Olmert to ask US act against Iran
Ronny Sofer
Published: 10.05.06, 17:15
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1. If only...
Eytan ,   Surfside, USA   (05.10.06)
Olmert could stay here in the US and join Clinton on all his harmless projects... Aren't his kids already here?
andrew ,   miami,fl   (05.10.06)
3. The child asking the father for help...
Hamid ,   New york, NY   (05.11.06)
4. olmert should use the kiss principle in u.s.
debra ,   usa   (05.11.06)
kiss--keep it simple, stupid. it's a principle used in the accounting field. it means that bush has too much on his plate as it is. olmert should ask for only the two main things israel needs from america. 1. that bush must bomb iran. 2. that bush must bomb iran immediately. everthing else can wait and be discussed between lower level u.s. government officials and israelis officials. olmert should get a promise bush will bomb iran and get a definite date from bush when it will be done. same goes for olmert's speech to congress--kiss.
5. while you are ther......
JEFF ,   PLAINFIELD, N.J.   (05.11.06)
Help all of the illegal occupiers, that I assume you would prefer to call neighborly settlements move into territories that legally were deemed to Israel. You sure have your work cut out for you, better purchase your plane ticket today, Deb. Maybe while you are gone, someone will occupy your home and refuse to leave.
6. A future of PEACE?
Naeem ,   Manchester , UK   (05.11.06)
American soldiers die for an israeli cause. Americans AND israelis are hated the world over? And you think that will help stop the attacks we see? Wall are no use but good attitudes are a great help. Let's learn to live, instead of teaching how to kill!
7. To #6
Josh ,   Atlanta   (05.11.06)
The actions that are about to be taken will result in more hatred towards us and Israel. However, I would rather be feared, hated, and attacked conventionally than publicly praised, secretly hated, and attacked with nuclear weapons. So they hate us, so they're going to bomb us...big deal, tell me what's new? All I hear are these threats that if you do this or do that, the rest of the world won't like you. Well, I guess that's why we have our own countries, so we don't have to live by the rules and customs of the rest of the world. So go on, feel free to hate us and threaten us on the other side of the border, just don't be surprised when evil plans blow up in your face. If you threaten to kill people, don't be surprised when we kill back, if you threaten to bomb our cities, don't be surprised if your cities get bombed in retaliation. I never ask for international applause or kudos when my people pull the trigger, I just want to see the objective taken. It's sufficient for me concerning international affairs that the Lord will remember whose side I took in the end. I don't need the global community to justify it. It's not enough to survive the war, we're all going to die anyway, and then comes the judgement. Always remember that.
8. Bush To Olmert: "QUACK!"
Earl ,   Fresno, USA   (05.11.06)
Olmert needs to be aware that any threat to attack Iran will hurt lame duck Bush domestically--and he's rapidly becoming the most unpopular President in history--as it will be seen as the same shuck-and-jive that preceeded our "glorious enterprise" in Iraq. Any such promise made by Bush should be regarded by Olmert as a post-dated check drawn on a failing bank. Also, Olmert should be aware that he won't be Bush's Svengali in the way that "war hero" Sharon was. Bush will regard him as an equal, if not an inferior, due to seniority in office. Olmert shouldn't pretend to be Moses coming to Washington with the Ten Commandments--he'll get a very frosty reception.
9. Tell them one thing
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.14.06)
Do not interfere with our planes as they attack iran. Here are the codes for the IFF and keep out of the way.
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