Arab MK: Israel world's most racist state
Ilan Marciano
Published: 09.05.06, 11:32
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31. #5, you are right.
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (05.09.06)
#7 You are fool, Do you realy expect Arabs to love the one state which destruct there beings, killed DirYaseen people, kicked there relatives from Haifa, .... Yhe best you can hope for is for the next generation not to hate you, forget about loving you. #24: That is what you think. The fact is that PLO accepted Israel, and yet Israel is not admitting our right to exist, Return, or self determination. Israel represents the ugliest military occupation ever. It is completely against democracy, civilization, and completely racist state. and to those who are trying to write back, never ever forget that those Arabs you are talking about are the same ones gave you grands refuge when europe killed you. THEY ARE THE NATIVES.
32. get the 5th column arabs out of israel now
33. racism? apartheid walls?
KAPARA   (05.09.06)
Does anyone know how many jews were allowed to immigrate last year to syria/lebanon/yemen/saudi arabia/iraq/lybia/egypt/jordan, etc. ? How about how many christians? Are they sure they want to talk about racism and apartheid?
34. Israeli Arabs.....
Connie ,   USA   (05.09.06)
those who refuse loyalty to the state of Israel,reminds me somewhat of what is going on in the U.S. with mexican immigration. My own personal opinion is if you want to be a citizen,learn english and sing the national anthem in english. Same thing for those who want to be citizens of Israel.Learn their language,fly their flag,etc. This is not speaking of every arab citizen but I guess the thought that is in back of their minds is when push comes to shove, whos side are they going to be on.
35. #31 A little historical piece
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's stables   (05.09.06)
During the capture of Haifa, the Jewish consul in Haifa BEGGED the Arabs to stay, tried to persuade them in every way, while the Arab leadership ordered the Arabs to withdraw to ako by sea, most of the Arabs withdrew to ako, another ran away to Lebanon and to the Arab villages of the Galil, the 10,000 Arabs who stayed in Haifa suffered no attacks, no murders, no harrassment, and nothing, since then they live in peace in Israel for 58 years. The only Arabs awating to greet my grandparents as they came to Israel from Marroco were Fauzi al Kaukji and Haj Amin al Husseini, they had a special fireworks display just for them... That is the historical truth and you cannot turn it in any way.
36. #35 you are so ignorant, Dir Yaseen
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (05.09.06)
masicare from Hagana archive, not arab lies!!! Haifa, people been taken to the port by Israeli Hagana then shipped to Gaza, Lebanon, etc... It is a clear history. You are denying yesterday mesicar, and want the whole world to believe your Holocust? Double standards.
37. #21
gm ,   south africa   (05.09.06)
did you ever stop to think that maybe if they were given total rights that Jews would even be safe in their own country?? These "second class" citizens get all medical services, education, freedom of speech etc. They don't even get that from their own people, so they can go suck eggs if they are complaining.
38. atmawi
gm ,   south africa   (05.09.06)
careful what you call historic palestine. do you want to live under the rule of the british or the romans???
39. All they have to do is give up terror
elianna ,   la   (05.09.06)
Whose health are they interested in when they support terro? Certainly not Israeli citizens.
40. Racism
Marlene ,   USA   (05.09.06)
Quite naturally when your children get killed, when rockets keep on flying, when the Arabs try to eliminate Israel, when the Arab children get tought to hate Israelis. Why don't the Arabs leave Israel and move on the other side? I feel that the Arabs must change their ways to be accepted. They sponge from the whole world instead doing something about their misery. Work is honorable, hate is despicable. Hate never will succeed. Since their religion teaches to kill the Jews and Christians, they are blind to the truth with their everlasting hatred. I pray G-d opens their eyes for the truth. That would be a shocker to them. Marlene
41. What is the big deal here?
Isac ,   Florida   (05.09.06)
with Arabs leaving a Jewish State. Jews had to leave forcefully Arab countries in the 40's, 50's and 60's. I absolutely do not have a problem with the fact, Arabs living in Arab States and Jews living in a Jewish State. It sounds right to me and should even sound right to Arabs, since they are always the first ones to call Jews evil names, insult them and even kill them because they are Jews.
42. Mr. Atmawi
You are a moron.
43. Israelis most racists
David ,   canada   (05.09.06)
Most nations are racists against Israel and Jews, it is only natural for the latters to reciprocate. However, I doubt jews are the most racists. As an open society, they are always praying for peace.
44. Torah Teaches Orthodox Jews To Welcome Arabs in Israel
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.09.06)
Like everyone else... when you abandon your false prophet, whether J-e-s-u-s or Mohammed (at least he isn't a claimed man-god idol) and convert to live according to Torah. There's no way to construe that as racist. Paqid 16, The Netzarim Israeli Orthodox Jew
45. who can blame Israel
Charlotte ,   Vienna   (05.09.06)
when it is a fact that not a few suicide bombings were supported and logistically helped by ISraeli Arabs?In Haifa where coexistence was healthy ISraeli Arabs participated in suicide bombings.Can you blame them all?OF course not but I think it is very hypocritical to condem this reaction.We would react the same way.
46. I understand
Ann   (05.09.06)
I can only imagine the rage I would feel if I was an Israeli who lost a loved one or my family in a suicide bombing or a terror attack and I listened to these Arab Israeli politicains or Arab Israeli civilians constantly attacking my country and not only supporting but also praising the very people who murdered my loved ones. How can anyone expect Israelis to have any feelings of benvolence or empathy towards the very people who live amongst them and enjoy all the freedom and advantages of living in an open democracy,and yet still support the enemies of their country who openly say they want to destroy Israel and slaughter all the Jews? That Israelis allow this sort of treasonous behaviour to go on amongst the Arabs in their country is the nothing short of insanity to me..
47.  isralis are racist against arabs ,and are proud of it!
yosele ,   toronto   (05.09.06)
48. Arabs should indeed move to the 22 Arab states
Arabs kill Jews ,   Arabs terrorize   (05.09.06)
and leave the Jews alone in peace.
49. Arabs have themselves to blame. They elect the leaders
Roger ,   USA   (05.09.06)
who constantly advocate the destruction of Israel.
50. Who blows up the discos, restaurants, kindergartens?
Anne ,   USA   (05.09.06)
The Arab terrorists and there are many Arabs in Israel who support them.
51. How many would leave for $25K each?
andrew ,   miami   (05.09.06)
52. Can you blame us?
53. Racist Israel?
Hilda ,   USA   (05.09.06)
No problem. If Israel is that terrible awful racist country , then why don;t they emmigrate instead of moving to Western Jerusalem and trying their damnest to move into Israel proper from the "West Bank"? Truth is they have much more freedom and better economic future in Israel than in any Arab/Muslim country. It is a case of thepot calling the kettle black. All of the Arab countries are either Juden or near Judenfrei. and that's what they are hoping to have in present day Israel. How many Jews are allowed to live in Jordan, PA, Saudi Arabia,, Syria? And who wants to live in Iran? Only place where Jews live in almost fair circumstances is Morocco. even in Egypt which has so called peace treaty with Israel Jews are not welcome and Jordan won't even allow Jewish businessmen.
54. why is he surprised?
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (05.09.06)
why would anyone be surprised that israelis want arabs out? just look at how they're acting! who the hell wants to live next door to a terrorist? besides, i'm sure the results would be the exact same in every country where there is an arab immigrant minority, they're not liked anywhere. and there is a reason for that.
55. Instead of sharing the land with the Arabs
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (05.09.06)
u established a homogenous state for jews only, isn't that racism?
56. No way
yakov shani ,   afula   (05.09.06)
I would live in a racisat country, if I were you I would MOVE OUT FAST.
57. Israel 20% Arab, Jordan Palestine 0% Jewish, who is racist?
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (05.09.06)
Its very clear that the Racist Arabs are using reverse thinking. Their hypocracy is the highest form of flattery. Afterall, since they ethnically cleansed the land of Jews, they cant be racist. However, in Israel, there are religious and secular people, dark and light skin, Jewish, Christian, Muslim. It is a melting pot in a Jewish Democratic State. It is something every Jew and non-Jew should be very proud of. While it isnt perfect, in 60 years since Israel was re-created it has been a light unto all nations. Progress still needs to be made, but that is true in all society. Todays Israel is something to be very proud of and that is why some people attack it so much, because they cant stand Israel's success.
58. wanting arabs to leave Israel is a bad thing?
Betsy   (05.09.06)
Israel offered a partnership but palestinians wanted to drive Israelis into the sea. what is this guy talking about? it's amazing. somewhere in prophesy, the book of Daniel I believe, it says that truth will be thrown to the ground. I should not be amazed.
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (05.09.06)
This statement about getting rid of Arabs reminds me of a statment from a government minister in 1940s Poland. As I recall, it was either the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister, possibly Beck. He said flatly and publicly that Poland had "too many Jews," and that it wanted to get rid of some -- I think he either said 1 million or 10%. So the idea of getting rid of an unpopular minority is not new, nor has it been confined to Nazis. What's remarkable about the Polish story is that a government official made the statement.
60. 62% want transfer of arabs...
Jason Asman ,   Boston   (05.09.06)
the other 38% are complete morons/idiots !!!!!!!1
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