Iran weighing 'national uniform' for all
Roee Nahmias
Published: 15.05.06, 16:46
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1. So wht else is new?
Sivan ,   Tel-Aviv   (05.15.06)
2. future uniform
John ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.06)
It's ok, in a few years when we all have flying cars, every body will be wearing silver one-piece jumpsuits.
3.  uniform
yakov shani ,   Israel   (05.15.06)
remember China 1949 - 1989. 40 years of uniform, 40 years of regression.
4. I guess no gap stores in the banana republic.....
KAPARA   (05.15.06)
5. ha ha ha...
tim ,   here   (05.15.06)
so now american and israeli bombers will not know if they're targeting people or penguins...
6. The wet dream of our own religio-fascists
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.15.06)
Don't be smug my fellow Israelis if our fundamentalists ever get power this is how it will look like.
7. loss of identity
chaim ,   phoenix usa   (05.15.06)
A person having the ability to be identified by and through his choice of dress is an inherent show of his freedom, one of the three signs of slavery is the, loss of personal identity by being compelled to dress only in a government approved dress code which is the same formula as the slave/master relationship. Soldiers are required to wear a prescribed uniform, is different for many reasons, but a person serving in the military is doing so by choice or for only a proscribed period of time, and if not on duty is able to wear civilian clothing. The proposition of creating a specific dress code and all citizens are to be compelled by law to be uniformly dressed in that governmental approved garment, is indicative of their attempt to use their religious beliefs to enslave and compel their ideology on any and all persons having the misfortune to fall under their influence or control.
8. Why is your burka so short my Dear?
Yoel Ariel ,   mobile   (05.15.06)
EXCELLENT!! It now begins. As Olmert turns his back on ideology and the failures of winning, overt nutcase Ahmadinejad seeks to cause an already disaffected young population who dull his psychotic government by playing "western style students", into a roiling fermenting hostile population easily prodded into open rebellion. Good on the nutcase. Ahmadinejad, not Olmert in this particular case. maybe Israel can send some of the low rider uniforms the IDF ladies have been forbidden to wear to Qum, of Teheran. Navel piercing and tattoos, that's what I say.
9. Insane
Nancy ,   Crossville   (05.15.06)
one more reason this nitwit should not be in power.
10. #6 you are off the deep end, cukoo, relax, secular fascist
Tom ,   Ramat gan, israel   (05.15.06)
11. more nd more like nazi germany every day
Arie   (05.15.06)
12. Modesty?
Ed ,   Columbus, Ohio   (05.15.06)
I agree this is crazy. But for those who say that "if our fundamentalists take control this is what it will look like"#6, you need to educate yourself, dont be so ingorant and maybe ty and learn about the laws about modesty. Im not that religous but atleast i know not to stereotype other jews!
13. If Hamas enacts this as the Iranian republic...
Steve ,   USA   (05.15.06)
B"H If Hamas follows as one of the states of the Iranian republic, it could shield its murderers more easily. If everyone looks the same, how is it possible to distinguish one person from another. It is all part of a collective group enslaved to the government. However, camaflouge can become difficult if everyone must wear black, and it also gets very hot in the summer. Is this collective punishment? If so, where is the uproar from all those so-called enlightened nations? Where is the free trade promotion with these trade bariers? Where are the protests? I think in terms of fundamentalism, the cloths of the high priest are specified and they are beautiful, as well as the suits for the other priests, and the tzitzit for the men. Of course, we Jews want our duaghters to look modest to prevent their prostitution outside of responsible marriage. But I do not see even among fundamentalist Judiasm a move to make everyone uniform outside of the IDF military, where the uniform indicates the order of subservience.
14. iran
av ,   london   (05.15.06)
i cannot accept that iran is country foul of cretins until proven wrong i must
15. A uniform for Olmert's family
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.06)
This friend of Hamas must buy the uniforms for his familly.
16. #8: Delightful.
sk ,   USA   (05.15.06)
17. Josh, we should all design the Merlot family uniform
sk ,   USA   (05.15.06)
from a single piece of green cloth.
18. Uniform
Moe Chile ,   London, Canada   (05.15.06)
George Orwell brought to light in his book ' 1984 ' the idea of the totalitarian mindset that is gripping the Muslim world today if not our own. The recent motion to pass dress code laws in Iran seek to make the citizen 'unpersons' and to brainwash them into a frenzied state of hate and ignorance. Orwell, seen by many as a 20th century prophet of sorts, wrote about the dictators of his own time, Stalin,Hitler,etc... ' War is Peace ' ,is the slogan that is used to keep the citizens united against the foe, in which war promotes a nationalism of emotion. Be ever mindful of the enemy. Banners and pictures of the Great Islamic Leader dot the land of Iran and many other Islamic countries, further promoting the ' Big Brother ' blanket of security by saying we are watching. Perhaps we should be revisiting this notion that Orwell so poignitely portrays and doing everything we can to stop it while there is time.
19. to all: understand Islam - be informed
Porter   (05.15.06)
getting frustrated with subjects like terrorism, Islam, and the Islamic threat on the west? the web is a great source of knowledge untained by the mainstream apologist media about the true identity of Islam, muslim induced terror, and muslim ideology about the west and judeo-christian cultures. I strongly recommend to strawl down the blogsphere on these subjects since as always - the mainstream media in europe, us, and Israel is constantly bluring and defusing the true essence of Islam vs the west culture clash. I'll offer a point start for all of you ready to get informed. just google it, read it - and decide for yourself: jihad watch - dhimmi watch - little green footballs - bruce bawer - at the gates of vienna all of these fine blogs naturally include linkage to other sources of information and great commentary. book-warms out there - here are two recommended books - just read the reader-comments in Amazon about them - I'm sure you'll end up buying... "eurabia" by bat Ye'or "while europe slept" by bruce bawer.
20. Poor Iranians!
Ram ,   London   (05.15.06)
Their leaders will lead them to a form of slavery. No more freedoms of any type? What will it take for them to wake up and remove the mullahs?
21. Store With Full-Length Chadors Now Open- Fatima's Secret
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (05.15.06)
22. Iranian dress code
Simon ,   C-Town, South Africa   (05.15.06)
Going back to the DARK AGES (END)
23. 1st Prize in Design Competition is one week in Iran. 2nd..
Alan ,   SA   (05.15.06)
Prize is 2 Weeks in Iran and so on.
24. The Iranians
Micha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.15.06)
The Iranians (Persians) are a great and ancient people. They will rise up one day and overthrow these idiot dictators who claim to rule in the name of Allah
25. Uniforms desirable....
Jeffrey Levine ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.15.06)
Take a long look at the women of Iran and other Arab countries. The more coverage the better! Hopefully, Ahmadinejad will seriously enact laws to take Iran back to it's original glory of the 7th century. No electricity, no toilets, no cell phones, ... The Iranians will be much happier
26. 6 Efi, Tel Aviv : One flew over the Cookoos' nest and YOU
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.15.06)
along Honestly - you have a serious side effect of what ever you take
27. Gee they look smart-the future 72 virgins for the Palis
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.15.06)
28. Clarification
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.15.06)
I'm sorry if I have not expressed myself clearly, my comment # 6 was not at all directed at the religous, but rather at the small minority of fundamentalists we have who are intolerant of any secular Israelis.
29. Islamic fashion statement
Dov Elmaleh ,   canada   (05.15.06)
The Iranian regime is doing everything possible to stifle its people, bringing them back to the sixth century when Moslems would kill Moslems undiscriminately in the name of their secterian beliefs, using some God as their reason. I do feel sorry for the women; Iranan women are very attractive and educated, yet they are forced to comply with these Islamists designers extraordinaire.
30. 28 Efi,Tel Aviv : Don't try to wiggle out - you still fail
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.15.06)
big time - to have the chutzpah to compare any of the Islamic burkas and black dress - and their habits - to any Jewish tradition - no matter who and where - shows that you are very naive - very stupid
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