Katyusha kills 30 chickens
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 16.05.06, 13:42
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1. Send the damage bill to the "peace now" traitors.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.16.06)
2. Qassam will soon land on homes
Sam ,   Nigeria   (05.16.06)
IDF, much as l would want to give you credit for the protection of lives and property of God's people, please be more concerned about this Qassam rocket. It has always come without injuries nor property damaged but l am concerned on this news where chicken pen was hit , l think they are begining to strike with precision IDF please be ware !
3. Protect our chickens. Deport our citizens
Hu?   (05.16.06)
4. disengagement of the chickens
steve ,   Israel   (05.16.06)
It seems it's time to evacuate our chickens from the region...
5. A Fowl Deed, Indeed!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.16.06)
May this tragic assault on these poor defenseless birds be an atonement for all the sins of Israel!
6. Mutual shelling
Shams ,   Gaza   (05.16.06)
It is an ongoing round of action and reaction, Israeli artillery killed two Palestinian farmers this month. I don't support firing rockets into southern Israel, but I also strongly demand a immediate halt for the Israeli artillery which fires at least 30 missiles a day.
7. Chickens get killed!
Nachash Tsefah ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.06)
We cut and ran from Lebanon. We cut and ran from Gaza. We are going to cut and run from the West Bank and, G-d forbid, from Jerusalem. We are behaving like chickens, emboldening the Arabs and encouraging them to slaughter us with impunity. We are sitting around in a "lul" waiting for the Arab foxes to pick us off for dinner. Easy meat! When will we remember that we are the lion of Judah, noble and strong? When will we reclaim our dignity and defend our birthright? EAGLES SOAR (EVEN IF SOMETIMES THEY DO GET SUCKED INTO JET ENGINES); CHICKENS END UP AS CHICKEN SOUP!
8. Bird flu?
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (05.16.06)
The birds have suffered enough. First the flu now this. I hope we deal with this with the efficiency with which the flu has been dealt with (eradication).
9. Re post 6
Michelle   (05.16.06)
"I don't support firing rockets into southern Israel, but I also strongly demand a immediate halt for the Israeli artillery which fires at least 30 missiles a day." Oh how big of you in not supporting the firing of rockets into Israel. How about you "strongly demand" an immediate halt to the firing of rockets by your people?
10. Even Israeli Chicken do not escape Palestinian Terror?!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (05.16.06)
No matter how much terror the Israeli government impose on the Palestinians, NOTHING justifies using terror against civilian targets period! I ask every wise Palestinian to do all in their power to stop terror on Israeli civilians and to stop giving excuses for IDF thugs go after implying more pain on the Palestinian civilian's population! Peace!
11. Western Negev settlements are undefendable: Disengage Now!
Peace Now Idiot ,   Villa in Ramat Aviv   (05.16.06)
Yes, it is clear that we have nothing to do in the Western Negev - Sderot area. Everyone now understands this (all my rich friends in R. Aviv). Why must do miluim to defend the undefendable?? We must disengage from W. Negev Now!
12. hamass adapting
Arie   (05.16.06)
Abbas urges Europeans to give Hamas 'chance to adapt' Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas appealed Tuesday for the European Union to give the Hamas-led government a "chance to adapt" to international requirements and not cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority. "Stopping assistance to the Palestinian Authority, cutting aid, will exacerbate the deteriorating economic and social situation," Abbas told the European Parliament. (AP)
13. Impotents, fighting a war without intetions to win it
Caligula's Horse ,   Solomon's Stables   (05.16.06)
Means a sure road to losing it. As long as Olmert continues to play with the Palestinians with crap instead of subduing them, many innoccent civilians will die on both sides for no purpose.
14. These chickens must not fall into the hands of shahids!
Judith ,   Haifa   (05.16.06)
15. Gazans
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (05.16.06)
Israel has already left Gaza, returning to the 1967 Gaza border. The Gazans, at least, don't even have the invalid and stupid excuse of "resistance" for continuing their insane terror attacks on Israelis. Any Palestinian with a shred of integrity side would declare that the territorial conflict over Gaza has been settled and that henceforth there would be peace in Gaza and conflict only in the WB, and then enforce that policy. That path would establish that the Palestinians are at last ready to buy into the 2-state plan. The fact that NOBODY on the PA side is willing to define and enforce such a policy, despite the massive cost to their own people of the continuation of violence, means that NOBODY on the PA side believes that the 1967 borders are the end of the conflict. While this is true, it is ludicrously stupid for anyone to believe that if Israel gives up more of the West Bank, that will improve matters -- because the Palestinians don't intend to stop until realize the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its Jewish population. The fact that NOBODY in the PA has EVER stood up and declared, as Abdullah does here, that terrorism against Israeli civilians is wrong and must stop, shows that there is a solid consensus on the PA side who actually believes that terrorism against Jewish people is a laudable enterprise. And that's a deep sickness that giving them more of the WB is NOT going to cure. I am a supporter of peace with the Palestinians. I also strongly supported the pullback from Gaza as a litmus test that all the world would be able to see. The Palestinians have manifestly and comprehensively failed that test. There will be no peace with the Palestinians until they replace their treasured, genocidal delusions with basic common sense.
N-Y   (05.16.06)
Islamofascists kill jewish chickens and the world doesn't react. LET'S TRUST THE HAND OF G-D WHO IS THE ONLY DEFENDER OF OUR POULTRY! No expulsion of our poultry from Judea and Samaria!
17. GRAD-u-ation Day. Strelas to follow.
Yoel Ariel ,   home   (05.16.06)
Nope! Did NOT occur. If it did occur, and mind you I am not saying that it did, It would support the contention that the dis-engagment was a total and complete failure, with NO political, military or strategic, no less tactical gain. If any Kassam or Grad or even spitball is fired against ANY Israel target it would support the idea that ANY retreat from ANY land in Judea and Samaria simply brings the base of launch closer to the population centers by cedeing the land for a hostile firebase to the enemy. That IS if you consider the folks that are shooting missiles at you the enemy. I say again. Nope! did not occur. Gush Katif was just the right thing to do and EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL!! The Sharon Plan was correct and the planned "convergance" is an idea that will bring truth, health, money, happiness and SEX to israel. How the Sex part is applied we are witnessing now.
18. Those killed chicken are infected with bird flue
Henry ,   NY   (05.16.06)
21. Is this peace of the chickens?
mike   (05.16.06)
22. Palestinian KFC- Katyusha Fried Chicken
luke   (05.16.06)
23. has PETA made any official statement?
Michael ,   Austin, TX   (05.16.06)
or does their "animal rights" not apply to Jooooish animals?
24. To Abdallah Kuwait City
Come and Protect this land and free it from occupation then talk about Peace with Jews. There will be Peace with Jews only when we get this land back. Our roots in this land extend from the Canaanite time, till this day. No Peace!
25. Poor chickens.. they are innocent
Eric ,   West Bloomfield, MI   (05.16.06)
I hate to toot my own horn here, but I was one of the people responsible for tricking PETA's insane leader Ingrid Newkirk [sic] into mailing Yassir Arafat a letter asking him not to use any more "donkey shahids". If you want a real laugh, start writing PETA right now to protect Israeli chickens from Palestinian terrorism and see how they write Hamas a letter asking them to limit their attacks to Israeli people only. Not funny haha, but funny pathetic!
27. qassam
fievel ,   baltimore, USA   (05.16.06)
more like Birds Flew
28. Katyushas etc.
John Somebody ,   Liverpool, England   (11.13.08)
A pity, that people fail to notice, that if Palestinians had the hi - tech weapons that Israelis have, they could then be more specific in their choice of targets. So, genuinely innocent Israelis, (babies etc.) would be hit less, and more valuable targets, like the Israeli Death Force would be hit more. Meanwhile, of course, the state practitioners of genocide, carry on killing people for being the wrong kind of Semites, and for resisting thieving genocidal maniacs;usually with impunity, and the occaisional token court case
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