Tuborg to offer new lemon beer
Orna Yefet
Published: 21.05.06, 12:06
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1. lemon beer?
Jerusalem,Israel   (05.21.06)
probally will taste like vomit. Why put lemon in beer? beer already has a bitter taste. I guess to make it taste more bitter?
2. to #1
D ,   TA   (05.21.06)
Lemon is bitter?!! Try sour...
3. Sounds Great
I can't wait.
4. LOL! #1, you made my day!
Gerd ,   Germany   (05.21.06)
5. delllll!!!!
joe ,   usa   (05.21.06)
just add a sprite to you beer it's so good..........
6. I think this might be borderline sacreligious
Lemon in beer? Goodness gracious old chap! That sort of things alltogether shocking! Next we'll be seeing beer in lemonade (Actually, I dont think that last ones such a good idea old boy, we might upset the Yanks)
7. Sounds like a bad attempt to copy Shandy
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (05.22.06)
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