Ahmadinejad: Israel will vanish one day
Associated Press
Published: 11.05.06, 08:58
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1. Persia Will Be Destroyed And Hamon Will Be Hanged
2. When you drink too much Idiot Juice, this is what happens.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.11.06)
3. Indon-Iran pact?
John ,   NZ   (05.11.06)
If Iran is nuclear, Indon would have a share too, I suppose. And our good neighbour Oz would have every reason to fear. But then again Oz is also another America's good fren. Not us though. Soon we might have to go nuclear too. to hell with those greens
4. and iran ISN'T a regime based on evil?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.11.06)
stupid is as stupid does, so listen to stupid speak.
5. It would please me so much, IF YOUR HEAD WAS ON A SPIKE
6. the iranian monster
debra ,   usa   (05.11.06)
one day soon this monstrous person who parades around as the the iranian president will vanish from the earth. he will be cowering in his bunker, just like his role model hitler, and will take a cyanide capsule and shoot himself in the head when the america and israeli bombs start hitting their iranian targets.
7. History lesson for Mr A.
Yoni ,   Israel   (05.11.06)
Another Persian who had similar dreams and ambitions was hanged together with his sons. Meanwhile, the Jewish people that Haman so much wanted to annihilate is still alive and kicking, celebrating its survival and his execution every year.
8. Iran is good for the Jews. It brings the leftist nutty Jews
Roger ,   USA   (05.11.06)
to their harsh reality.
9. Never! The Arabs states, Iran, Europe
Jews can never let ,   the guard down   (05.11.06)
all vile entities that, hopefully, some day will get what they deserve.
10. Hitler II strikes again
Kristina ,   Australia   (05.11.06)
11. Indonesia-Iran
Daniel ,   Australia   (05.11.06)
#3 - I dont really see Indonesia as an immediate threat for Australia or NZ. I would be very reluctantant to classify them as an "ally", but calling them an enemy would be a little premature. It is not surprising that the indonesians are getting close with the Iranians. Being the most populous Islamic nation in the world, a large proportion of them would sympathise with the Palestinians and Iran. Clearly immediate actions need to be taken against Iran. Firstly sanctions. If this does not work (and it wont), then a military strike against their nuke sites is the only option. Iran is a threat to the whole world and must be stopped as soon as possible.
12. mike i am such a fan go team go!!!!!!!!!
ciara ,   australia   (05.11.06)
13. Israel will exist long after Iran is gone.
Daisy ,   USA   (05.11.06)
Iran is an evil regime Israel is protected by God.
14. The Iranian people
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.11.06)
The Iranians are a wonderful people. They have a very long and proud history. The problem in Iran is not the normal person in the street. The problem is the fanatical Islamic regime. The free countries of the world will have to remove this evil regime from power. My prayer for the Iranian people is that they will rise up and overthrow this regime. May Iran obtain freedom and peace and may they practice human rights for all people. May the hate disappear and may all the peoples of the world learn that we are all created in the image of G-d. May we all learn to live by the most universal principals of the Torah: “You shall not hate your brother in your heart” (Leviticus 19:17) and "You shall love your fellow man as thyself." (Leviticus 19:18).
15. if Israel were to disappear
John ,   NZ   (05.11.06)
so are the Palestinians too. Nuke missile can't tell the diff. between a Jew or Palis. And aHMAD THE nUT would justify that it's OK in Islam to sacrifice one race for another. So, I don't u/stand why the Palis are so happy about to have a fren in Iran. Oh, yea, they are so stupid that they can't see the irony coming!
16. QUIZ
Daniel ,   Sweden   (05.11.06)
Try to find the right answer: Iran will be remembered as: 1. The country of Peace and Tranquility. 2. The premiere non-terrorist travel destination. 3. The country following the footsteps of Afghanistan and Iraq. The correct sequence is: 1. Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Ahmadinejad 2. Richard Simmons, Gene Simmons, Ahmadinejad 3. Stalin, Hitler, Ahmadinejad The text on the Iranian flag reads: 1. Make love not war. 2. Kilroy was here. 3. Allah akhbar 22 times. Ahmadinejad fell for his wife: 1. When she performed with the Iranian bikini team. 2. Because of her intellect and strong advocacy for women's rights. 3. When she wore her hot burka. The letter Bush got from Ahmadinejad: 1. Is full of cartoons. 2. Promises Bush 72 virgins if he comes for a visit. 3. Is just another way to buy more time so that they can build The Bomb. Iran needs nuclear power because: 1. As a member of Greenpeace, Ahmadinejad is very concerned about the implication oil has on the environment. 2. They are building a city that's going to make Las Vegas look like it belongs in the dark ages. 3. World domination. Ahmadinejad thinks Iran can win a war over Israel because: 1. They have many more qassams than Hamas. 2. They have many more caves than the Talibans. 3. Oh, does Israel have nukes? Oops, didn't know that. Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel of the map because: 1. Israel's territory is expanding beyond control and might eventually engulf Iran. 2. Israel was the homeland of the Arabs until they were expelled and had to relocate to the rest of the Middle East, half of Africa and Indonesia. 3. Anti-Semite. Most likely to receive the Nobel Peace Prize this year: 1. Ahmadinejad. 2. Ahmadinejad. 3. Ahmadinejad.
17. Ahmadinejad is right israeli gvt is pure evil and will not l
Switzerland   (05.11.06)
18. Yawn...The Canaanites Said That Too
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (05.11.06)
And the Philistines, the Moabites, the Midianites, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Romans, the Greeks, and on and on. They don't say that any more. Because THEY have vanished. But not us. Allah won't let that happen.
19. Nothing new
Reuven ,   Ramat Beit Shemesh   (05.11.06)
The Haggadah shel Pesach tells us what we know--in every generation, we will be faced with scum such as M.A., only to witness their downfall. The comparison to Haman (#1) is very accurate--day after day, Haman would spew lie after lie about Jews. Never was there a mouth of anti-Semitism comparable to Haman. Our modern-day Haman questions the events of the Shoah, and there are those still alive with the tattoos on their arms who get to hear this venom from a head-of-state. May the A-lmighty soon make an example of him, and Bin Ladin and al-Zarkawi as well.
20. Amalek will be wiped out!!
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (05.11.06)
21. I did not know Saddam's speechwriter defected to Iraq...
Ron ,   LA   (05.11.06)
He talked this type of language about a year prior to American marines founded him in the hole...
22. Israel will never have peace with Islam
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.11.06)
One will have to vanish and I have no doubt that Israel will be around forever. After more than five losses in five wars ,the cult of death has not yet faced the reality that they follow a loser god ,a fale god we Christians know as Satan. Eventually the Arabs will be freed from this lie and they will live in peace with the Jews without the false religion of hate and intolerance fueling their satanic jihad. That day approaches
23. lsraeL never be destroyed ...moron ldlot amedlnecat
24. Iran and the Islamist World Threat
Brod ,   Marshall, USA   (05.11.06)
Iran has threatened to annihilate Israel and planned to accomplish this threat with their nukes. Meanwhile, Iran is inflaming the Islamist world to support them. By not condemning Iran for trying to wage war with Israel, the Islamist world is colluding with Iran to inflict a Hitler Holocaust on Israel. Hence, Israel and the West must confront and eliminate this Holocaust threat before it is too late. The West and the Free World should confront and eliminate this Islamists-Jihadists threat worldwide.
25. And do u think u can wipe 70,000,000 ppl off the map?
Muammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (05.11.06)
26. #25 muhammad-ali
gm ,   south africa   (05.11.06)
what are you trying to get at?? Israel mustn't defend herself but Iran can attempt to wipe her off the map?? That's real peace talk. It's like saying we can do it but you can't
DAVID ,   SF,CA   (05.11.06)
28. # 22 Wrong
yakov shani ,   afula   (05.11.06)
the world will never have peace with Islam.
29. #19 QUIZ
gabi ,   israel, argentina   (05.11.06)
Daniel from Sweden, that was awesome, just mail it in a more popular forum also,so more of us will enjoy reading it ; ) gabi
30. #17 (switzerland)
gabi ,   israel   (05.11.06)
Cool, dont take polio vaccines and any of the miryads of benefits that Jews contributed to the world, by the way your "god" was sort of an Israeli product too. Boycot dear! gabi
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