US: PA gov’t will collapse without aid
Roee Nahmias
Published: 17.05.06, 12:46
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1. Collapse of the PA Government
NYC Girl   (05.17.06)
It can't happen soon enough. Bring it on!!!
2. Either or, it is good for Palestinians
atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (05.17.06)
If PA collapsed, then Israel has to meet international obligations towards occupied people. If PA survive, means money transfered to pay PA salaries, then Hamas won a battle, or at least a round. It is either Hamas will recognize Israel legitmacy as a Jewish state, and give away mor than 50% of what left to Pals in West Bang.... and get nothing in return, or Stand up hungry, but with some degnity.
3. hunger doesn't kill HEROs
paliman ,   palestine   (05.17.06)
hunger doesn't kill HEROs. if you are talking about cucci shoes, armani suits, and ferraris ...then you can get what you want with cash... but i ve seen the PM Haniyyeh buying his suit for less than 200$ ..some of the ministers dont even have chairs at home:) ... dou you think these heroes give up just when u cut the funds ... its gona take more than that:)
4. Collapse
yakov shani ,   Israel   (05.17.06)
it will. It should have collapsed approximately two minutes before it was born.
5. #2 Israel would love to help you build a country
michael ,   tel aviv   (05.17.06)
You are not a people and not a country - the world is fed up with your scrounging, laziness and begging. No one owes you anything! Understand this! People have just been kind to you – you pass a beggar in the street and throw him some money. Problem! You see that the beggar uses your hard earned money to buy arms or drugs or whatever and you decide not to help him anymore. Pretty legitimate hey? This is your situation! You will only stand up with dignity when you build infrastructure, stop terror and say ‘thank you’ to people that help you. Israel would love to help you build a country .. start and you will see how many helping hands there will be. regards, Mike P.S. Please stop the ‘historic Palestine’ nonsense – please!
6. # 2 The impregnable Atmawi
yakov shani ,   Israel   (05.17.06)
Dignity you shall have only when you realize that the only obligations that matter are the ones that you have to yourselves. Your hands should be holding implements of construction rather than of destruction, a hoe instead of a hat.
7. Bingo! Follow the links....they tell a story indeed
Riv ,   Jerusalem   (05.17.06),7340,L-3251796,00.html #2 Can't deny truth! So Bush won't give a nod to convergence now I see France is warning Israel as well. The cover ups for the sake of the Palestinians must end. Who can scream the loudest? Silence kills.
8. PA TV: They'll RULE U.S.UK & WORLD & Finish Off Every Jew
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.17.06)
Article: "...transfer funds to the PA directly via a special fund that will be supervised by an international body such as the World Bank or UN." The UN are infamous for their rabid, virulent Jew-hate! U.N. Jew-haters are also one of the Road Map architects. The PLO/Palestinian Authority terrorist organization, along with Hamas and other terrorist organizations, work unceasingly towards the goal of Islamic global conquest. The following is an excerpt from sermon by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris, May 13 2005 on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri TV monitor): "We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world - except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule...The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew." PLO/Palestinian Authority declare they will finish off every Jew and rule America and Britain. Even though the PLO/PA declare their goal is Islamic world conquest, the U.S. EU and UN are determined to make the PA survive.
9. U.S. trying to save terrorist government
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.17.06)
The corrupt and greedy U.S. goverrnment does the bidding of the Saudi Whabbists and this is just more evidence that the U.S. is working in stealth mode to destroy Israel. This agenda is made easier by the stupidity and faithlessness of the average Israeli. As reported today ,the Palestinian Terrorist Authority under Arafat used Jewish money to by weapons to kill Jews. Nothing has changed for the better ,only for the worse.
10. It's all a sick pretence
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (05.17.06)
What the international community is trying to do is simply transfer money to terrorists while pretending not to. All the fancy arrangements are geared to the pretence of being "tough on terror" and providing "humanitarian aid for the poor Palestinians", but the reality is completely different.
11. PA collapse, well....what's next??
Henry ,   NY   (05.17.06)
So, as usuall, planning without thinking of war in Iraq for instance. Let us assume that the PA will collapse tomorrow, what will happen then? Israel will be responsible of live of more than 3 million Palestinian in Gaza and West Bank. She will be responsible of finiding jobs for ten of thousands of people, health care system, education,...etc. In addition, a huge riot will take place due to existemce of weapons, different military factions,...etc. I do not believe that this position is what Israel is looking for!!
12. from #7 forgot to add...
Riv ,   Jerusalem   (05.17.06),7340,L-3251650,00.html #13 my apology #10...Excellent!
13. 2 Atmawi: You have a dream ? watch your nightmare coming
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.17.06)
You say:......Israel has to meet international obligations towards occupied people. ...... Dumb-Ball - get one thing into that sorry brain of yours - Israel only has to meet it's citizens needs - NEVER yours - and has NO obligations towards you terrorists But keep on dreaming you fool - until that sky comes crashing down on you - and slams reality into your sorry bones
14. 3 paliman: You are naive enough to believe what your terror
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.17.06)
leaders tell you Now get one thing straight - these poeple lie on a constant agenda - but that agenda isn't including you nor your survival No - they only care about their welfare - pockets and glory of their Islamic Jihad believe in the culture of death - including your death
15. 11 Henry ,NY: What ever gives you the idea that Israel
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.17.06)
would be responsible ??? Who ever told you such ? Get facts - OK - this is of NO consequences for Israel But it would certainly mean that the world see for once that Terrorism isn't paid for and will not be supported So wake up to facts
16. Let them face reality
Brod ,   Marshall, USA   (05.17.06)
In an entity that is lawless and where terrorisms are rampant and whose ideology is the annihilation of Israel, let them face the consequences of their actions. The world should never forget that they applauded when Saudi Islamist-Jihadist terrorists slaughtered 3500 Americans on 9/11. The world should also know that the Saudis and the Iranians are the master terrorists of them all for helping, funding and producing Islamist-Jihadist terrorisms in the Middle East as well as around the world.
17. inshallah
inshallah ,   inshallah   (05.17.06)
it is a joke: with the support of IRAN & the benediction & coordination of ultra orthodox and fanatics on both sides they come to power and play with uncontrolled funds :where is the international auditing apparatus to control those people with their permanent money laundering in Gaza , particularly ( since years ) ?????
18. US: PA gov’t will collapse without aid: Exact reason......
Tamar ,   Eilat   (05.17.06)
...the world is against Israel. To reward terrorism via the slaughter of Jews by Terrorists and call it humanitarian aid is Bull sh**! Smells like it because it is like it. The US should be ashamed. In one hand they are fighting terror and on the other delegitmizing the plague of terror against Israel by rewarding it. What this tells the world speaks volumes.
19. Bad news!
Ram ,   London   (05.17.06)
The collapse of Hamas would become a lost opportunity. Ideally, it should have prolonged clashes with Fatah which will lead the Palestinian citizen to open their eyes and realize they have no hope with either party! They may then be able to force a change of policy.
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (05.17.06)
Hope of a peace settlement probably died with Rabin. Certainly Sharon finished it off. Some of us have been saying for several years that the PA should dissolve itself and let the rest of the world have the headaches of governing the Palestinian people directly (including providing security forces). Then, if Israel doesn't want international involvement in the area, Israel will have to resume total occupation and responsibility for providing services, as it did before the 1990s agreements with Arafat. That will sober people up and is possibly the only chance to achieve a lasting peace.
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (05.17.06)
And what world are you living in? Are you perpetually on the opium pipe? "A hoe instead of a hat"? WHAT ABOUT THE $3 BILLION WE AMERICANS GIVE TO ISRAEL EVERY YEAR? AND NOW OLMERT COMES WITH HIS "HAT" LOOKING FOR $11 BILLION MORE FOR "CONVERGENCE"? AND WE'RE STILL NEGOTIATING ABOUT $2 BILLION MORE FOR SHARON'S "UNILATERAL" GAZA PULLOUT. You have unbelievable chutzpah!!!! It is you who hold out the hat, or should I say the begging bowl. We can use all those BILLIONS to rebuild New Orleans. Don't talk until you can support yourself!!!!
22. EU and US are now sponsering terrorism
Isac ,   Florida   (05.17.06)
By paying salaries to palestinian government employees they are directly supporting terrorists. Who the heck they believe palestinian government employees are?!@ They are mostly Hamas members!!! Things are getting worst now.
23. to paliman , palestine
they have money to buy weapons and kill but they possess no chairs at home because it is haram to sit on chairs; it is a part of the show. The brain washing & money laundering for weapons from IRAN is going on!!!!!!!!!!
24. #3
Jane   (05.17.06)
It all depends on your definition of hero. In my book, you've never had even one. As to Haniyeh, let him wear pig skin.
25. PA Collapse
Farouk ,   Jerusalem   (05.17.06)
There isn't much to collapse of the PA. This is a collapse of democracy as an elected body will be intentionally collapsed so there is nothing of value lost other than an exercise of democratic process and millions of $ to finance elections. Since the rise of the PA there was nothing of value the PA brought to its constituents. The peace process allowed Israel to outsource the civil administration to an authority which ultimately became a reseller of services. Sad enough the PA became the friendly front office of the previous system. IDs, passports, drivers' license were generated by the Israeli mainframes, taxes and customs were processed through the Israeli network. The PA basically submitted claims to Israel collected the money and paid salaries and pocketed the majority. Let us be frank, while there were honest productive people in the PA, the majority and the system was corrupt and counterproductive. The PA truly believed they were running a state when in fact they were suffering from a state of mind. As for Hamas, well from day one they fought the peace process they fought the PA and gained legitimacy and support out of peoples' hardship and the screw-ups of the PA. In the final sum we have nothing to lose and what we lost was something rotten and sadly the lives of many innocent people. I want a leadership that chooses the interest of the people not their figureheads, factions, clan or neighborhood. To achieve that it requires burying emotions and slogans, sobering up to reality and take charge of building of lives, institutions and welfare. We are in a bind, we blame occupation for it, sure but if we look beyond the obvious we are equally to blame. Let us start with getting our house together.
26. Arik Silverman
DuDu ,   Negev   (05.17.06)
Israel is suffering from US policy in the region; the US has tied our hands protecting Arafat and Abbas. We know what is in our best interest and our security and we will achieve that, US should pay Israel to take these actions (they are part of the roadmap) US spent much more on the wasted war in Iraq. This is not money going to Israel this money to allow us to return land to your Palestinian friends and allow us to deal with our inner turmoil. Listen Silverman Israel has been serving US interests in the region, we have been strong allies even accused of being an extension of the US in the region. Stop driving wedges and get more sophisticated in your analysis.
27. collapse
Hilda ,   USA   (05.17.06)
If the PA will collapase in 3 months if they don't get money--why the hell are we planning along with Europe to give them money? Or are we just being hypocrites, saying we are against Hamas and as I said from the begining looking for ways to help .
28. # 21 Arik Silverman
yakov shani ,   Israel   (05.17.06)
Sir, I have responded to you before on this very subject, I shall try again.Every dollar America spends on Israel is a dollar well spent as the return is tenfold, I ask you once again, do you honestly think that all Presidents and Secretaries, and all Senators and Congressmen over the last 40 years were total idiots with nothing to do but give away public funds, do you believe this?, because this in effect is what you are saying. Israel supports itself very well, actually we have proven ourselves quite adept at it, and I do agree with you over the request for pull out aid. There should be no request, and if there is one it should be turned down. Reasons are that I believe there should be no pull out in the first place, and if there is then it is our problem. I would also welcome your opinion as to the comparison between the billions that America poured into Europe and Japan after the war with the aid given to Israel. I am not on the opium pipe or any other pipe and I actually regard myself as a well balanced healthy individual, always sober and fully compus mentis.
29. #21 (Arik)
sk ,   USA   (05.17.06)
Arik, please Google "Paul Eidelberg" on the money the US gives to Israel. I think Israel should refuse the money (which it easily can), but the US uses it to fund the purchase of US weaponry by Israel. Even if this were not the case, one could easily argue that $$ to Israel is an investment; $$ to the PA is not.
30. # 25 Farouk
yakov shani ,   israel   (05.17.06)
One sane Palestinian in an endless desert of arid intellect. Any more of you out there ?
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