Opinion  Ray Hanania
Chutzpah needed
Ray Hanania
Published: 21.05.06, 10:03
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1. The reason there is no strong Arab lobby is...
Shai ,   Israel   (05.21.06)
.... they have no cause worthy of supporting.
2. Real Courage?
Israeli ,   Israel   (05.21.06)
The suppport of funding of Islamic supremecists and terrorists is not real courage it is evil. With all due respect to the columnist who is sitting in America. The Palestinians have chosen a path of religious and racial supremecy and terror through a religious and racial supremecist government called Hamas. This organization has abundant funds for rocket procurement buying shipents of weapons and firing M16 bullets on automatic into the air. (These bullets are very expensive) To fund such a terror organization is the equivalent of the US to fund racial supremecist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, Al Kaeda or the Taliban etc. It is not courageous to support religious and racial supremecy it is evil.
3. Shai; The only cause Arabs support is destroying Israel.
Daisy ,   USA   (05.21.06)
They know that Americans won't put up with that so they try other tactics like infiltrating colleges and the media to spread propaganda against Israel. Of course they have no moral ground to stand on because they never speak out against terrorism or take responsibility for their own actions. It sounds like Ray doesn't it?
4. LMAO, this is pure comedy
Ezra ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.21.06)
"It’s too bad that the Arab American community is so divided and lacking in political maturity to be effective at all." Well, Ray, the reason for that is that there's no such thing as "the Arab American community". Most "Arab"-Americans are actually Lebanese and Syrian Christians, and the ones that I've met and talked with don't consider themselves Arab and don't want to have anything to do with Arabs.
5. better off w/o?
Tsedek ,   Israel   (05.21.06)
It looks to me that Palestinians would be better off without the "help" of the Arabs. Let them be divided between each-other, and let Palestinians give the example and show unity. Unfortunately, as we can see these days, with the violence going on between Fatah & Hamas supporters, there is no basis for being optimistic about that either. Still: if they could ever settle the dispute between them and start thinking about what's good for them they would, I'm sure, see that "help" from their "brothers" is no help at all.... And you've got history and the current situation in the refugee camps in arab countries to prove that. Tse.
6. Ray, it all boils down to organization
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (05.21.06)
Jews have good organizational skills. Always have. Comes from being a worldwide minority group. Its one of those things like why are jews succesful at bussinness... History has left us no choice but to be good at both (Mark Twain elaborated on this issue). Arab populations are not used to being minorities. But I wouldn't worry about a pro-arab lobby. It may not be relevant in the US but it has taken over most of europe. Anyways, lawmakers in the US understand the palestinians need for funds and they do keep transfering funds. There was an article recently on ynet...
7. Arab lobby was 9/11
James Meeker ,   USA   (05.21.06)
I wish we would have listened to the Isreali lobby more beforehand.
8. The Arabs already Have 2 powerful lobbies
bob ,   potomac md   (05.21.06)
Ray, for crying out loud. The Arabs already have 2 powerful lobbies: (1) the oil companies and (2) the State Dept.
9. RAY
ISRAELI ,   ISRAEL   (05.21.06)
RAY Hanania, sounds like a christian name. I wonder what he has to say about the ethnic cleansing of christians in the Palestinian authority Bet Lehem, Ramallah etc. and South Lebanon Ramaish, Ein Ebel etc. in fact the whole Muslim world! I'd like to see him as a columnist in the PA. The Hamas would ethnically cleanse him in a second. Remember Mr Hanania the only place in the middle east where christians are free and have human rights and full equality is Israel. So now think why Arab Americans many of whom are Christians are not so proactive in supporting Muslim supremecist racist organisations
10. Arab Lobby
NYC Girl   (05.21.06)
You seem to forget that the Arabs have one of the most powerful lobbies in this country. It's called the Saudi royal family...and it's had America "by the short hairs" because we need their oil.
11. You're a grocery clerk for the new world order.
akiva ,   Chicago, IL   (05.21.06)
Your brothers in America serve it unwillingly, as do you.
12. #7. Bush was 9/11. Arabs were clerks.
13. Call the proposed Lobby Group-"Twin Towers United93 Lobby"
Alan ,   SA   (05.21.06)
14. unfortainatly , he is with no doubt correct
andrew ,   miami,fl   (05.21.06)
16. Support what PA corruption, Hamas Suicide Bombers
Rafi   (05.21.06)
What would democratically fair minded person support, PA corruption, lies, and terrorism, the spirit of Arafat, Hamas suicide schools in summer camps, or maybe they should hope to go to an Arab land and start new with fellow Arabs. Arab land meaning one of the 22 Arab states. Ray get the Arab americans to help start a new for the PA in the vast expanses of Saudia. That would be a worth cause.
17. Encouraging
Oshrat ,   NY   (05.21.06)
This article is most encouraging. Arab Americans not supporting racist islamic supremecists like the Palestinians and their evil government shown that Arab Americans are Americans and realise that supporting the Islamic supremecy of the Palestinians is supporting the same doctrine of racist world domination of Islamist supremecists who undertook the 9/11 attacks. This is wonderful Arab Americans prove they are first and foremost Americans who turn their back on racial hatred and terrorism. Also I guess Arab Americans who are Christians realise the present Islamic supremecy of Palestinians/Iran/Al Kaeda has nothing to do with them. It's a shame Ray feels someway that he is ethnically connected to the evil of the present Palestinian situation.
18. ds
Its true the Arabs are unorganised...In Europe they are only so strong because EUROPEANS organise the groups (motivated by 1) anti-semitism and 2) desire for petrodollars). Most Americans don't back the Palestinians, and don't blame 'media control by the jews'. It has to do with the fact that most people dont support terror and suicide bombings and calls for destruction. In Europe the media is bad. I mean, just read the BBC (Islamo-Agitprop). Every news page (not story) has something to do with the Middle East, Arabs or Islam. And usually it tries to portray them in a good light (Made it seem that the France riots WERE France's fault, not the rioters - The London Bombers were such nice guys, who knows what happened, sure wasnt Islam) Thing is Ray, You pegged the Arabs, the inexplicable lack of interest, the IBM (Inshallah, Bookrah and I forget the M - hehe) attitude. What will they do about it, nothing...Thats what Useful Western Idiots are for...
19. I think AIPAC will be weakened becuz the American ppl now
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (05.21.06)
knows that Israeli interests do not serve American ones.
20. Shame on You!
Antoine Khraishe ,   chicago   (05.21.06)
I am an arab american formerly from the town of Debel in Lebanon. This article does not represent arab americans we are against the Islamo-fascism of the present Palestinian goverment and against it's funding with US dollars. Shame on you Ray. As a Christian how can you support the funding of Palestinians with the same sick ideology as the 9/11 bombers!
21. Betty McCullom
Steven ,   London   (05.21.06)
If Betty is so keen on funding the Islamic Supremecist Hamasnik Palestinians perhaps she would also support other supremecist hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan German Neo-Nazis or Al Kaeda there are many racist supremecist organizations hell bent on world domination who would appreciate her support what about the present Iranian leader. Does Betty support all racial supremecist groups or is it only those engaged in killing Jews?
22. #19
More-hammered ,   pluklukastan   (05.21.06)
no. Only Arab interests serve American ones. Bring on the oil!
23. Al-Ynet is living up to its name more & more
leo ,   Israel   (05.21.06)
This article and the disgraceful Lapid column on sgt Dayan among about a zillion other things. Bring it on Al-Ynet!!
24. hanania
dana ,   ny   (05.21.06)
why does this guy have a column in ynet?
25. Hanania is Once Again Out of His Mind, Delusional
26. Th Arab lobby is present and infintely more powerful
Joy Springreen   (05.21.06)
It has always been the control of resources and access that has been he biggest factor in Arab political/economic influence over middle eastern policy in the last 50 years. The Arabs used to be in the 3rd world, they bought the second world and have put a firm down payment on the first one. The huge commercial power of Arab Oil money is the largest force in international economics. All international issues of Middle eastern identity have been brought to the fore, and arguably exacerbated, by the influence of an Oil powered Arab Lobby. The price hike on the early mid-70's was the political and economic after tool, for a united defeat by the last battle of pan-arabism. In the anxiety of this, the price of petrol doubled. That was the point in which the second world was bought. As for the down payment on the 1st world, well that has steadily increased with gradual prices of Oil, Iranian revolutionary attitudes, the Gulf War, the Iraq war, the US ports deal and the ever expanding power of the spending Gulf Oil States. If they say jump, the world considers it, but on the whole doesnt "jump". The "israel lobby" can therefore be seen as an increasing reactionary phenomenon to counteract the globally influencing dynamic of the international "arab oil lobby". The Palestinians fit into this macabre twist of chaotic international economics as the very last issue of arab nationalism in the middle east. In seeking influence based on an agenda that have seen enourmous gains since implemented (price rises of oil in mid 70's made arab states very wealthy), the Palestinian issue is not given the respect it deserves. Ultimately by keeping refugee status for the 100's of 1000's of descendants of Palestinians in Arab countries, keeps a hot earner hot. Never give up on a good thing. Which in itself is true but for Israelis and Palestinians to enjoy co-existence by, and not co-ercion. Personally, I cant really see the cultural or politcal connection between Iran and the Palestinians. Its much like Russia and Greece. Both Orthodox but infinetly different. Greece is a mediterranean place not a transeurasian state. Much like Iran is both Gulf, Persia and Caucaus. But nothing to do with the cultures of the levant. It just begs the question, Shouldnt Israelis and Palestinains look to each other to build a future rather than aggrevating the minute details between each other to exagerated effect in an attempt to try to overshadow the enourmous similarity between all the levaninte cultures old and new? Look at all the biblical, maps and from the few times when there wasnt empire there. All you can see is small states all huddling together to keep warm in a hostile politcal environment with big neighbours. So whatever we may feel about lobbies here and there. They are all reactionary, the channels that must be pursued are cultural and not political or economic as there is always a competition in these factors. The cultrual connections must be strengthened between Israelis and Palestinians. If they both love the land the need to share it. Like the story of Jesus who administered over the case whereby 2 mothers disputed a baby. Only in our version, we need to accept while one is the mother, the other is the father. Which one? That is the question of Israeli and Palestinian parenthood for the 21st century. They need to start behaving like parents and not bitter orphans in order to find the answer.
27. right 19 their interest is to submit to islam, allah...boom!
cassius clay ,   Montreal   (05.21.06)
28. And if someone tries to pull them out....
Steve ,   USA   (05.21.06)
B"H ... like a swimmer that is drowing, it pulls its savior down also to make it drown. Something I am not understanding about the Arab public in Israel: why is it that we cannot save it from frustration and poverty? Why does it keep on shooting itself on the foot? How are we supposed to be patient enough to redeem it? My understanding of the time of Joshua was that the nation of Canaan had fallen apart because of its abuses, and the Israelites were assigned to come in and disband its government. All its male inhabitants who had caused so much trouble were sent off to other countries to have citizenship under people who were less disasterous, and all the land was given to the Jews to restore justice on. Those who refused died. Because the land is G-d's land, G-d decides who is fit for it and who is not. And through my and my ancestor's corruption, G-d sent us away with a promise that we can come back after we decide to straighten out and we acknowledge the evil that we did to G-d and how we abrogated G-d's covenant as a people in exile. The Jews who observed the covenenat always remained in Israel. So why is it that the Arabs who are only able to live in Israel under extreme poverty and violence are not accepting of a process of redemption outside of Israel? The Iranian president said that the Jews should go to Europe, and I assume he is referring to those who are corrupt. Why should not the Arabs if this is a place for those who cannot observe G-d's covenent over the land? Is it not going to make people any happier to stay in a miserable situation of their own making. I accept exile. I assume you do also Ray if you are American-Arab. What is the problem with ackowledging our state and taking our proper place instead of corrupting furhter Israel's territory? We are in excile. Why cannot those Arabs who are making such a mess also go to exile? Is it so bad in Europe or the United States if that is the beginning of individual redemption?
29. Hanania the Opportunist
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (05.21.06)
You opine primarily because of the buzz generated by the Kennedy School paper on AIPAC and the follow on commentaries by New York Review of Books, Alan Dershowitz, Noam Chomsky, and others. I hear you crying "me too!"
30. the trick is
Joy Springreen   (05.21.06)
getting the common denominator right http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/story?id=1974794
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