British vote for Israeli hummus
Navit Zomer
Published: 23.05.06, 20:42
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1. Why not USA? I'd rather buy Israeli products
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.23.06)
I prefer to buy US and Israeli products and boycott all Arab states that dont have peace with Israel.
3. 2 your ignorant, israel was under ottoman rule!
Mohammed-Ali ,   Montreal   (05.23.06)
4. #2 what the heck is your problem?
Logic ,   Israel   (05.23.06)
The world would be a better place if each society adopted the best things from others and dropped the bad things.
5. Since when the British know anything
Simone ,   San Francisco CA   (05.24.06)
about food? Sorry to be direct but I never heard of them knowing anything about food. Indian curries may be but anything else???
6. to #1
marty ,   Boston   (05.24.06)
Try the Butcherie on Harvard Street, Brookline. Tons of Israeli food products includinh hummos, cheeses, etc. On Route 1, Walople go to the Big Y for Israeli products, also Shaws in Sharon
7. Silly #2
David ,   Yerushalayim   (05.24.06)
No-one said hummus was Israeli. All they did was win a taste test for best hummus. If you don't like it, make a better hummus and export it to the UK. Anyway I guess your posting means the Arabs stole it from the Turks. Or maybe it came to Israel from Turkish Jews. Who knows? In any case, your posting is ridiculous. As I'm sure you know, the best hummus is made with lots of techina, and the best techina comes from Nablus. Or maybe you don't know that or love hummus as much as I do. Am I allowed to love it? I'm not Turkish. But Israelis do like to claim foods as their own. So you have reason to maybe be irritated.
8. Israeli Hummus!!!!
C'est Moi ,   Canada   (05.24.06)
I didn't know polish people make hummus...did the zionists bring hummus with them from poland and russia or did they steal the culture just like they did with the land? Just curious.
9. ya Aboud, hal tantahee, rajul majnun?
Noam ,   Washington/ FL   (05.24.06)
You said it yourself that Hummus was Turkish orginally, not Levantine Arab. Every "culture's" cuisine usually comes from somewhere else. Maybe you shouldn't put tomatoes in your khubz 'arabi (itself influenced by Indian cooking) or eat potatoes for dinner since they were both "stolen" from the Native Americans in the World. History has millions of migrations and cultures exchange foods. Plus in this era with globalization and health consciousness, hummous is manufactured by Californian and Canadian companies. How about you rant against them for stealing your supposed indigienous appetizer?
10. #2
No one said hummus was Israeli, all the article says is the UK chose our hummus as their best, got a prob? call 1-800-STFU
11. Humus in Israel/ #2
David   (05.24.06)
The Arabs may claim to have invented humus, but it took the Israelis to perfect it...
12. Tomorrow they'll print a retraction
After learning that it's made in "Apartheid Israel" etc.
13. c'est moi- toi baffoon!
ash ,   gush etzion   (05.24.06)
You obviously dont know anything about Israel at all if you think that Israelis are from Poland. The majority of Israelis during the early years of the state were not even from europe but were from morrocco, egypt, Yemen, Iraq, and even Turkey. So Israel is hardly European solely. We have ethnic food from many places, if these people didnt persecute and expell us all the time we would have stayed in one place. Your ignorance does you no sevice.
14. world cup for humus 2007?
chick pea ,   israel   (05.24.06)
when are we going to have the world cup for humus,?
15. Tsabar isn't even the best hummus in Israel.
16. They just ignint
Stephen ,   Raleigh   (05.24.06)
Clearly they don't know what "Sabra", means else they would be calling for a boycott. Why don't they just choke on it. Oh wait, then they'd blame the Jews.
17. #12
Iris ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.24.06)
I have a feeling that you are right!!!!
18. The Brits chose ISRAEL themselves, cool down arguments!!!
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.24.06)
19. all - hold your breath..
Vorax   (05.24.06)
..and don't frighten my Brits please! .."Sabra" Hummus disappeared from my local ASDA about 10 month ago.. AND I FEEL THE LOSS! Probably as a result of some moronic boycott. PC-Brits can't decide what is worse - to chew that clay that left, or buy decent stuff but from 'occupiers'. Oh please... - how can I explain it for you better?... Oh, let's say it this way, - "Being antisemitic might damage your taste buds".
20. NEWS BULLETEN - america steals pizza and chinese food
ariel ,   jerusalem   (05.24.06)
what?!@#$ so now if i want "authentic" pizza i have to go to italy???
21. Humus
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.27.06)
This is great, now you all argue about humus, what next ??
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