Arab MK: Israel world's most racist state
Ilan Marciano
Published: 09.05.06, 11:32
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1. Transfer?
zznhl   (05.09.06)
I feel that the image that the Israeli Arab MK's portray contributes more than anything to this negative veiw of Israelis of other faiths of their Muslim fellow citizens. They constantly flaunt the law by traveling to enemy contries,( Syria for Instance ) talking to enemies of the state, making apparently inflamitory statements, allegedly being intensely corrupt and allegedly working toward the destruction of the State of Israel.
2. israelis racists??
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (05.09.06)
Yeh,now,we reached the same level of hatred we receive daily from our "abrahamic cousins" Suffice to read their "holy kuran" to understand the cause of their hatred Very funny to see all these arabs trying to move to the israeli side of the fence where they resent racism ....??????
3. Arab racism
Reuven ,   Bet Shemesh, Israel   (05.09.06)
Oh for God's sake. These same Arab MKs want to establish a judenrein Palestinian state that will be the only country in the world in which Jews will not be able to live according to international law and they have the nerve to call Israel racist?
danny ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.06)
The fact is that most Israeli Arabs prefer to see Israel replaced by palestine or small Iran. That is the truth!! On independence day not one Arab village has Israali flags hanging out. Which wountry wants "citizens" like them?
5. erm...
we kinda are. and im not just refering to the arabs.
6. it's suicide bombers, kassams and traitors we don't like !
michael ,   tel aviv   (05.09.06)
7. And they wonder why?
Ram ,   London   (05.09.06)
How about the fact that no israeli arab, apart from enjoying all the benefits offered him, shows patriotism towards Israel. How about elected israeli arab MK's demonstrate nothing but anti Israel behaviour. How about the fact that in most cases terrorists have been aided by israeli arab accomplices. And israeli arabs wonder why israelis don't want them living amongst them?
8. hypocracy in it's most blatant form
Ben ,   Israel   (05.09.06)
Arabs are the world's biggest hypocrites! How many Jews are allowed to live in:Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, Ramallah, Nablus etc. ???? were American Christian soldiers allowed to wear crosses while in Saudi Arabia? Do Jews have a term and laws comparable to the arabic dhimmi? have jews as a whole ever desecrated and destroyed mosques as the arabs did to Joseph's Tomb?look what arabs did to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem when they hid there. Arabs are skilled at twisting facts to suit their needs.they are a fifth column among us. look at the arab knesset members that comitted high treason against Israel by collaborating and perhaps passing vital information to hamas recently! As Arab countries have expelled all jews and confiscated their property without compensation in the past , we should act in the same manner to them, it is more blessed to give than to receive.
9. Takes one to know one.
10. Deliberately killing civilians is the most racist act of all
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.09.06)
The deliberate killing of civilians is the most obvious form of racism there is. And the most brutal one there is. It is racism when the KKK and their like do it. It was racism when right wing Jewish fanatics like the Bat – Ain gang and Baruch Goldstein shem reshaim yirakav did it. When Milosovitc did it, it was racism. And it is racism when Hamas, Fatah, Al – Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, and all the rest do it. And no one is more committed to such atrocities then the Palestinian society, as seen by the victory of Hamas and its demented charter of hate, against all Jews (as well as against the American, French and Russian revolutions, and all democratic revolutions). So of all the peoples in the world they are the last ones to preach; to anyone, be it us or others. And the same goes for their apologists, who have the harshest possible words to every act of self-defense we take in protection of our lives, but little to nothing against such atrocities. And p.s. How many out there regard the very existence self-sovereign state of Israel as occupation? These guys are also racist because racist hate people simply because they exist, and our sovereignty is our property, no one else’s. No one should own the sovereignty of others.
11. funny, where was the arab MKs protest against gush Katif?
Michael   (05.09.06)
The silence of the arab MKs shows that they don't practice what they preach? Transfer jews that is okay to transfer arabs with cmpensation that is unallowable. Do I SEE A DOUBLE STANDARD?
12. 2-faced arab MK's
gm ,   south africa   (05.09.06)
They call Israel racist but encourage the destruction of Israel (in their own back-handed way). Israel has Ethiopians, Russians, Europeans, Americans, Australians, Indians ..... people of all religions: druze, bahai, christian, muslim etc. and then is called racist because she wants to encourage the people who call for her destruction to emigrate. These MK's should be tried for treason for their behaviour in the last two weeks.
13. Try taking a Torah into saudi arabia, death penalty for you.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.09.06)
14. Look who's calling the kettle black!! LOL LOL
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.09.06)
Their Koran is filled with all kinds of racist teachings. The best way of taking attention away from your own misdeeds is to accuse your enemy of those very deeds! They've been doing this vfor years!
15. No 4, what about the israelis who didn't fly a flag?
Aviva ,   tel Aviv   (05.09.06)
16. Pot/kettle comparison holds true here
Reuven ,   Ramat Beit Shemesh,   (05.09.06)
Yep, I would expect 5-star hotel treatment if I lived in any of our neighboring countries. Also, what about items published in Arab media about Jews, such as blood-libel stories and political cartoons containing stereotypic caricatures, that go largely unchallenged by the readership? Finally, if you polled Arabs on both sides of the Green Line, what percentage would want Jews to leave? Should we hazard a guess on that, Mr. MK?
17. yes, Israel is racist. I know it as a christian here
Ana ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.06)
18. NO 14, just like the Hagada wants all Egyptians killed...
Alissa ,   tel Aviv   (05.09.06)
19. Give this same survey anywhere in the World....
The Truth   (05.09.06)
And you would get the same results. No one wants to live with Arabs. They refuse to integrate. They suck up resources without giving anything back. They riot and burn when they don't get what they want. They are warring with everyone in the world. Give this survey in Australia, France, Denmark, England, Russia, USA, Spain, etc, etc. You would get the exact same results.
20. Great News
Judah Hammer   (05.09.06)
It appears 62% of Israelis have begun coming to their senses. Maybe the state is not lost after all. Israel is a JEWISH state -- it is the historic and biblical national homeland of the Jewish nation. After 2000 years of living in Exile enjoying all the benefits of crusades, inquisitions and holocausts, we are entitled to our own state. That said, how many Arabs do you think enjoy living in a state known as the "Jewish state?" How many do you think are happy that the Law of Return applies only to Jews, not to Arabs? How many do you think are happy on Yom Haatzmaut when we celebrate the defeat of their Arab brothers? Finally, what do you think goes through the Arab's mind when he sings the words of the Hatikvah, his national anthem, which speaks of "the soul of a Jew yearning?" Do not expect the Arabs to love such things. They have far too much self-respect for that. Lieberman is right. If they swear allegiance to the Jewish state, they should be allowed to stay. If not, and they do what Tibi and the other Arab MKs have been doing (committing open treason against the state), they should be shown the door. By the way, don't you love it when Arabs (and liberal Arab sympathizers) throw Scripture at us? And always the same phrases too. Quite amusing.
21. No 12 those people of all religions are 2nd class citizens
Alissa ,   Tel Aviv   (05.09.06)
22. Throw Them Out. All Of Them.
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.09.06)
23. so we are like every other arab country?
Russel ,   Tlv   (05.09.06)
Having come from a country that was once the most racist in the world I think I can safely say that israle is not racist. We're not perfect, but the fact that these Arab MKs are, in fact, MKs, serves as a lie to their puffery.
24. All because of Arab and Muslim genocidal racism
BigE   (05.09.06)
If Arabs and Islamofascists would honor our presence in our homeland as neighbors and friends, we wouldn't have to fight for our survival. It's precisely Arab and Muslim racism - witness Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Muslim Brotherhood, the Iranian regime, etc. ad nauseam, that strive to wipe Israel off the map.
25. Alissa
Ram ,   London   (05.09.06)
Why are you unhappy with Israel? What have done to you to make you feel like this?
26. "Israeli public has gone too far"
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (05.09.06)
He is right, there is no place to hate Arabs over ethnic or religious reasons, Arabs who are loyal to the state are equal to me as Jews who are, and Arabs who arent loyal to the state are equal to me as Jews who arent, so, I suggest equal treatment to both.
27. Alissa, Tel Aviv
Jonathan Levi ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.09.06)
So basicly because G-d got pissed with the egyptians your calling Israel racist? That makes a load of logical sense (sarcasim). If I remeber correctly the egyptians enslaved us, killed our first borns, and did a whole lot of other friendly things. So if I expressed hatred against Nazis and expressed a desire to kill nazis I should then be considered racist for calling for the death of those who would do worse to me? Alissa I've got news for you if they're treated like second class citizens only attempt to imagine what we were treated like when living in their countries, 24th class citizens (This is coming from a Jew whose families roots are in Tunisia. Thats an arab country if you didin't know.) I'm not going to dispute the fact that there is racism at times. But believe it or not most of us are not racist. If you don't believe that most of us aren't racist then explain to me how in my family alone (a mizrahi one) there are half ashkenazi half mizrahi cousins family members (if your a little dim witted what the statement is basicly saying is that members in my family have married ashkenazi). Must be all that racism huh Alissa? If your whining about racism against other religions then please enlighten me to the last blood libel we leveled at the christians or muslims. Please enlighten me to the last time we burnt a mosque or church. Please enlighten me to the last time we carried out mass progroms against the christians or muslims. Please enlighten me to the last time we banned muslims and christians from government. When and if you can ever answer these inquiries then I'll consider your uneducated, unfounded, and emotional banter. Oh and by the way how many Jews are in Mecca or Meh-Dee-Nah (shhhh don't let the muslims catch on for it may be a blow to their pride...............) or the vatican city for that matter? Alissa, Nal'Deenak.
28. Jews: not allowed to live in Egypt, Jordan and PA
I am a Jew "racist"   (05.09.06)
... but we are called "racists". It is high time we declare: Israel without Arabs. There will be no peace as long as they live here. I wish it was not so, but we must face the truth.
29. racism in israel
pedro ,   germany   (05.09.06)
yes israel is the most popular racist state on the earth. unfortunatily this racism is not just originated from the zionist regime their, but also from people...because they are very much manipulated by their srong media. i wish that peace would come on one to palestine. peace between arabs and jews. thanks
30. Yet it's the ONLY State
Arie   (05.09.06)
where arabs and muslims have ANY rights. How is that in a "racist" State?
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