Minister Eitan: Israel in no position to attack Iran
Moran Zelikovich
Published: 19.05.06, 18:03
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1. Rafi Eitan
Joy Springreen   (05.19.06)
A man whose opinion is to be respected.
2. As I understand...
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.19.06)
...he is saying Olmert is wrong.Right?: “Israel must remain in the security zones, meaning all those zones we do not plan on annexing.” One more thing:Israel's opposers to Olmert(or anyone else that wants to keep shrinking Israel more and more) plans, should spread outdoors all over Israel ,with Arafat's words-which are being materialized: "We will build a Palestinian system of many separate military units; only in this way will we be able to defeat the Jews and expel them to the sea’,” Maybe ,with outdoors,those who have not yet realized the extreme danger,will start then.And those influenced by the "hula hula" leftist world tendencies,will start realizing that first we have to have our own home very well arranged, for after thinking in arrange another's home,specially the enemies ones. And about US,I hope they don't control Israel's will.
3. Eitan
Brod ,   USA   (05.19.06)
At his age Eitan cannot be an expert in Israel defense capability.
4. God! you help
Cyrus ,   San Francisco, US   (05.19.06)
Dear Isrealis, You would need to think rational. You cannot have Nuke and ask others to not have. That does not make sense, no matter what. Be rational, otherwise the people (and not corrupt politicians) will regret you. God!, please help the mess you have created in this planet --The Human-beings ! Cyrus
5. didn't Eita betray Pollard?
6. The son must always ask the father
Hamid ,   NY, NY   (05.19.06)
permission to do anything. This displays good manners, on behalf of Israel aka the ghetto bastard child of the U.S.
7. Cyrus, you idiot, Jews created mess on this Planet?
AK   (05.19.06)
I usually do not insult people on the net, but you’re a special case. Neither the God nor the Jews are creating the mess. It is the do-gooders like you who never stop aiding and abetting the wrong side in the conflict between the right and wrong. Never , ever blame the victim for the crimes of the other.
9. Rafi Eitan Looks Like Yoda
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill, NJ   (05.19.06)
Luke, use the force!
10. all you lot so far, just talk too much.
Joy Springreen   (05.19.06)
think, listen, wait. thats all for now. except be ready.
11. Enough already,Mr.Magoo!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.19.06)
Why don"t you shut that hole of your's? You were a spy,not a soldier.There is a hell of a difference. You want to talk, go visit your buddy castro.
12. Those Popeye missiles on Israeli Dolphin Class Submarines
can reach Iran! And the USA won't be able to stop them.
13. AK, Cyrus said ISRAELIs not JEWs
14. He betrayed Pollard #5
Eyal Hirsh ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.20.06)
he will do the same to Israel. Today's pensioner; yesterday's betrayer
15. Rafi Eitan
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.20.06)
did not betray Pollard. I am quite amazed as to how many people do not understand. I will not post anything of substance here, but people, I know brains are hard to come by sometimes, but please try using them, it is not really very difficult. I am no friend or proponent of Rafi Eitan, but it is so crystal clear to anyone with even the vaguest of knowlege about these things, as to what happened. Both before and after Pollard he performed a dedicated service to his country.
16. #15: sorry, yakov, that won't do.
sk ,   USA   (05.20.06)
My impression ws that, yes indeed, Eitan betrayed Pollard and continues to do so. There's also not any doubt that he invests very heavily in Cuba, a place that respectable people do not even travel to.
17. # 16 sk
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.20.06)
one,I agree totally on the Cuba comment. Two, in re the above he was known as "Smelly Raffi" by his professional associates. Three, you understood what I said, and there is more than a grain of substance to it.
18. #17 (yakov)
sk ,   USA   (05.21.06)
Yakov, usually I understand your allusions (which are often delightfully obscure), but this time I do not. Of course, I don't want you to spill the beans if secrecy after all this time is still necessary. I used to dismiss the whole Pollard business as not worth my time. And yet, several articles by Glick at the JPost changed my mind. If she is correct, the mere existance of an imprisoned Pollard after all these years is a kind of blood libel against all American Jews. It is also a sign that Israel can be trifled with. This is why I take the matter seriously. Integrity may hinder spycraft, but the Israeli Knesset and government needs more of it.
19. He's right and..
Persian CAT   (05.21.06)
Neither does Iran have the capacity or the intention to attack Israel. What is the motivation for Iran to do so? Destroy Isreal and expose itself to the Arab/Sunni enmity? This broohaha is nothing but the insurance policies for the militaray industrial complexed in Iran, Israel, the US and EU to survive and profit. That'a all.
20. # 18 sk
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.21.06)
Gamliel's teapot gave rise to an oft used line by the Bogey Man who did it for Betty B. They are all long gone, except Betty B.
21. #20 yakov
sk ,   USA   (05.21.06)
If I understand you correctly, I'm not sure I buy it.
22. # 21 sk
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.21.06)
You understood and you will probably live longer than me. Journalists have to make a living you know and a lot of people take a lot of flack from them. I am not sticking up for "smelly " coz the stench was bad sometimes.
23. 11, Spies are soldiers, however, backstabbers are not
Pollard was a soldier, but Eitan and Peres stabbed him in the back. Unfortunately for them, he isn't in jail anymore and hopefully will be in Israel soon!
24. Not just a spy, a backstabber too.
Robyn ,   philly   (03.24.17)
Pollard, if he knew that Iran would destroy Israel, would be all for it. Pollard would sacrifise his own life for Israel, while Eitan doesn't even want to sacrifise political power for Israel. He stabbed Pollard in the back, why should we listen to him?!
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