Rabbi Gafni accused of sexual assault
Ahiya Raved
Published: 18.05.06, 18:40
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1. cults and pseudo kabbalists
avramele   (05.18.06)
a lesson for all of us: beware of gurus with pretty faces and rabbis practicing the shir hashirim of sexual exploitation. Although a rather secular Jew I'll take my Judaism straight when I look for rabbinic insight --- give me a smart lithuanian rabbi any day!
2. YNet columnist caught with pants down
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (05.18.06)
So I guess this means he will not be writing for YNet any more?
3. I told you so.
Talula ,   Israel   (05.18.06)
AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!!! So, can we expect riots and burning garbage bins now?
4. At least publish the letter...
Steve ,   USA   (05.18.06)
B"H If he wrote a letter of confesison, at least publish that if are going to claim that it is a confession to a crime. I am not sure what he is confessing to exactly and it seems sensationalist in the way it is presente. Sexual Harassment also in the United States is defined with specific acts, so it has different meaning here than in Israel, and the definition is enshrined in American Law. It is not at all clear that if he confesses one thing that it constitues Sexual Harrassment according to the Israeli Law. Remember, Clarence Thomas was not found guilty of Sexual Harassment. Intimite acts or suggestions in the United States do not even constitute sexual harrasment in all cases. See: for the United States law. It is not clear for example that those claimants are in a work place, or if the accused was in a social gathering where there is no money exchange. A really informative article would have links to what the Israeli Law is on Sexual Harassment, what his letter was, what the pulic information is on the depositions, and perhaps interviews with those involved to see if they would release a statement or if this is something they prefer to be handled by the Israeli Police system. If so, there is more information on the Israeli Law, as I understand it, at: It brings to question, in fact, if the police action at Amona consituted sexual harrasment with the rape threats which are extremely serious, but which the government has done nothing effective about except to cover these charges up. Just because a handshake is not mandated in the IDF code, does not mean that an award recipient cannot be expelled even though no IDF code is violated. It could be in otherwords that the law is so nebulous in its enforcement, the security personnel also have trouble getting corrected for this activity. Noone seems to have made these charges there. Perhaps it is time that some of these charges come forward. As it stands, it is a sensationalist headline with not so much substance behind it. Accusations do not make a crime, but they can add substantially to the readship levels so I can see YNET's interest in presenting the material in the way it has. Even so, that does not make the man guilty of any particular crime in a court of the press until proof is presented, and that proof is clearly lacking here. If I were a Jury, I would thow this one out also on insufficient evidence in the current way it is presented. It is presented to just ignite a rumor mill. Also, I believe the Israeli "justice" is highly-biased toward polical aggrandizement (based on specific events in Amona) of the establishment, so I am not sure this guy would get a fair trial in Israel, even if the written law appears fair.
5. Talula, sweetheart, I didn't notice you in Gafni's Talkbacks
sk ,   USA   (05.18.06)
6. Gafni's successor
sk ,   USA   (05.18.06)
Could Ynet find a real rabbi for Gafni's successor. Hint: if the rabbi suggests that he wants to restore the true paganism of Judaism, find someone else.
7. This Guy Was Rubbish
S Judah ,   london   (05.18.06)
Having read his columns, it was obvious that this was no Orthodox Rabbi. This guy was a Hippy and that is why your Newspaper gave him a column. All Orthodox Rabbis I hadread his columns said he was spouting mumbo jumbo. I have no idea whether he was innocent or guilty of the said charges and we propose innocent unless otherwise proved. What he was most certainly guilty off was pretending to be a Rabbi. Moreover praying on the naive .
8. Teaching Torah with your pants down, the new approach
Hanina ,   usa   (05.18.06)
Sounds really kinky to me. Sure am glad my Rabbi keeps his pants up during lessons! New commandments, Thou shalt keep they pants hiked up high, and belt tight, while teaching Torah. Thou shalt not think of thy penis during lessons.
9. The Righteous Rabbi!
Talula ,   ISRAEL   (05.18.06)
I'm so thoroughly enjoying myself today! And it just keeps on getting better. I'm loving reading all the lame excuses that you all come up with for him. HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAA The horny rabbi was busted. BIG TIME! Now, who said that rabbis are too righteous and would never do such a thing? Hands up! I do believe we discussed this issue last week. I feel a James Brown song coming, yeah! I feel gud, I knew that I would now!!!
10. #3 Talula tips a dumpster
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (05.18.06)
Talula cupcake, rah-boy Gafni was "secular friendly" he was YOUR KIND of "religious leader."
11. He was never a "rabi"
Yariv ,   Tel Aviv   (05.18.06)
The guy was atheist in his words. To pick up girls he called himself a "rabi". He also published in anti-religious newspapers. So he promissed to marry after having sex. Is he the first crook who promissed to marry after sex? These girls knew exactly what they want and they should thank the dude for sex. There are worse crook in the country.
12. Talula, sweatmeats, the lowest form of bitchy queen
sk ,   USA   (05.18.06)
is an unfunny one.
13. #1
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.18.06)
As a very othrodox Jew I can only say: you've got your head screwed on better than most religious Jews I know. Stick to the source texts and authentic mesora. Modern kabballah nonsense is a blight on our people and leads to a lot of time wasted on extraneous matters rather than real scholarship and sincere character improvement.
14. Torah skirt off
Talulah ,   ISRAEL   (05.18.06)
Clearly it wasn't only the Shofer that was being blown. And then, he books himself on a flight and legs it back to the States. Oh my, ynet really came up with some truly enlightening and news worthy articles today. And what with Guy Lapid's extremely accurate article, a lovely end to a very busy week. I think I'll just go and decork my bottle of Chateau nuf de Pap in celebration.
15. He was always a fraud
Dave the mave ,   Ny, Ny   (05.18.06)
Gafni was a well known perv before he came to Israel too .Check out the write up about him in The awareness center's web site. He moved to Israel and changed his name to leave behind his reputation. Unfortunately, he fooled many ppl Shame on Ynet for ever publishing him
16. Talula
Secular Dude ,   Tel Aviv - Israel   (05.18.06)
You are so funny!!!!! it is good to have you in Israel with us.
17. He isnt a Rabbi he's reform.
18. 16
Talulah ,   Israel   (05.18.06)
You didn't really expect me NOT to have a good ol'laugh at this did you? Look at all the talkbacks: He was never a rabi! He isn't a rabbi he's reform! He was always a fraud. I mean really. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... Anything other than accept the fact that the randy rabbi is guilty of sexual harassment. Oh no! a rabbi is of a higher moral standing than the rest of us, they scream. Oh no, I feel another wave of the giggles coming along. I love to be here with you as well. This is our country, our home, for good and for bad. Happy days to you Secular Dude.
19. No1 and No13
S Judah ,   london   (05.18.06)
The Great Sephardi Mekubal ( who practices no magic and advise all to seek the truth in the Torah) Rabbi Yaakov Hillel of Yeshiva Havat Shalom has wriiten a book warning people against just such charlatans who prey on the naive , the weak and those in distress. Beware of fraudsters such as Gafani
20. Rabbi Yaakov Hillel has wriiten a book
Nathan ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.18.06)
What's the book called, and where can it be obtained? I don't suppose it's available in English as well as Hebrew.
pepita gonzales ,   Ramat Aviv   (05.18.06)
Who of all you "talkback guys" checked for real facts?? verified events??? Even if it happened, look how gladly and quikly you comment and torn this rabbi's image down! Please use your basic derech eretz before joining the animalistic "critics for nothing" Ynet club By the way, if he reached the point of asking for sex (which he did not consumate as for this article), probably the not so young girls were begging him to do so. The guy has been framed
22. now will ynet listen?
eddie ,   london   (05.18.06)
a few motnhs ago there was a campaign on the awareness centre to have gafni exposed (not by undressing him, but by publicizing his perverse history) I wrote to Ynet, and they wrote back saying bla bla, they dont get ivovled in these issues - mayeb now they will isten he wasnt orthodox, anymore, he sent back his Semicha certifcate to Rabbi Riskin, so he was a BS man. anyhow, the Israeli Rabbis have a good history of abusing boys and girls
23. Talula, honey pot
sk ,   USA   (05.18.06)
it's "Chateauneuf du Pape," and it's way overpriced for what it is, a better than average Cotes Du Rhone. Anyway, dear, you should limit the carbs. If you're honest, you will admit that you still haven't forgiven Rabbi Gafni for declining your advances last year, even though you had recovered from your operation and no longer grew a beard. He said it was because of your perpetual case of crabs, but we both better, don't we?
24. Text of his apology
Dave the Mave ,   NY, NY   (05.18.06)
25. A worthy follwer in the footsteps of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.18.06)
The house of Prayer and Love. Alek
26. This is the kind of people who write for YNET
Jew ,   Eretz Israel   (05.18.06)
who are on official govt channels and the big newspapers. no wonder the state is in the state it's in.
27. Promisses, promisses
Josh ,   Jerusalem   (05.18.06)
You are more upset by this gafni than by promisses made by Sharon. This guy couldn't get a number on the Kadima list so the girls were upset. Big deal. I am sure many on Kadima list envy him. The guy will open a Muslem bazzar for ladies in LA and will continue to publish on Yanet.
28. 23
Talula ,   Israel   (05.18.06)
Veuillez ne pas me dire comment parler francais. Merci. Translated: Please do not tell me how to speak French. Thank you.
29. Watchout for Rabbis who are interested in RUMBUM!
Alan ,   SA   (05.18.06)
30. Rabbi Yaakov Hillel's book
S Judah ,   London   (05.18.06)
The english version is called Faith and Folly ( The hebrew Tamim Tiheyeh) published by Feldheim Books for Yeshivat Heverat ahavat Shalom of jerusalem
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