Report: Israel responsible for PA collapse
Ali Waked
Published: 09.05.06, 15:24
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1. Didactical logic
yakov shani ,   afula   (05.09.06)
The Jews control the world ergo the Jews are to blame. It seems we cannot escape our accursed destiny to be the "root of all evil". How about trying for once another tune like "we are responsible for our actions" or "our fate is in our hands". Actually I know why these reasons are invalid for the Arabs. They are simply not included in that great literary work called the Koran.
2. R u happy and rejoicing Israelis
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (05.09.06)
3. Israel must give good Medical Service so that Bombershealthy
Alan ,   SA   (05.09.06)
4. Hamas de facto ultimatum:
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.09.06)
Allow us to blow Israeli civilians our population will suffer. I do hope that a way will be found to aid to reach those in need without refinancing the Palestinian mass murder machine. There must never be an equation that more aid to Palestinians = more Israelis slaughtered in their streets. But Physicians for Human Rights organization push for that very realty.
5. What about...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.09.06)
the weapons that were caught on their way to Gaza from Egypt??? Where does the money to buy these things come from? Palestinians need to understand that their leaders, whether Hamas, Arafat, or whoever, will use money to arm the resistance instead of feed their children...sad, but true!!!
6. Hamas; Terrorism first, healthcare second.
DR ,   Gwent, UK   (05.09.06)
Sadly it is the way that the Palestinian electorate chose, placing the policies of Hamas above the needs of their own civilian population. If the Hamas leadership chose to renounce terrorism and merely recognise the right of Israel to exist, the funds would continue to flow and such scenes would not arise, if of course the money/aid was actually allowed to reach those in need. Instead terrorism is the priority of the Palestinian leadership and the healthcare of innocent Palestinians civilians is not. When Israel was responsible for the territories the Palestinians actually enjoyed a higher standard of living than most other groups in the Arab world. Indeed, by any gauge of economic and social welfare, the status of Palestinian-Arabs improved far more rapidly and dramatically under Israeli governance in the two and a half decades preceding the Oslo Accords than did ANY portion of the entire Arab world during the same period. When one considers that more money and aid has been spent & supplied on the Palestinians, per capita, than any other ethnic group in the world some serious questions need to be asked. Since the Palestinians have been trusted with their own affairs these standards have dropped drastically with many millions of dollars being directed into the pockets of corrupt officials or for the purchase of weaponry to kill Israelis instead of reaching those in need. If the funds were provided now they could quite possibly again be diverted to fulfill the Hamas Charter in the same way as the removal of the security barrier would facilitate the influx of yet more Palestinian suicide bombers. If terrorism ceased the security barrier could indeed be removed and the healthcare of the Palestinians mentioned in this article would no longer be a concern. Sadly such suffering is indeed wilfully used as a very powerful weapon in the Hamas agenda, with so many being prepared queue up and justify Hamas for wishing to kill Jews, while simultaneously condemning Israel for taking the measures necessary to protect it's own people.
7. Israel is not to be blamed,at all !
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.09.06)
Pals are autonomous,what means they should be able to build their own means. But they are incompetent and prefer to blame Israel instead of improve themselves. Or, why don't they emmigrate to Sinai?Borders are open!They could build a good life out there.Why they don't go? It is just because there they would keep being miserables due to their incompetence, and would't have nobody to blame and nobody to suck money from. They,actually,are a big bundle and that's why no one of their arabs brothers want them. But let's set it very clear:THEY ARE NOT AN ISRAEL PROBLEM,THEY ARE THEMSELVES PROBLEM, OR THEIR FELLOW COUNTRIES PROBLEM.NOT ISRAEL! If Israel restart giving them even one cent,I would say they are doing a big mistake! Let this pals became adults once and for all! Israel is not their mother nor can be their scapegoat.
8. Fault lies 100% in Palestinians. You reap what you sow.
David Landman ,   Boston, USA   (05.09.06)
Gee, you bomb the border, you prefer to spend money on explosives and murder Jews than food and medicine. You destroy the hot houses. Its your fault you are in this position. Stop complaining to Israel and start taking responsibility for your own brought on problems. Step 1, use money on medicine instead of bombs. Step 2, demand Hamas end its racist genocidal charter. Step 3, stop bombing Israel. Step 4, stop teacing racism and incitement. You get the picture?
9. #2 R u ?
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.09.06)
Muhammad in Montreal: R u one of the MANY terrorist cell hiding in Montreal? Tell your f------g brothers in the f------g Middle East to stop their f------g suicide bombing and kill innocents. Then we will see about humanitarian aid.
10. Jews Fault For Abject Failure of Entire Muslim World
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (05.09.06)
11. My giveadamn's busted
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (05.09.06)
I really wanna care I wanna feel something Let me dig a little deeper No...nothing! My giveadamn's busted.
12. ynet news..
Connie ,   USA   (05.09.06)
Your picture does not match the topic of your story. You should have a picture of a sickly child in a hospital instead of a woman and child looking like they are coming out from a roof collaspe.
13. # 2 No
yakov shani ,   afula   (05.09.06)
I am very sad for you and your people but I have said this before and I will say it again. The only way to bring you to your senses is to bring you to your knees. I would not worry too much though, you see at the last minute somebody will step in and save the situation, that somebody will be the only one you can rely on in this world, the one you hate, Israel, you see after all we are HUMAN, unlike you, who if the situation were reversed you would watch us die and clap your hands and dance with joy and in the best of your traditions , hand out sweets in the street.
14. Do over elects and vote in...
An Israeli   (05.09.06)
someone without blood on their hands. ANYONE WHO BLAMES ISRAEL IS A MORON!!!!! You arabs voted for Hamas...ENJOY!!! Muhammad-ali....I am rejoicing. I hope anyone who doesn't recognize Israel to take a walk until they cross over a border.
15. Muhammad how did you know?
Jeremiah ,   Israel   (05.09.06)
16. Um...I didn't catch the part why Israel is responsible....
Shai ,   Israel   (05.09.06)
17. Wait till the Federation hears this. Not THAt Federation
Yoel Ariel ,   out and about   (05.09.06)
I agree! Absolutely correct Sirs. Those Zionist occupiers have some nerve. They were supposed to provide the so called Palestinians with money, water, food, electric, arms, ammo and of course, some Damn fine targets. The entire failure of the PA's infrastructure is all the fault of Israel, as is the failure of saalmon fishing and dearth of Moose. How can the Palestinaians be expected to be a success if Israel keeps causing things not to go the way they should go. A Zionist Occupation plot I tell you. with the aid and conivance of the Americans and the Venusians; to say nothing of the Bajorians. Why the entire Gamma Quadrant may be helping the Jews. Did you see the way the Farengi look? Umm hmm. You know who THEY resemble.
18. Nothing to do with the kleptocratic dealth-cult government?
Shuki   (05.09.06)
Democratically-elected, I might add! The Palestinians have received the highest per-capita inflow of aid of anyone in the world. What did they do with this money? Sow more hatred, death and destruction and then institutionalized it in a democratic election. Eventually one reaps what they sow. I pity the unfortunate souls who are caught up in this.
stephane ,   france   (05.09.06)
israel is responsible of nothing in the lives of the so-called "palestinians".if there was no terror;they wouldn't have aid cuts,curfews,and self-defense israeli operations.the arabs are the ONLY responsible of their problems.and stupid like they are,it will remain like that for decades.
20. Morticians for Human Rights ?
Jack Aizner ,   New York   (05.09.06)
Why won't the Physicians for Human rights safeguard the health of the homicide bomer's victims -- they can't , because they have no health, they are dead.
21. To #12
Arie   (05.09.06)
Seems YNet (Yediot) is trying their best to become the BBC/Pravda of Israel with one-sided reporting and oft times errant articles attempting to blame the Jews for all the faults of the terrorist arabs
22. Let's review
Arie   (05.09.06)
The palis spend all their available funds importing armaments and purchasing virgins; they scream poverty since there are no further funds available;the bulk of funds 'donated' to the palis have gone into numbered swis bank accounts controlled by arafat, abbas, hamass, and the other evil doers; the palis demand the eradication of Israel yet complain Israeli hospitals are now inaccessible dueto security concerns and an establishment of a real border;the palis use ambulances to transport terrorists and bombs rather than the sick;palis DEMAND Israel die and DEMAND Israel take care of their sick; the palis can't afford to buy medical screening equipment but nver fail to have enough funds to equip their homicide bombers;they can't afford to finance heart surgeries yet don't have a problem financing the palatial arafat mansion in Paris;they can afford boatloads of qassam rockets, yet can't afford to keep dialysis machines functional. OK!!!!!!!!!!! I get it now! DAMN THOSE ISRAELIS!
23. better idea...
Drew ,   AZ, USA   (05.09.06)
Just dismantle Israel, and kick all the Jews out. Then all of the worlds problems would be solved. What a crap coverup this is of the Arab world's (and PA) rejection of the Palestinian people's right to live a life in dignity WITH ISRAEL. Too many excuses not to succeed, all blamed on the Jews, in order to justify the destruction of Israel.
24. That's Funny
The White Shadow   (05.09.06)
You so-called "Palestinians" made such a loud noise and powerful stink about having your own nation. Now that you have it, you can't even stand on your own. You have no one to blame but yourselves. Either fix the problem and become responsible members of the international community, or die in pestilence from the decisions you make.
25. Mohamad donate your welfare cheque to Palestine
26. Why are they even there?
Michael ,   Austin, TX   (05.09.06)
Why don't these doctors without borders go where they are TRULY needed? Sudan perhaps? Oh that's right....there are no JOOOOS there, so nobody gives a crap.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.09.06)
Jew-haters demand the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria because Jews are not Muslim. This CRUEL and FRIGHTENING IDEOLOGY that punishes people for not being Muslim must stop! Jews are not safe in Muslim areas anywhere. Physicians for Human Rights organization make no attempt to stop Islamist continual hate incitement and non-stop terror attacks against infidel Jews - victims of global jihad. Arab Muslim children and adults train in terrorist training camps. Ambulances transport terrorists, weapons, and bombs. Stabbings, shootings, fire-bombings, stonings, drive-by shootings, bombs planted, grenade attacks, rocket and mortar attacks, lynchings, human bomb murder attacks. PA society supported by American and European tax dollars, are united in conquering all Israel for Islam. The ultimate goal is Islamic world rule. The raison d'etre of the genocidal PA society is the mass murder of Jewish innocents. Palestinian Authority society are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains paradise:
28. Read the articles below
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (05.09.06)
'Hamas wants katyushas' 'Gaza arms shipment intercepted' It's the Palestinians' fault they choose to waste their money on war rather than spend it on their health.
29. Enough!
Michael   (05.09.06)
Nobody forced the palestiniansinto war. They chosed terrorism over responsibility. They choosed terrorism over making a better life for themselves. They made their choice and with choices come consequences. Israel has been blamed for every possible problem under the sun. The only thing that Israel hasn't been blamed for is the solar eclipse. Enough. Stop investing your money in qassams and buy bread. Start producing good will and act responsibility. So people will be encouraged to help. Enough , start acting like a people and not like habitual complainers. There are plenty of israelis with hardships too.
30. Arie # 21
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.09.06)
Sometimes I complain too,but lets recognize it is difficult to find a place where you can speak almost all you want ,and desagree as much as you want,as here. I would say that it is almost impossible to find another place you can express yourself as openly,honestly.
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