Sexy ads? Not in Israel
Orna Yefet
Published: 09.05.06, 14:40
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1. This is most defenetly PORN, Get IT OFFF!!!
2. Complete Nonsense
Stella ,   Hendon, London   (05.09.06)
This is complete and utter nonsene! Israeli ads use nothing but sex and innuendo to sell. Look at the ads by Fox and TNT - which are very often banned by the Second Authority. Or the "Mama Off" ads: big breasted women selling chicken breasts. Israeli ads are some of the less imaginative and crass I've ever seen.
3. you are more complecated than the arab countries
4. ill second number 2.
tali   (05.09.06)
moreover, sometimes they use 13-16 years old girls to do those sexy commercials.
5. Porn Is Good
Steve ,   London   (05.09.06)
There is nothing wrong with porn. Personally i like it. there are some thing i find a bit nasty but most of it is great.
6. #1 and 5
Jonathan Levi ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.10.06)
#1 the article is not porn and if we were to apply your mentality to every day life then I'd get busted for public displays of pornography because I hold my girlfriends hand when we walk outside. #5 theres also nothing wrong with writing like a moron so I guess then you shouldn't stop posting. Then again if there is something wrong with posting like a moron you should stop posting.
7. What the hell are we talking about
Danny ,   Tel Aviv   (05.10.06)
Since when is a woman in her underwear PORN? We see woman in bading suits all the time. We just have to be descrete where we place these ads. For instance not in Bnei Berak thats it. All this Bullshit is wearing me down!
8. To #2 stella
ISRAELI ,   LONDON   (05.10.06)
I'm in London for two years and have another 6 months more left to live in the galut. I miss the Israeli ads. The Mama of and fox ads are excellent I love them. The British ads are crap. It's a case of 'More sex please we're Israelis'. If you don't like it go and live in Iran!
9. How is sexy worse than...
Sharon ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.10.06)
...the jeans ad with the guy tied up and being tortured with a whip? Somehow that's OK...
10. a question of definition
F ,   Jerusalem   (05.11.06)
I think the debate boils down to how you define 'sex' in advertising. It doesn't take full nudity or actual sexual behavior to be provoking and objectionable for family viewing. The few times I've made the mistake of watching Israeli TV, I've been totally embarrassed by the commercials, which are very often sexually suggestive. It seems to me that the popular claims (that Israeli advertisers use sex to sell their products) is correct; the study was looking for the wrong things. They should have measured viewer satisfaction / embarrassment - that might have substantiated the claims.
11. ARE YOU KIDDING !!?!?!!?
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (05.14.06)
Israeli adds are the absolute worst as far as sexual content and innuendo. And they use underage girls ALL the time. I recently came across a "Fox" fashion catalog. In every picture of Yael BarZoar she looks as if she is on the verge of an orgasm.... ridiculous. Remind me not to send my kids to Jezreel Valley College.
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