Bush: PM's plan an important step to peace
Ronny Sofer
Published: 24.05.06, 00:51
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1. Convergence Ignored, Schnorer deminished
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.23.06)
Of the two, Bush is the better Jew, with a better understanding of tradition, of Jewish history and security for Israel. I would rather Olmert converted to something that would suit him or simply declare himself a Pagan, get on his harley and ride off into angels territory. ((inside motor joke there)). Ellen gets it, having been a motor Mama.
2. REALIGNMENT. Today's Convergence
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.24.06)
After having failed to satisfactorily explain the word "convergence" to Prez Bush, Olmert has decided that a bad plan can be rescued by re-naming it. Afterall when the dis-engagement failed so miserably, with so much negative effect on the entire nation, without any positive factors to soften the poor planning and abysmal defeat of a government crapshooting against itself and losing; Olmert is seeking to call his dispossession, the blatant retreat from lands peopled by Jews and allowing those lands to become foward firing bases against the Jewish State, "REALIGHMENT". REALIGNMENT, It's New and improved. Less filling. Fewer calories. Better mileage. Sliming. look younger. Fuller hair. No pimples. Smoother skin. Smaller waistline. Better sex. But, is the same old advertising crap. Good enough for the poor souls stupid enough to buy into the Kadima line, but lost to Bush, the better Jew of the duo of Olmert and Bush.
3. Yoel, holding on to the West Bank is dumb
Efi ,   Tel Aviv   (05.24.06)
You can sit all day and complain about it, but our army is not built to guard a few thousand people in the midst of millions of people who belong to an enemy nation. Its just plain dumb, and whoever came up with it in the 60s was a fool. It's time to get back behind our borders and secure ourselves as a Jewish state with our army firmly in our land. We can deal with any threat from behind our border, and wipe out any state, including our neighbor, who will attack us. So stop compaining, we are leaving the West Bank, and its going to happen no matter what you say, so you might as well sit back and relax.
4. To Efi
Jerry   (05.24.06)
Once Israel pulls out of Yesha and hides behind its wall, you will come under rocket fire in Tel Aviv from the terrorist state whose creation is assured by the "disengagement". Remember this when the rockets start landing.
5. #3
Vorax   (05.24.06) stop compaining, we are leaving Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and its going to happen no matter what you say, so you might as well sit back and relax..
6. Horrible Homepage Title
DEBRA ,   USA   (05.24.06)
8. A little Genisis reflection
Steve ,   USA   (05.24.06)
18:24 Suppose there are fifty innocent people in the city. Would You still destroy it, and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty good people inside it? 18:25 It would be sacrilege even to ascribe such an act to You - to kill the innocent with the guilty, letting the righteous and the wicked fare alike. It would be sacrilege to ascribe this to You! Shall the whole world's Judge not act justly?' ... 18:32 'Let my Lord not become angry, but I will speak just once more. Suppose ten are found there?' 'I will not destroy for the sake of the ten.' 18:33 When He finished speaking with Abraham, God left [him]. Abraham then returned home.
9. What about us?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.24.06)
Maybe omelet could answer our questions about his foolish plan? We have more at stake here than condi. Maybe he should call it the self-made ghetto plan?That would explain it better.
10. olmert feels accountable to Bush instead of us Israelis
11. to tel aviv idiot
There is something called strategic borders. It has nothing to do with the demographics of the population.
12. Webster, Gee Wee Push edition
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.24.06)
Gee Wee Push:- Donald, what does convergence mean ? D. Rum.:- Well Mr.P, it's like this ,one day the Muslims will converge on the entire globe, like take over, you know, control. Gee Wee Push:- Oh, that's a problem, shall we ask the Jews what we should do about that, they have all the answers ? D. Rum.:- Oh, I got the answer from them already, they have this time proven invention called a wall, they build this wall and they all gather on one side of it and when the Muslims converge on them this wall stops the convergence in its tracks. They tried it a long time ago on at least three occassions, Massada and twice at Jerusalem. It sure kept out those converging Roman sons of bitches and the Babylonian dogs tried for 18 months to converge on Jerusalem until they gave up and went back home in despair. Gee Wee, I propose we take an example from them and build a wall around America, maybe Congress will agree to an appropriation for some of our friends as well. It would be cheaper than planes and missiles and tanks and warships, and it sure would stop those Muslims from converging upon us.
13. Olmert in the USA. Get the disinfectant
Yoel Ariel ,   US   (05.24.06)
With respect to the reporters who contributed to this story, I watched the dual news conference live and did not see any support for Olmerts plan, rath a solid and continued push by prez Bush toward what is known as the "Road Map", flawed as it is. Furthermore it appeared that Bush was under the impression that Abbas had so9me cachet or influence in the discussion. What came out to me mose of all was a WISH that Hamas would mature and become a real political rather than terrorist organization. Regarding #4 Eli, There is an old OLD saying that "What if they gave a war and nobody came? with the immeadiate answer being: "Why then the war would come to you". In an area as small as Judea-Samaria and with the form and type of arms available in thie era, retreat to a Maginot or Bar Lev line in israel :proper" is a foolish dream. There is NO retreat and no running from the war foisted upon Israel. Only foward bases((settlements)) and AO (areas of operation). you either are the party of initiative or the receptor party. Which is not muchc of a choice. and that choice militarily is most clear. Even a dullard like peretz should be able to figure that out. If Halutz a shadow of a real COS does not tell his masters that he should be flogged and drummed out of the military. Please be advised that I will not be available for comment for the next 7 to 10 days. Contracts call. My best to almost all.
14. Efi
Eitan ,   Sweden   (05.24.06)
Israel needs defendable borders from Qassam and Katyusha rockets. Giving away Judea and Samaria would make Israel more vulnerable, not less. Instead of spending billions of NIS on a worthless security fence that can't stop rockets from coming in, we could've paid Arabs to leave Judea and Samaria and build homes for them in Arabs countries. When push came to shove, the Turks evicted the Greeks from Western Antalolia, during the decline of the Ottoman Empire, without any repercussions. We could do the same to the Arabs, and the world wouldn't hate us any less. Why are Jews such pvssies and so nice to those who want to destroy us?
15. Land for peace... to the terrorists?? Of course 2.5mX3.5mX2m
Nebojsa Yitzchak M ,   Toronto   (05.24.06)
By rewarding nazi terror one become their PARTNER IN CRIME. Turkey was not asked to give Kurds Kurdistan WHY? Iraqi Suni's were killing Kurds for decades, finally Americans could do something about it.. they choose not to mess with "integrity" of Iraq as a country. But on Israel since Camp David Israel is coerced to dismantle itself out of existence. FRIEND WOULD NOT ASK YOU TO COMMIT A NATIONAL SUICIDE SO IT WILL MAKE YOUR ENEMIES HAPPY? Bush either you are with us in the war against the TERRORISM or you are against .. Friend of my friend is my friend enemy of my friend is.. HAMAS IS NOT YOU FRIEND BUSH? Neither is PLO nor any other hell-bunnies that were sworn to the demise of Israel. Giving the legitimacy to those sworn Arab NAZIS (for example how many PLOtniks have names like Adolph etc. what is their common “agenda” of Hamas and what was the "agenda" of Adolph in the late 30's.. pretty same eh? Never again? Perhaps we should start first with a common sense Israeli land is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS Mr. Bush, it is Israeli land and it is issue no self respecting sovereign nation would ever open for debate. Country’s sovereignty is never debated it could be ONLY DEFENDED. Integrity of Israeli borders and land is the vital issue for national security of state of Israel. State of Israel has one foremost duty to defend its people and their properties. PLO, HAMAS and rest of the similar gangs of hell-bunnies deserve no consideration but long overdue JUSTICE. Land for peace? Perhaps only after the justice does its work, every terrorist should have piece land in Israel eh? 2.5m X 3.5m X 2.5m and then there would really be a JUST-PEACE! When you choose to give your land to the Mexicans, Russians well then I will not suspect your "sincerity" in the mean time Israel is sovereign country a friendly country and you should treat it as such.
16. Bush called Olmert's ideas "bold,"
Reuven Brauner ,   Ranaana, Israel   (05.24.06)
This was a reporting misquote. What President Bush actually said was, "Olmert! You're bald!"
17. Photo of two smiling crooks before they screw the public.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.24.06)
18. israel is mommy dearest ....
aa ,   london   (05.24.06)
19. convergence
Hilda ,   USA   (05.24.06)
As I understand it Bush told Olmert that he could destroy as many settlements as he wanted to but that is no guarantee Israel could keep the rest. That would be up to the Palestinians. Imagine---Lose the war and get to decide. In any event Bush is still gung ho on his Palestinian state whether it is Palestine or Hamasstan., though he would prefer to have Palestine . Doesn;t he get it yet, that both want the end of Israel only the time table is different.
20. stop the destruction
Glenna Hill ,   Valdez - US   (05.27.06)
One hand shake away from more destruction Mr. Proud President. Pride cometh before a fall and you have taken our country down again, the road to more catastrophe. Israel should not be listening to the US, neither will prosper for the compromise.
21. step to peace set back
Glenna Hill ,   Valdez, US   (05.27.06)
How can the shaking of a hand on a compromise of giving up more Israeli land be considered a success (something desired, intended, or attempted) giving up more land by the Israeli government is not desired by all who know the land was promised long ago by the man who holds the deed. It was not intened to be given back to the enemy, nor should it be attempted; if so the US will pay a high price and will continue to pay until we also will have to turn against Isreal our blessing, just to survive from the enemy of deception ourselves. The US is quickly being drained of all its resources and money for the hand shake to destruction, which is considered the roadmap to peace. The more the land is given away the higher the price we all shall pay.
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