Amnesty slams Israeli policy in Territories
Published: 23.05.06, 12:48
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31. Amnesty doesn't care about human rights at all
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (05.23.06)
During the Soviet era Amnesty was notorious for never criticising the totalitarian communist regimes of Eastern Europe, indeed it was effectively an agent of the Soviet government. Nowadays Amnesty is an agent of Arab and Muslim terror states and of Islamis terrorists. Of course its roots in far-left fascism are the same. The only rights they care about are those of terrorists. As for human rights for Jews - and for all other citizens and residents of Israel murdered by terrorists - forget it. We don't have any human rights as far as this cancerous organisation is concerned.
32. Excuse my French...
Scott ,   Haifa   (05.23.06)
Amnesia International - you are disgusting. What about the rights of all of the Jews (and foreigners) who have been maimed and handicapped by Islamofascists? Does anyone stand up for them? Can you spell, "AGENDA"..."BIAS"...
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (05.23.06)
Send these shmucks on an all expenses paid vacation to the tropical paradise kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
34. Amnesty Internationals Credentials and Validity Questionable
david ,   santa cruz, usa   (05.23.06)
35. Let me guess - Amnesty are just a bunch of Israel haters?
Ellen Prescott ,   Southsea, Hampshire   (05.23.06)
One of the most reputable organisations in the world has pointed out the deep suffering that the Israelis are causing the Palestinians. Are they simply Israel haters? How much longer will their extensive and highly accurate research be ignored and pushed aside as 'biased.'? Amnesty international does so much good around the world, it brings tears to my eyes just imagining it. Amnesty: Keep up the fight for justice. You have the support of the world.
36. 3 Hitchings: The Stormtrooper and His Commie Remarks again
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.23.06)
37. Israel should respond
Wise Man ,   USA   (05.23.06)
Amnesty is a "anti sematic" , terror suporter and looking to obtain "WMD". IDF should locate Amnesty and attack as soon as possible. Amnesty is planning to harm Israel and the USA should send some troops and the European must involve too. The security of the world is at risk.
38. #29,#30, Gabrielle thanks for report
Brod ,   USA   (05.23.06)
Gabrielle, thanks for the report regarding the leader of Amnesty. No wonder Amnesty has been pro-Islamists. I hope Khan knows about the atrocities committed by Islamist countries on their own people. She should read the powerful testimonies of former Islamists from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other Islamist countries about such atrocities in a book entitled "Leaving Islam" edited by Ibn Warraq. She should especially read Chapter 15 (pp.181-202) entitled "Islamic Terrorism and the Genocide in Bangladesh" by Abul Kasem (Bangladesh). This is a Must Read book for Amnesty and Islamists. Other related resource is
39. Yahhhh Babyyyyy
ابو العبد ,   Tulkarem   (05.23.06)
see? its not just the stupid, ignortant, 3rd world, extremist, backword muslims, undemocratic, barbarian palestinians who think israel is a TERRORIST state and ran by war criminals. The Whole World see you as terrorist state. TWO THUMBS DOWN ISRAEL ;-)
40. Amnesty International and the World Council of Churches
Phil ,   US   (05.23.06)
First, Amnesty International is an organization run by people with a biased, single point of view. They have an agenda and will not entertain alternative points of view within their organization. Undoubtedly, some of the power elite at this organization are not consciously antisemitic. They just are unable to get past the left-wing's inability to think things through and consider why the other side holds differing points of view. Instead, they automatically label those with different viewpoints with unacceptable labels. So, people with similar mindsets to the officers of AI, such as Harry Reid, label proponents of making English the official language of America as"racist" or those who want to stop ILLEGAL immigration as xenophobic or anti-latino. Amnesty International always identifies with those IT considers to be oppressed. These "oppressed people" are always held blameless and the reasons for their horrific behavior are always because of a more powerful force. Thus, because Amnesty International considers the Palestinians to be oppressed and Israel to be powerful, they tend to blame Israel for everything. The fact that Israel is expending so much money in building a barrier against terrorism is denounced, like the checkpoints, because it "inconveniences" Palestinians. That it has reduced the incidence of suicide bombings means nothing to Amnesty International because Israeli civilians are part of the powerful party and the college educated suicide bombers are forced to murder because of their frustration. That millions of Arabs are Israeli citizens while Jews are forbidden to own land or even live in so many Islamic lands means nothing to AI because these facts are not within AI's view of the way things are. Likewise, poverty in Gaza and the West Bank is blamed on Israel by AI. That the PA has stolen billions of dollars in foreign aid and squandered money (for buying weapons) that should have been used to develop an infrastructure for Palestinian prosperity means nothing to AI because everything "the oppressed" does is excused. With the World Council of Churches, the hatred of Israel has less to do with the leftist mindset of AI. The WCC is an organization steeped in hatred of everything Jewish. These theologians won't admit their antisemitism because that is not politically correct since the Shoah, but their perfunctory denunciations of the Holocaust are insincere. For a Christian group to continually attack Jews (in this case the Jewish State) after the murder of 6000,000 Jews by the christians of Europe and the centuries of christian atrocities against Jews including the Inquisition, the expulsion of Jews from christian countries, the pogroms, etc is just an extension of hatred against Jews. Unlike the Catholic Church's attempts to deal with its past behavior against the Jews, The WCC refuses to acknowlege the sorry history of antisemitism of their churches and refuses to consider Jewish feeling and aspirations because of their inability to come to grips with their antisemitism. Thus, everything Israel(i.e. the Jews) does is evil and everything Palestinians(the non-Jews) do is justified. In fact, there is nothing that Israel could do that would please the WCC other than to disappear. Then, this group of haters would target the remnants and survivors for criticism.
41. never mind
Flying dutchman ,   the netherlands   (05.23.06)
they also slamed the netherlands,
42. Amnesty has a 90% chance of being right...
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (05.23.06)
anyways , you people out there, anything that criticize israel is evil in your eyes, ISRAEL IS THE PERFECT COUNTRY THAT RESPECTS HUMAN RIGHTS, THAT NEVER VIOLATED ANYTHING , BLA BLA BLA , well as a Palestinian under occupation, i can confirm amnesty's position! They are 200% Right! Israel is very violent against us , I dont care about the Terrorists, i'm not one of them, BUT I"m still getting punished , israel is reversing the international law of " Nobody is guilty unless the guilt is prooven" ..for israel, we all have to justify and proove that we are not Guilty before getting some consideration! Anyways...who cares about what i say, i'm a terrorist who is stealing a promised land...or at least, thats what you guys believe! The day you will admit the crimes of israel, you will join the international community, meanwhile, you are on planet USA! Nobody is perfect, I AM ALWAYS THE FIRST TO CONDEMN OUR CRIMES! So your turn now, as human beings, to admit yours! Its the only way towards AT LEAST one good thing in your existence! Yes, i'm talking to you American pro-israel-no-matter-what people.....This includes Linda Rivera and her likes....
43. #42 Palistine Does Not Exist, and Never Will
david ,   holy cross, usa   (05.23.06)
44. who cares
zhoric ,   la la land   (05.23.06)
Why do sane people have to care about some lunatic report which is almost invariably apologetic of terror??? This report is written by grass smoking half wits who call black white and hot cold. No argument or polemics with them is of any use.
45. #39
While we are only considered war criminals by your "humane" organizations you are still considered a vicious murderer by the rest of the world. So I guess 2 thumbs up for us?
46. #42
Maybe if you and your other 'innocent' friends get the uninnocent ones to stop what they are doing you wouldn't have to blame israel for everything we do to protect ourselves, we treat you all as terrorists because you are a minority of non-terrorists. You all chose hamas, you reap what you sow.. have fun.
47. nice Spirit N43....
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (05.23.06)
Ok...let it be, you dont want palestine to exist? Who cares? but you know what? Say bye bye to the jewish state, Its or Israel and Palestine ...or All of us in one state, Let me calculate something...2 million arabs inside israel, 4 Millions in the territories, not counting the ones outside..... a minimum of 6 million arabs ...against 4 million jews....This is what will happen if palestine is not created! Israel will BECOME AN ARAB STATE! So whether you like it or not, Palestine WILL EXIST...anyways, the first solution suits me too...i honestly don't mind, as long as i get my rights!....But what is out of question is me or any of my compatriots leaving the country ..... Thats the holy thing about this land, In both cases you loose! but with the option of the Palestinian state, you loose less! Anyways american...who cares about you ? you are on your planet , we are on ours, LEAVE US ALONE!
48. Amnesty does actually criticize Muslim countries
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (05.23.06)
So unlike some organizations, Amnesty is not simply a bunch of raving anti-Semitic hacks. What you DO need to know is that different groups of people do work on different reports, and that there is some degree of bias. Calling terrorists simply "armed groups" is a bit silly, and specifically labelling Israeli actions illegal but not Palestinian actions, is also slanted. Anyway: Amnesty on Sudan: Amnesty on Iran: Amnesty on Israel: Amnesty on PA:
49. Amnesty is as honest as the Islamic Jihad!
Roger ,   USA   (05.23.06)
50. Life must be tough for the Arab terrorists and those
Anne ,   USA   (05.23.06)
who support them because the Jews are slowly learning to defend themselves.
51. Amnesty International
USA ,   USA   (05.23.06)
I think Amnesty slams everyone for human rights abuses. Not just Israel. Do you think they really think suicide bombing is ok? Come on people. Its a human rights organization, not a terrorist group. Maybe do some research before labelling a great organization a bunch of terrorist sympathizers... because that is exactly what it is not. Iran Human Rights Concerns Amnesty International continues to document serious human violations including detention of human rights defenders and other prisoners of conscience, unfair trials, torture and mistreatment in detention, deaths in custody and the application of the death penalty. Iran has one of the highest number of recorded executions of any country in the world. Amnesty International is particularly concerned about the execution of children and individuals who were minors when their crimes were alleged to have taken place. In the past few months, a number of human rights abuses--including large-scale arrests, incommunicado detention and torture--have taken place in the context of recent unrest among the country's Arab and Kurdish minorities. Lawyers, journalists and others who have spoken out against human rights violations have themselves been targeted for abuse. Saudi Arabia Human Rights Concerns The push for political reform, occurring simultaneously with an increasingly unsettled security situation, has created a very unpredictable human rights environment. Killings by both government security forces and armed groups occur periodically, either in attacks or shootouts. The pardon and release of prominent reform advocates by King Abdullah may signal a more consistent support for reform, but torture and ill-treatment persist, as do incommunicado detention, prolonged detention without charge, and unfair trials. There are still scores of political prisoners and possible prisoners of conscience. Saudi Arabia continues to use flogging and amputations as punishments. Executions, beheadings with a sword, occur regularly and are disproportionately carried out against foreign nationals. Foreign workers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, particularly female domestic workers, who have virtually no protection at all. About 600 Iraqis remain stranded in Rafha refugee camp since the 1991 Gulf War, denied the opportunity to seek asylum in Saudi Arabia. The list goes on and on... Amnesty International also spoke out against abuses against settlers taken from Gaza last year. As a Jew I feel that Israel has the right to exist obviously and I love my people. I just don't really agree with the statement that Amnesty International is Anti-Semetic. Historically, the main focus of AI's campaigning has been to: free all prisoners of conscience; ensure a prompt and fair trial for all political prisoners; abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment end extrajudicial executions and ''disappearances''; fight impunity by working to ensure that perpetrators of such human rights abuses are brought to justice in accordance with international standards. Over the years AI has expanded this mandate to encompass human rights abuses committed by non-governmental bodies and private individuals (non-state actors). AI opposes abuses by armed political groups (in control of territory or operating in opposition to governments), such as hostage-taking, torture and unlawful killings. AI opposes human rights abuses against civilians and non-combatants by both sides during armed conflict. AI has also targeted abuses in the home or community where governments have been complicit or have failed to take effective action. Female genital mutilation, abuses in the context of the trafficking in women and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people - where tolerated or condoned by the authorities - have all fallen within this category.
52. 35 Ellen Prescott : And her joke of an agenda
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.23.06)
Knowing nothing - Is Ellens trade mark
53. 39 Tulkarem: You bore us: Sure Khan an Islamist toots
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.23.06)
into your horn ......... she .. Khan has a record - so Amnesty has become irrelevant even By countires such as Sweden - and Mostly Switzerland - Switzerland started to laugh ybout Khan
54. Ash (#12)
Hook ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.23.06)
Ash, it's pointless talking to the likes of Richard Hitchings. To them, the "occupation" involves Jewish sovereignty over any part of Israel. Let him lig in drek, where he'll find most of his friends. His statement that he's an agnostic, provides him with no credibility. I'm an agnostic, also, but that doesn't qualify me to prescribe "solutions" to Israelis.
55. #35
john   (05.23.06)
Oh please, my stomach turned just reading this. "tears to my eyes"? How about other nations around the world with TRULY terrible reputations? How about any Muslim nation in the MIddle East and thier state policies against any faith other than Islam? Look at what happens to coptic Christians in Egypt! Is it even worth asking whether any Jew would SURVIVE in any of these nations? What about medievil punishments for "crimes" such as apostasy from Islam? How about the subject of honor killings of women (over 1000 LAST YEAR ALONE in Pakistan). How about Indonesian violence toward and harassment of non-Muslims? Fight for justice indeed. They slam Isreal, but leave other nations in the Middle East unscathed. "How much longer will their extensive and highly accurate research be ignored and pushed aside as 'biased.'?" Until it is EXTENSIDE AND HIGHLY ACCURATE! Save your self-righteous pontification! The world will support Amnesty once they deserve it...
56. N46
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (05.23.06)
We are a minority of non-terrorists? ....Did anyone hear you? Don't repeat this in front of anyone, it sounds very ridiculous! Its the primitive way of thinking! Why don't you say that all arabs are muslims, all jews are zionists, all iraqis are saddams, all afghans are talibans, all israelis are jews, all americans support bush....what else? ..... How can you be that limited for god's sake! Open your eyes, Look at what's behind the wall, you probably don't know what a palestinian loos like! We have hair, eyes, a nose and ears! Just like everyone else! And you know what? We walk on our feet and the most exclusive piece of information just for you : WE EAT WITH FORKS AND KNIVES!!!!! ..... now stop it with this " all palestinians are..." It wont advance you to anything! And another thing....just as all israelis didn't choose Olmert, all palestinian's didn't choose Hamas....and for your limited general knowledge, a Majority in an Election never meant 50% of the votes.....a majority can be as little as 10% if all other parties get 5% Each;the party that god 10% wins! thats how it is in our world...i dont know about yous
57. Ramzi, We Know You Stand For Our Destruction, Do You Realy
Think We Will Allow ,   A Terrorist State in   (05.23.06)
58. No Mr.#57
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (05.23.06)
no no....You think that you know...but the truth is you dont know anything at all! Let me teach you a few things : Number 1 2 3 4 5 ......alphabet : A B C D E..... Enough for today...... See what is the impression you give of yourself ?
59. The JEW-HATING LIARS of Amnesty
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.24.06)
Jew-haters demand the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria because Jews are not Muslim. Jews are not safe in Muslim areas anywhere. Jew-haters Amnesty, make no attempt to stop Islamist continual hate incitement and non-stop terror attacks against infidel Jews - victims of global jihad. Arab Muslim children and adults train in terrorist training camps. Ambulances transport terrorists, weapons, and bombs. Stabbings, shootings, fire-bombings, stonings, drive-by shootings, bombs planted, grenade attacks, rocket and mortar attacks, lynchings, human bomb murder attacks. PA society supported by American and European tax dollars, are united in conquering all Israel for Islam. The ultimate goal is Islamic world rule. The raison d'etre of the genocidal PA society is the mass murder of Jewish innocents. Palestinian Authority Muslims are taught murdering Jews is the highest goal in life and attains paradise:
60. Amnesty Make a MOCKERY of HUMAN RIGHTS
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.24.06)
Amnesty don't believe Jews should have human rights. No right to a home in their Biblical homeland. No right of defense... Amnesty's Jew-hate is despicable.
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