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Jihadists issue threat to UK
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 16.05.06, 12:29
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1. More twisting of the truth.
Joy Springreen   (05.16.06)
Extreme Islamist Historiographic revisionism attempting to draw fault lines within British Society that are not there. Much like the efforts of the Skinheads and the National Front/BNP supporters. Britain jailed the man who held up the placard calling for a destruction of Britain, as he was violating his parole for Drugs charges. a virtuous and genuine muslim? or a young thug attempting to vent his mishaped and twisted mind in blind anger?
2. Giving reasons to governments
Jul ,   Paris   (05.16.06)
If it was still needed to be proven that islam is waging a war against the Western civilization, this kind of declarations justify all the UK is accused of in it.
3. Does Ellen of Southsea's "Heart go out "to these Criminals
Alan ,   SA   (05.16.06)
4. Will the UK wake up finally
Efi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.16.06)
Or will it continue to sleepwalk as if everything is ok
5. Lies, Islam is a religion of peace.
6. to No 5
Joy Springreen   (05.16.06)
No one says that isnt the case, except the jihadists.
7. #5 Your right, here is the proof
Its true   (05.16.06) and my favorite Your Koran in your own words Born by the sword, die by the sword
8. The Muslim counterparts of the BNP strike again
Muhammad-Ali ,   MontrĂ©al   (05.16.06)
and their cleric should be jailed for the sake of security, the Lebanese gov't should act against the terrorists in it's soil, who don't want our country to be a safe haven for terror.
9. I hope we are able to find and help these troubled boys
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (05.16.06)
These young men have some emotional problems. I think we need to find them, and give them the therapeutic support they need before they feel that there is no other choice but to commit violent acts. Society has dealt them wrong and it is our responsibility not to offend them any more and to help them to heal. These young men are not terrorists. They are dis-enfranchised young men who have been enduring injustice their entire life and feel that there is no other way out than to commit violent acts.
10. #9
Vorax ,   Cardiff, UK   (05.17.06)
try to understand - - it is YOU who have "emotional problems", experiencing mental arrest instead of correctly recognizing evil - they've got ULTIMATE "therapeutic support". Noone could give them more - it wasn't "violent act". It was very effective multicultural performance with elements of murder and martyrdom, aimed for intimidating 70 millions of Britons, - and there are more to come - their "society" is NOT your society, don't fool yourself by this "brotherhood of men" crap - you "offended" them by the way you live your life - "injustice" was committed first/foermost against victims of this crime - "injustice" is committed by Guardian/BBC against you, by transforming you from human being into a multicultural parrot - only the person absolutely deprived of honour and human dignity can write "these young men are not terrorists" and "..there is no other way out than to commit violent acts". What a shame!
11. realy will burn thereselves
12. #9 doesn't understand.....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.17.06)
that these animals will shoot her on sight if they know she was a Brit. They don';t care for your help Ellen, they only care for your death and other innocent people's death. The fact that you don't get this, makes you a little naive, but I'm sure you have a good heart and trully want to help people.
13. #9
Cathy ,   NJ, USA   (05.17.06)
You're kidding right? It is this flawed thinking that takes man's responsibility away from himself and makes everything societies fault. Have you not paid attention to the fact that they have said that all infidels (those not of the muslim faith) should be eradicated? That means killed, distroyed, dead. I hope you wake up to that fact before you lose a loved one to the terrorist plague.
14. Ellen
Joy Springreen   (05.21.06) watch this
15. what israel can expect from england
chaim grosz ,   phonix AZ   (05.27.06)
I fail to understand the Jewish discomfort with the current trend of hate mongering British institutions of higher learning, evidently the Jews have forgotten just who, and what the British really are. It is irrefutable that the British in conspiracy with the Moslem leadership, tried to prevent the Jews to organize themselves, obtain the necessary weapons even prior to 1948, to facilitate a proper defense against the continual onslaught of the local and imported Islamic communities. It was the British who actually made every attempt to please the Moslems who were allied with the German enemy to deny the survivors of the German Concentration Camps to gain entry into Israel, and re-interned them into newly created Concentration Camps guarded by the English Army in Cyprus, which the British acting as the colonial power ruled by a foreign mandate. It was the British who when finally forced out of Israel and lost their mandate, transferred to the Moslems their weapons, their fortified positions, and encouraged their seasoned professional Officers, to train, lead and assist the Moslems in their effort to fulfill the continuation of the Nazi ideology of a final solution to the Jewish question. This aspect of British conduct is important to understand just who and what is the driving force behind the current irrational actions taken by the administrators of the English institutions Islamic radicals are utilizing England as a base for their murderous schemes against the Jews, and why not, when the Mayor of London, the capitol of England is allowed to spout his personal animosity against his Jewish constituents, when the leaders of higher learning are permitted to initiate and disseminate their un-equivocal biased hatred against Jews instead of following their mandate of their position, which is, to give their student body the incentive to explore all ideas and decide for themselves just what is right or not. England having encouraged and openly supported the Islamic believers to immigrate to England can rest assured they will be the beneficiary of true Islamic theocracy, the Islamic fundamental terrorist activity will wreak havoc throughout their country.
16. religious insanity
pop ,   slidell, la. usa   (06.07.06)
Unfortunately, the free world is facing murderous psychopaths, inspired by a potent religious insanity. While not as direct as that, Wafa Sultan's interview on AlJezeeraTV, is nevertheless such a good analysis of the Muslim condition, one should not ignor it. That woman knows whereof she speaks.
17. War
Raymond ,   Australia   (08.02.06)
Don't expect israil to sit back and do nothing when rockets are fired on thier citys,Insted of calling for a stop in figthing you should join them before the war is on your and my soil.
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