PM: We cannot wait for Palestinians forever
Associated Press
Published: 25.05.06, 00:36
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31. denial of the reality.
shai ,   T-A   (05.25.06)
Beyond the slogans, beyond even the bible - which is not a real estate deal - , there is the real world, the facts on the ground. We simply can't keep under our authority millions of palestinians who don't want us. Look at a map : to create a viable palestinian entity, in our own interest, we need to withdraw to the fence. Settlements in the middle of the palestinian population don't make sense.
32. We've waited too long already!
Arie   (05.25.06)
KS ,   Lebanon   (05.25.06)
Really really smart aren't you??!! really proved my point. Seems like you agree with me that the wall is in the wrong place!! hahah!! "and no my friend, we dont need wheels on the wall pieces. Unlike you and your Lebanonian people, we CAN use machinery and such complicated things." I'm really not going to reply to the context of those sentences cause they really speak for themselves!! but what i'm gonna say is oh my God! did you think before you wrote that? or wait...maybe you did!! hahah!!
34. 14 Ellen Prescott: Important - You got a screw looooose
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.25.06)
get off what ever you take as drugs - your grey cells are seriously effected
35. 30 yakov shani: Great POST - keep it coming
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.25.06)
37. 36 dilbert , usa: You have NO education nor any Shame
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.27.06)
your post was an insult to humanity You obviously have NO proper upbringing nor any values in Life to use the language you dare used
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