot is you
Jane   (05.08.06)
Good things come in small packages. Compact and concentrated brainpower.
20. Good signs!
Ram ,   London   (05.08.06)
At long last Peres has found the right groove. Lets hope he stays the course. Sounds like Iran is in a bit of a panic these days. What with retractions from statements like "wiping off" and now a letter to Bush. The divisions in the west must by now be perceived by Ahmed as an overestimated advantage. Interesting days ahead!
21. #9
sk ,   USA   (05.08.06)
In the first place, if you cause great grief to your people, you should apologize. In the second place, Peres is reenacting Oslo right now.
22. #1, #5, and of course Mr. Ali #14
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.08.06)
All three of you combined have the IQ of a donkey!!! Your talkbacks are so dumb and off topic which shows you're true nature. You all still fail to mention that Iran threatens Israel's existence and is ruled by a crazed, power-hungry (Ahmadinemonkey) man. If any country in the world would have received the same threats from Iran, I am sure they would have already acted. Israel has always shown restrain when it comes to arabs and Muslims attacking it, but they won't sit forever. You are all a bunch of jokes and no one knows why you come to this site.
23. #1 Jones Floridda
mohammed ,   IRAN   (05.08.06)
you are small brain. with gods help america and isreal to save us in iran from crazey leeder here. I want freedom like in isreal and america.
24. mohamad-don't be silly.
mounty ,   canadianpostoffice   (05.08.06)
israel took on iraq, syria, egypt, algeria, russia, tunisia, pakistan and cuba all at once in the 73 war-and won in a few weeks. iran struggled for a decade against iraq. check it out here.
25. Peres only wanted to teach the world to sing-naive idealist
26. mohammed -the bigger they are the harder they fall.
mike   (05.08.06)
USA is a country of -+500 million-it took 19 jihadis to change it's history.
27. The Iranian people are not our enemy
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.08.06)
The majority of the Iranians do not support their regime and want nothing more than to overthrow it. Secretly, they admire both the U.S. and Israel. The best way to avoid a war unlike any other in the past is for regime change to occur. And it had better occur fast!!
28. #23
Jane   (05.08.06)
And I pray that you will live free, Mohammed.
29. Police is Close to Peres Already?
Gili ,   NYC   (05.08.06)
30. #9- Then why is he still pushing the same solution?
Arie   (05.08.06)
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