Report: Israel responsible for PA collapse
Ali Waked
Published: 09.05.06, 15:24
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61. yeah, same old ...
we are always responsible for everything, even when we have nothing to do with it. ironic isn't it ...
62. Answer to 49/ Gabrielle Coldwater
Moussa.Suwwan ,   Paris/France   (05.10.06)
I just want to answer Gabrielle Cold water, yes I pay taxes in France and my family pays taxes in Israel, my education does not permet me to insult you, as you did for me... Laïa tove
63. Answer to 57/Mohammad
Moussa.Suwwan ,   Paris/France   (05.10.06)
I wonder if your real name is Mohammad, as a matter of fact i don't care a damn. first my job is to save lives not to torche cars. second iam not living off the French third who told you iam a believer forth i need no lessons neither from you nor from anyother on what have i to do. Do you know how many israeli, arab and others lives i saved Mister Mohammad? shalom
64. Palestinian Health Care Crisis
Arnold ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.10.06)
The crisis in health care in the Palestinian area can be easily and immediatly resolved -- as well as their monetary crisis: It is in Hamas' hands -- all they need to do is comply with the three demands of the international community and help will be on its way.
65. To Moussa Suwwan
NYC Girl   (05.10.06)
Since you were intelligent enough to get through medical school, you surely must be intelligent enough to recognize that the suffering of the Palestinians is a direct result of the corruption and venality of its leaders. Billions of dollars have been poured down the rat hole known as the Palestinian Authority, yet all the people have to show for it is the widow of one of the Middle East's worst terrorists living the high life in Paris.
66. Blaming Israel for Palestinian Heath Conditions
CS Goldstein ,   USA   (05.10.06)
First, Hamas does not recognize the agreements of the Oslo Accords. Secondly, the people voted in Hamas.It is Hamas' responsibility to provide an economy, a healthcare system, education, infrastructure, etc..IT IS NOT THE WORLD"S responsibility.It is NOT the taxpayes; of Israel, the US, or Russia, or the EU. It is a ridiculously ignorant premise for supposedly intelligent doctors to assume it is anyone other than the Palestinians.They have a plethora of charities , agriculture, weapons, etc. Where are the billions given to the Palestinian leaders since 1993?Let the Palestinians demand their leaders release the money.They know everything.So let them set up hospitals and clinics and offices.Israel has trained their doctors and nurses for almost 60 years. They have thousands of doctors living and practicing all over the world.They can return and establish what is necessary with their money and knowledge. That's how Israel and the Jewish People did it. Three, if the people need medical supplies and doctors, then, Hamas should stop buying weapons for killing and perpetuating violence, and buy what the people need. Fourth, no one owes a thing to the Palestinians.They refuse to recognize Israel, and daily try to murder and terrorize the Israelis, the Christians in their territories, and anyone else they deem infidels. Fifth, shame on the Physicians for Human Rights.They should be advocating for the Palestinians whom are oppressed by their own leaders. If there is an humanitarian crisis, it is caused by the Palestinians ,themselves, for all of the above reasons.If they wanted to belong to the civilized world, they know the conditions. If they want to act like barbarians, there is no reason for Israel - or any other civilized country- to insure their health so they can continue to raise children and train them to be suicide bombers and destroy the Jews and Christians. This stance completely discredits the socalled Human Rights organization.It is supporting the terrorists, and insisting Israelis and the world pay for their own killers. They sound crazed, thus, why should they have standing and print space? The Palestinians have created this socalled crisis in toto, which is claimed, butfor which there is no evidence. It is not the Israelis fault.To the contrary, Israel has provided the finest healthcare in the world for them in the past. They reject it the care, as they reject Israel's right to exist. They have to accept the consequences of wanting to annihilate the Jews and Christians. Their intended victims ,certainly, don't have to assist them.
67. # 40 get the hell off of Native American lands!
Drew   (05.10.06)
68. Moussa Suwwan
Nasser Ghomi ,   USA   (05.10.06)
Dear Moussa I was born, and educated in Iran ( thought educated, but really brain washed) till I came to USA. Listen to be enlighted and look at the middle east with better undrestanding, go to and read for yourself, I promise you go thru same process that I went,
69. hamas rather die then give up his words
jason ,   usa   (05.10.06)
so dose the the whole nation for having hamas in the big seat hamas cares more about the princples then saving his own people what dose that have to do with israel? hamas failed to have fair peace talks hamas failed to have a good rep. to the west now hamas is blaming israel for the boycott even when hamas failed to recorized and give up terroism and then israel mostly negatiate.
70. Arab Public Voted For This. It's War, Stupid.
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.10.06)
Objective in sight. Don't waver now. Paqid 16, The Netzarim Israeli Orthodox Jew
71. how clever Satan
john ,   vancouver   (05.10.06)
Well, a quick scan of these comments seems to show a pattern of the defenders of Israel as vilely insulting, ahistorical, and illogical while those on the Palestinian side seem to be civil, factual and rational. See how clever Satan is at hiding his face.
72. Moussa
Kerry L. Winn ,   Las Vegas USA   (05.10.06)
The shame is you and belongs with your people. Arabs started the violence long before the Israelis state was created. Israel did supply medical aid to Arabs, do they receive any aid from Arabs? You, similar to many Arabs, want to erradicate Israel. How about you read the Qur'an and how it states to lead the land of Jews to the Jews. You do not know the history of the conflict, only Arab probaganda. The SHAME AND HUMILATION ARE OF ARABS DOING, NOT THE JEWS. hypocrit
73. To 58 - an answer
Shai ,   Israel   (05.10.06)
Read the Oslo Accord - Israel has the right to withhold tax revenues in instances such as has occurred. The provision was a failsafe to ensure that there would be a disincentive for the Palestinians to back out of the Oslo Accord. I guess that's just another provision that Hamas doesn't recognize! What's crazy is that it doesn't matter what the Palestinians do, the world community won't let them fail or fall. The best thing for the peace process is to allow the civil war that everyone seems to want to prevent. The assistance would be best offered to those who want to uphold a peaceful compromise with Israel, not to provide salaries to the protection racket. I suppose that's what htey think they are doing by passing the money through Abbas, but I'm skeptical.
74. Arabs Demand Independence. Impose it on them!!!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.10.06)
Being sucking parasites on Israel while killing their host has to stop. Israel suckling her killers has to stop. The only occupation is an Arab occupation of the historical Holy Land of Israel and Judah. Arabs must take responsibility for their own actions, and live with the consequences of their own choices. Israel isn't responsible for Arab choices. To blame Israel for Arabs' choices at their own polls is brazen misojudaism. Complete separation must be imposed. No working in Israel to slip in and blow us up. No charity from Israel until Arabs irrevocably choose peace with Israel. No splitting Israel in two so that the 23rd terrorist Arab country isn't split. Paqid 16, The Netzarim Israeli Orthodox Jew
75. END the occupation, and we need
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (05.10.06)
no help what soever. we the palestinians build, and helped building others states, we can build our own with a given circumstances. All what we are asking for is get off our backs da897 it, wi will survive. and if we dont, then it will not be your responsibility, and nothing to do with you. Even if we have a medicine available in WB, we can not send it to Gaza, Hello????
76. Physicians Report
Ephraim ,   Cedarhurst, NY USA   (05.10.06)
It is simply mindboggling that these organizations condem Israel for "violations"under the Oslo Accords but stay mute on the repeated violations by the PA and its henchmen. Instead of killing innocent civilians and festering long standing curruption among its leaders why not build up a social infrastructure and enter the community of "civilized" nations.
77. To atmawi #75
You are Kidding, Rig ,   Las Vegas, USA   (05.10.06)
You wrote: "Even if we have a medicine available in WB, we can not send it to Gaza, " Well, you sure as hell can manage to get rockets and weapons in to Gaza. Look to the corruption in the so-called leaders in your country.
78. And how many of those arabs ...
To Moussa ,   Paris, France   (05.10.06)
... have gone right out and blown themselves up killing innocents. Sir, if you support these animals you are no better than the least of them. Shame on you. You sit on the sidelines complaining about how your poor people are being oppressed yet you will not use your medical skill to help them. You would rather support the creatons that spend $25,000 for every homicide bomber to blow him/herself up. How much medical supplies and food could that same $25,000 have brought to the Palestinian people. No, you would rather support the swine that want to live in the stone age. You are known by the causes you support.
79. answer to78
Moussa Suwwan ,   Paris/France   (05.11.06)
Hi, you are beside the point, and may be you were drunk when you wrote your answer. First : I am against all types of violence, and i wrote many times that Hamas must choose pragmatisme, recognise the documents which have been signed by the PA. If they are unable to do so they have to leave the office, call for new elections etc second : who told you that I don't help those who need help in medical fields Third: you are blind by your hatred and prejudices, that is why you see evil every where. The World is full of positive things, I am almost certain that one day, not very far, there will be PEACE among Palestinians and Israelis. Do'nt losse hope Sir..boker tove
80. atmawi 75#
chanah ,   hvidovre denmark   (12.18.06)
Shalom matmawi just what other states are you talking about? as fare as I know you can't even build a state of your own let alone some one elses so give us a break and get a life
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