Actor, musician Yossi Banai dies
Ynet reporters
Published: 11.05.06, 21:09
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1. one word only
yakov shani ,   afula   (05.12.06)
2. A Giant has passed..........
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (05.12.06)
On behalf of my family, I wish to send condolences to the Banai family. Yossi was a true pioneer in Israeli culture. He will be missed.
3. to the banai family
Marvin   (05.13.06)
yehi zikhro barukh min hashamayim tenu'hamu
4. Israel mourning for his lost child, Yossi Banai
Marcel, Abel ,   Thoiry, France   (05.13.06)
My deepest sympathy to his family and Israel. Farewell
5. To the artist's family
znaty sam ,   Copenhagen,Denmark   (05.13.06)
You have and will remain the greatest Israeli artist, Toda al kol ha shaot she natan lanu.
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