Exiles: Iran Jews to wear yellow ribbons
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 19.05.06, 18:46
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1. Historiographic mocking from Mahmoud
Joy Springreen   (05.19.06)
...he is going to say "look", "we make them wear yellow badges" "we have no camps" "the holocaust didnt happen" "we dont exterminate our jewish citizens" "we exterminate jewish countries" historiographic bull!
2. we used to say...
ian ,   Lima, Peru   (05.19.06)
does to all of you fell like these situation happened in germany in 1930`s???
3. Iran Nazi sequel
Brod ,   USA   (05.19.06)
Iran Ayatollahs-Islamist-Jihadists are dehumanizing the Jews with markers like the Nazis did to the Jews in the Holocaust of WWII. This is a rebirth of Nazism in the 21st century.
4. deja vu
Arie   (05.19.06)
Once again, a muHAMedan admits that the origins of Mein Kampf and the quran are one and the same
5. Ad as always
Arie   (05.19.06)
The eurabians and the UN will remain silent as they "attempt to negotiate a compromise." Sounds like chamberlain in 1939 all over again!
6. Islam is a tolerant and peaceful religion...again...
Isac ,   Florida   (05.19.06)
Now where is the outcry over these outrageous laws from the worldwide Muslim community?! It is again the fault of the Jews and the Christians, the "occupation", the "humiliation" at checkpoints in "Palestine" , that Jews and Christans will have to wear specific identifications on their clothing. It is so hard to believe, that Muslims continue to be so cruel and unjust!
7. No comment...
8. Cmon guys...he is just 'islamifying'
Aharon   (05.19.06)
I hate the mighty miget, i really do. I am sure this wont raise concerns in Eurabia, where they can't do enough for the Little Man. The left will say...see he is protecting the Jews from the religious police. Just like Hitler right? We say never again, but do we mean it? I sure as hell do. Whaddya say, airlift for the Iranian Jewry? I am for it. Writing is on the wall you guys, this guy is crazy. People blast Bush for being a religious nut, but this guy is beyond that. Take him out, and take the 'giant water boilers' out too, before they visit us in Tel Aviv via a Shahab missle....
9. Here it comes...
a   (05.19.06)
10. Hold WORLD Conference NOW Jews Christians Greatly ENDANGERED
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.19.06)
Jews, Christians and all other minorities are in great danger! It is the responsibility of the nations to rescue these innocents immediately from the Islamo-Fascist religious supremacists.
11. Time to rescue our People
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (05.19.06)
If this is indeed true then it could be an attempt to identify possible hostages in the event of an attack. The use of the color yelow for Jews is indeed a bad sign. Olmart The Goverment and the Left Wing should stop worrying about the PA Humanitarian issues and worry about our people and rescue our people now from Iran. But then again they have not been worried about the Rockets or secure borders so I am not optimistic.
12. adolf ahmadinedjad...
stephane ,   france   (05.19.06)
as i have always said,this bastard is a new hitler.israel and the free world must react and quickly! this bastard is very's not enough to plan to hit his nuclear facilities;we must in the same time eliminate this nazi.if we attack iran without killing him,we did nothing.HE is the PROBLEM.and for sure he didn't choose the yellow color by mistake.the world MUST react.
13. scaring...
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.19.06)
...tendencies... Even here,in South America,there is a very dangerous and antisemite man called Hugo Chaves,Venezuela's president,that ,I am afraid, has very dangerous thoughts. Just few days ago he went to London to confraternize with London's mayor,Livingstone,which seems not to appreciatte Jews very much too...
14. what about license plates
benjie ,   new york, ny   (05.19.06)
what about racist license plates used in occupied territory to identity jews. how is it different.
15. Completely crazy?
Joan ,   Haifa   (05.19.06)
Has Ahmadinejad simply lost his mind? On second thought, does he think maybe he can deflect world attention from his nuclear intentions this way?
16. Time to punch this guy's lights out.
Ron ,   USA   (05.19.06)
17. Where are ahmadinejad's supporters now ?
Jul ,   Paris   (05.19.06)
Some are wearing a red ribbon while others are not but they have one thing in common now : they're both modern times nazis !
18. To 14
Jaffa   (05.19.06)
Benjie, get some proportion! Did you think that license plates are different because they are issued by different authorities? When you have to different governments issuing license plates, they are different. Is it new for you?
19. the hidden imam
gawain ,   israel   (05.19.06)
if you want to truly understand what motivates iranian behavior, the following link is a must:
20. How Many Reasons Does The World Need To Bomb The Mullahs?
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ   (05.19.06)
Another reason to bomb the mullahs to kingdom come. Also, who said that the Islamists are not the real heirs of Hitler? German nazis = Arab nazis. Arafat's uncle, the Mufti from Jerusalem (Husseni) brokered this genocidal 'marriage'.
21. to benjie 14
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (05.19.06)
Well at a basic level, identification on a person differs from that on his car. You don't sit down to a meal in a restaurant in your car, for example. Iran also doesn't worry about suicide bombings on behalf of its Jewish population. This seems so obvious and yet apparently you need this pointed out to you.
22. Call to Jews of Iran
Jake ,   New York   (05.19.06)
This is how the holoacaust started. Please leave Iran as soon as possible.
23. prediction
alan ,   frisco   (05.19.06)
Here's what will happen. The EU will say you can use any color but yellow, it is too close to the color of stance. Koffi will say this is a terrible violation of international norms which we condemn and then go back to his milking business. German business will apply for a contract to provide the paint. Russia will object to the use of red. And the every jazz palyer will object to the use of blue. Meanwhile the international brigades for peace and justice will have a picnic to celebrate what they all secretly wish for. No the world is not going mad, folks; it passed that mark when it failed to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities two years ago.
24. Never Again
Robert James ,   USA   (05.19.06)
As Jews we have promised that Holocaust will never ever happen again and we still hold our promises. NEVER AGAIN!
25. Iran yellow stars
Raoul ,   Israel   (05.19.06)
Appropo Noam Chomsky - when he goes to Iran, he better not forget to wear his yellow star!!
26. #14 I suggest you shut it, or you can join Chomsky
On his meeting with Hizballah, moron.
27. Where are all the people....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.19.06)
who think that this crazy ass country need nukes??? This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen yet and the world is just sitting there. I hope Russia and China can finally see how crazy this guy is.
KOROSH ,   TEHRAN,IRAN   (05.19.06)
We the Iranian people stan by out jewish and christians brothers and condem this act of the terorrist regime of iran and we will protect our jewish brother just like our great king CYROUS THE GREAT saved the jews from babelon we will help our jewish brothers and sisters against this regime which has done so amny bad things to minoritieis such as Zorostrian, chrisitand, jews and even muslims like sunis which are the minority in iran. WE WILL BRING BACK OUR GREAT AND PECEAFULL NATION OF PERSIA(IRAN) ONCE AND FOR ALL AND WILL DESTROY THE ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST OF THE FACE OF IRAN!
29. If Israel was able to get our Ethiopian Jews
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.19.06)
out - we owe our poeple in Iran - for those who want to leave to be brought to freedom fast. Saying that: I was surprised to see on my TV today (Swiss) - how many were prepaired to talk - it was with strain and being uneasy - they tried to talk - They know the time has come to leave. Again saying that - others - besides being Jews - were violently against leaving - defended the Iranian regime and it's leader - ??????? And spoke positive about Ahmadinejad - which was very shocking and one wonders if it was under pressure only, being purely scared. In any event - Our people deserve to be NOT let down by us ALL - and I mean the entire International Community has a duty ......!!!! Remember we all had said - NEVER AGAIN - As a holocaust survivor (I was small then - but we lived through hell) - We can never allow our poeple to be left to another Holocaust
30. #14, Israel is 20% Arab and they ALL have Israeli plates
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.19.06)
Jordan Palestine has 0% Jewish citizens. Who is racist? I think its certain Arabs/Muslims and their supporters like you.
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