Poland: Anti-Semite appointed education minister
Itamar Eichner
Published: 17.05.06, 11:14
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31. I KNOW what I am missing.
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.17.06)
DK #23 Thank you. For that I am greatful. Bet you would like me to send some dollars though? Have a NICE day.
32. Shame
Peter ,   Chicago   (05.17.06)
As a polish citizen currently working and living in the U.S. I am gravely disappointed and worried by the latest developments in Poland. Instead of taking care of social problems and raging unemployment, current government is deeply focused on promoting hate against everyone who dares to think different. Intelligentsia, journalists, banks were its first targets. now it is time for Jews and gays. This has to stop. The appointment of mr. Giertych to the vice prime minister and minister of education is a shame. EU should react to that in the strongest possible way. There is no room for nazi propaganda in today's Europe. I think that Israeli Foreign Minister is right. Poland should be boycotted!
33. What's that smell? Oh, France.
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.17.06)
Mac#24 Why would I care if "foreigners((read: Europeans)) have a low opinion about us americans" or not. Most simply will kiss the butt of any American when they want dollars. Or scream for help from America ((read: US)) ((Not Canada)) to get their wishy washy, weak and lazy asses out of tyranical trouble they get themselves into. European nations have grossly displayed personal, political and national cowardice on multiple occasions and are all but useless in protecting themselves or assisting the US in it's efforts, against real threats. True, all of the prostitutes of europe are not strolling the streets of it's cities, but a much greater number display their wares at wholesale rates in the halls of europes moribund governments. Judging for myself is what I do. I have never sought to share. Just stated my opinion and clear choices. Nowhere have I suggested that you should not go to anyplace in the quadrant you wish. Please please yourself. But I'll judge anything I get to pay for, with MY money. Enjoy yourself on your trip. I cant wait NOT to see your vacation snaps.
34. Not all Poles are like Roman Giertych
Bartek ,   Warsaw, Poland   (05.17.06)
I feel really sorry reading judgements claiming that all Poles are anti-Semites. I know that the truth is diffrent because I live here. Belive me that people who hate Jews are small minority in my country and I have met such people in all countries in Europe.
35. Giertych Sux
Martin ,   Poland   (05.17.06)
It's not my fault that my goverment is full of idiots. "The Israeli Foreign Ministry is considering imposing an individual boycott on Roman Giertych" Do it! Dont hessitate, we dont like him as minister either.
36. answer to 4 and 16
john ,   london   (05.17.06)
and I guess that africans shouldn't visit the Us because of the racism suffered by african-americans. To see americans taking the high moral ground on racism is simply hilarious. Please go the FBI site and look at the statistics of hate crime in your country!
37. Europe is no place for Jews.Leopards dont change their spots
Alan ,   South Africa   (05.17.06)
38. And now a word from the Bevin fan club
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.17.06)
John in the UK#36 Anybody should do whatever they damn well like. That is the American Way. If Africans or Venusians or Bajorians or Kilingons want or do not want to visit the US or anyplace they should do whatever they please. I am very familiar with hate crimes, after over thirty years in law enforcement. (Relatively low as reportable offenses go within the larger reportable Class I offenses.) I am familiar with the UK's Race "difficulties" with hate offenses and GBH associated offenses, both prosecutable and as part of the unofficial and deniable government's policies. I took the High ground of PERSONAL CHOICE. Something NOT occasioned in Europe or the UK for that matter. If you do not want to visit the US. Do not do so. If you want to kip down in Warsaw amongst the skinhead Jew-haters or anyone else, have at it. Pay your bills, drink what you please and do not make an ass of yourself at soccer games. It is so declasse.
39. Wire report: Anti-semitism has 'no chance' in Poland
Marcin Sobczyk ,   Warsaw, Poland   (05.18.06)
Anti-semitism has 'no chance' in Poland 17/05/2006 - 17:50:35 Poland’s president today assured the Israeli ambassador that anti-Semitism has “no chance” in Poland, responding to Jewish anxieties over a new coalition that includes a nationalist party with a far-right youth wing, the presidential office said. President Lech Kaczynski met with Israeli Ambassador David Peleg this afternoon to address concerns over the coalition with the League of Polish Families, a nationalist and Catholic party with the radical, right-wing All-Polish Youth group. “Mr Kaczynski guaranteed that there is no space for anti-Semitism in Poland,” Andrzej Krawczyk, the president’s under-secretary of state, said. All-Polish Youth members have been known to make Nazi salutes and chant “Sieg Heil” during street protests. The group also has attacked gay and women’s rights marches in past years. Kaczynski assured Peleg that he, his office and his governing Law and Justice party were guarantees that “anti-Semitism in Poland has no chance,” the presidential office said in a statement. Law and Justice sealed a coalition May 5 with the League, and another small party, Self-Defence, that gives it a majority in parliament.
40. Re:22
Mami ,   Palestine   (05.18.06)
Live where? In Poland? No, enjoy it yourself. We might be living in a "pond of crap", but it is still a pond compared to your sea of crap where racist people like you live. By the way how many people in Poland are still under poverty line? What is the latest count of the homeless and criminals there?
41. Re28
Mami ,   Palestine   (05.18.06)
Thank you for the tip. You can't be me; I am not that ignorant. Just go and study the history of world and see who has been sucking money out of every other nation's pockets. This was the very reason why countries in Europe threw the Jews away by creating a state for them. The Palestinians settled the bill.
42. my question
Janusz ,   Krakow, Poland   (05.19.06)
May I ask you why do you think Roman Giertych - new Polish minister of education is anti-semite? What his particular speeches or statements are anti-semites? It looks to me that don't have any idea of the real situation in Poland where anti-semites feelings are far more marginal than in France, Germany or Ireland... What's more - so many Poles are very interested in Jewish culture what you can see during many events dedicated to Jewish heritage that happen in Poland each year across the country (probably the biggest one is the Festival of Jewish Culture in Krakow's Kazimierz). And why you can't see the difference between anti-semitism which is totally anti-human, racist, horrible idealogy and soft nationalism like in case of Giertych and many other politicians in Europe and Isreal as well. Such strongly exaggerated arcticles like yours doesn't help for sure to develop Jewish-Polish relations in the way that was practised trough centuries. It's rather building false stereotypes and fear. But I'm sure that your article can't hurt anyway good and friendly Polish-Jewish relations.
43. Utter Rubbish
Greg ,   LA, USA   (05.19.06)
When I read this anti-Polish propaganda, I am speechless. I lived all my life in Poland, never heard anything against Jews. Recently I moved to the USA and when reading newspaper I learnt that I am an anti-Semite, that I was born that way, that all Poles are anti-Semite, that my grandparents helped killed Jews... and tones and tones more rubbish like that. Me - anit-Semite? I was not aware of it until you, YOU Jews put words into my mouth and thoughts into my mind. I guess you just use uncle Goebbels's ol' technic: "tell a lie a thousand times and it eventually become a truth" And you do that: you tell lies about Poles, about you, you tweak history, you change history over, and over and over again. I am just disgust.
44. Re: 9
Greg ,   LA, USA   (05.19.06)
This tells me that you are an ignorant, uneducated and history-crippled individual. Poland most actively colaborated with Nazi? Where did you get this from? Your post made me laugh.
45. Mind your own business Jews.
Alladin ,   Turbanistan   (05.21.06)
You better do something about your zoological xenophobia and anti-Polonism.
46. paradox
jarek ,   usa   (05.22.06)
I'm not interested in Jewish in US or Israel and I don't understand why they care about Poland. Hey Jewish peopla - live Poland alone!
47. Poland is the worst - terrible, antisemitic etc. !!
szlomo ,   Poland   (05.23.06)
You all have a right - Poland is worse than 3 Reich and every Pole is a nazi! I congratulate you the real knowledge about that country and those people! Had better to come to Poland -talk with people, see the whole country (not only nazi's Auschwitz-Birkenau!) and then say something about them! There is less antisemitic in Poland than in Germany and France where Jews are killing and Kirkuts and synagogues are devasteting!!
48. Poland is antycomunistic not antysemitic
jarek ,   usa   (05.23.06)
I spent in Poland 26 years and I've visited this country every year. Poland history showed, that Jewish immigrants came here from west and east of Europe after succesive routs. I don't belive in propaganda, I belive in statistics. Jewish people lived safe in Poland and in harmony with local people. The problem began when communism idea was born. Jewish people were friendly with new idea and Stalin empire, Polish - not. Stalin never wouldn's salve Poland if Jewish people not help him to build communistic structures. That's why Jewish people lost sympathy in Poland and nobody can't back time. It's time for Polish-Jewish divorce and I call once again: Hey, Jewish people - live Poland alone!
49. We joined ,,Good'' company - Germany and France
Ina ,   Poland   (05.26.06)
Italy. Germany started the war, France sent their citizens to the death camps, Italy helped Germany to continue the war. What does this tell us? Larry , Eastbourne, UK (05.17.06) That you are anti- Polish c*nt.
50. people most actively...etc.
Peter ,   Wrocław, Polamd   (05.27.06)
Poles got the biggest number of medals fo saving Jewish life durin IInd World War. Only in occupied by Germans Poland was the death for saving Jews. Mr Rotfeld - contemporary polish minister - got saving in polish monastery - like many others. SHALOM
51. europe
jarek   (05.30.06)
Dear Ina. Why Israel want to join to "nasty" European nations family called EU? If you live in UK, you know that "bad" "antisemitic" people from Germany, Poland or France will get rights to seattle down in Israel., even Arabic muslims from France or UK. Why Israel still want to do it???
52. it Jews are anti-Polonic
keuzritter ,   swinka polska   (07.12.06)
Israel is antiPolonic fundamentalist fanatic country and USA. in usa is legal KKK organisation and fasitic organization. in poland such organisations are forbidden.
53. west europe is racistics
inkwizytor ,   pland   (07.12.06)
not all europe is racist. Exactly west europe. In west europe live millions immigrants from muslims country. And muslims dont like jews.
54. What a stupid article and stupid comments
Andrzej ,   Poland   (07.13.06)
All of you. Did learn history at your schools ? My grandpa rescued one Jude in the second world war, and now I hear that I am an antisemit.
55. Polish collaborators with Nazis?
Mark Jaworski ,   Vancouver BC   (07.14.06)
I suggest to read history and talk to Polish survivers of WWII, when they are still alive. On the contrary Poles saved Great Britain from Nazi bombing see the story at and Allied offensive in Italy at Monte Cassino. Full scale collaboration with Nazis, one can find only in France (Vichy puppet), some in Ukraine and Lithuania, but hardly in Poland. Most of the trees trees growing in Israel to commemorate people who risked their life to save Jews are dedicated to Polish Catholics. There were not many Jews who saved Poles. On the other hand there were many prominent Jews helping Hitler like warlord Jabotinskij and banker Oppenheimer who kept his office in Berlin for all the time Hitler was in power. That does not put to shame all the Jews. So let's not generalize by putting all the Poles or all the Jews or French into the same basket. Only democratically elected government has some right to speak in the name of the whole nation. Hitler was such a man. Democratically elected, but first Polish government forced on the Polish nation by occupying forces of Stalin was not representing Poles. In fact many of the occupants were Soviet Jews expelled by Stalin to occupy Poland. Former Israeli Ambassador to Poland stated that they lost a right to be called Jews for serving Stalin. By analogy I would say that those Polish Jews who served Stalin, lost a right to Polish citizenship for serving enemy of Poland. Israeli government would not extradite war criminals like Shlomo Morel to answer genocide charges in Poland for being a commandant of the concentration camp! Admission to EU or NATO is none of the business of Israel, which is not considered to be in Europe, or is it?.
56. Dmowski thug?
Mark Jaworski ,   Vancouver Canada   (07.14.06)
Dmowski was not a thug. He did not kill anybody or ordered to be killed, or recommended that anybody be killed. He was nationalist, patriot and a statesman. He realized that many Jews in Poland were internal enemy, helping Germans or Soviets against best Polish national interests. Communist Party of Poland KPP was almost exclusively Jewish. However, Stalin in one of his purges murdered all the executives of that party and the only survivers were saved because they were in Polish jail, for a terrorist activities. Let's be fair. If you call Dmowski a thug, who was Al Capone or Meyer Lanski?
57. Giertych and nazi propaganda?
Mark Jaworski ,   Vancouver BC Canada   (07.14.06)
I offer you Peter $100 dollars for each documented statement made by Minister Roman Giertych repeating nazi propaganda or praising nazis for anything at all. To find a truth why don't you read, when you are in US, BEYOND CHUTZPAH ON THE MISUSE OF ANTISEMITISM AND THE ABUSE OF HISTORY by prof. Norman Finkelstein, author of THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY. Peter learn the truth, do not be Lenin's useful idiot of propagandists who threatened to intimidate Poland and extort 65 billion dollars for their organizations which do not represent or even benefit most of the Jews.
58. Boycott of Poland or her deputy Premier Giertych
Mark Jaworski ,   Vancouver BC Canada   (07.14.06)
I suggest to read a column, by one of the best writers in Poland on that very subject by Stanisław Michalkiewicz in Najwyższy Czas, Polish weekly
59. Living in Poland
Mark Jaworski ,   Vancouver BC Canada   (07.14.06)
Poles do not want to live in Poland, because genocidal occupation of Poland by Germans and Soviets impoverished their country. Even for the last 15 years or so of the Communists were still in power, like former President Kwaśniewski and Prime Minister Miller, both mambers of the infamous gang called Communist Party Politburo, the most hated group running government of Poland since Nazis. Most of the Polish industrial plants are either close or sold to sharks like George Soros, for 5 cents for a dollar. No wonder that healthy and educated Poles prefer to work in England or US. This is a continuation of the genocide of the Polish nation, which lost more than 10 million people in last 66 years, by violent death or starvation in German concentration camps Soviet gulags and communist prisons. I lost several members of my own family. After armed craccdown of Solidarity movement millions of Poles were given ultimatum: emmigration or prison. Imagine that from any country enemies kill or deport all the educated patriotic people. When Germans came to Poland, they had a list of 60,000 people who must be hand or shot immediately. This was long before Germans started rounding up Jews to eventually kill them. Soviets had such a list too. They immediately hired Jews to the police, to find them and deport to Kazachstan or kill immediately. Mass murder like Katyń Forrest massacre includes close to 50,000 brightest Poles, officers, teachers, clergy and policemen. How long such a country could remain sovereign and prosperous? Let's talk about Holocausts of many nations, Poles as well as Armenians or Rwandans have lots of reasons to cry about
60. Poland: Anti-Semite appointed education minister
Zbigniew Drzewiecki ,   Vancouver, Canada   (07.14.06)
Teraz jest moda na ubieganie się poszczególnych Polaków, o dowody, że ratowali Żydów. Niewiele dałyby natomiast jakiekolwiek starania, znalezienia dowodów na to, że pod okupacją sowiecka, Żydzi, nieproporcjonalnie liczni w sowieckim aparacie terroru, w okupowanej Polsce, ratowali Polaków przed terrorem sowieckim. Zwłaszcza w powojennych latach terroru Jakuba Bermana i innych żydowskich gnębicieli Narodu Polskiego.
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