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Scholars: Islamists hungry for power
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 24.05.06, 22:23
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1. Learn about the Koran/Hadith in its own words
Http:// Islam has only brought death and oppression to us, they cant even live amongest themselves
2. Islamists hungry for power - ya think so??
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.24.06)
you don't need to be a "scholar" to figure that one out.
3. Mike: Saldy not everyone knows this
James ,   London, UK   (05.24.06)
Like Tibi said, the Euro-left doesnt understand this very fundamental point.
4. The era of the Islamic empire
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (05.25.06)
Historically, empires have been created by war and conquest, and the Islamic empire is no exception. I would say that the modern era of the Islamic empire started in 1979 with the Iranian Revolution, and only time will tell how long it lasts. As comparators, the Nazi empire lasted 12 years and the Soviet empire lasted about 70 years. Jihad comprises not just war and terrorism but also the colonisation by Muslims of non-Muslim countries. In cases such as Britain or France there are clear historical reasons for large Muslim populations. In other countries such as Sweden (much discussed recently on this website) or even the United States the increasing proportions of Muslims in the overall population would seem to be a manifestation of jihad pure and simple.
5. Correct titel: Islamists hungry to kill all non-muslims.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.25.06)
6. Islamists hungry for ham and cheese.
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.25.06)
Islamists have no honor, no respect for human life, and probably eat ham and cheese while drinking as much alcohol as they can.
7. To #4, if u don't like that Islam is present worldwide then
Muhammad-Ali ,   Montreal   (05.25.06)
it's ur problem. Do u expect all of us to convert to Judaism?
8. take a few hours to read
honest man ,   los angeles   (05.25.06)
you undrestand much more that you expected
9. Irshad Manji says similar and more
Joy Springreen   (05.25.06)
in her new book and its free for PDF download in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu. visit here
10. After reading faithfreedom hate site
benjie ,   new york,ny   (05.25.06)
also read do you think they tell a lot of truth too.
11. #7 To Muhammad-Ali
NTI ,   Red Chili   (05.25.06)
Please, for this once, use your brain. Judaism is only for the privileged, not for just any mohammad, ismail or osama (muslim version of Tom, Dick and Harry). If you do feel comfortable with your life now, thank your liberal, democratic western host country. islam is evil, it is the bane of all humanity. it brings misery, backwardness, savagery and death to all its adherents and others (non-muslims) within their range. Look at both Iran and Egypt, great ancient civiliZations reduced to poor, backward regimes. Get some education from and embrace humanity.
12. to #11
Ali Baba ,   Ramallah   (05.25.06)
It seems that you the one who needs to use his brain! What and idiot! do you use TODAYS Iran and egypt as "proof" that islam does not work? You must have never opened a history book - The reason these countries are soo scrwed up is becasue they do NOT implement islam! Husni Mubarak Muslim in the ID card only! His secular regime went after the Muslims in the elections Oh - Iran - the Shite state that wants not only to take over Israel, but the Sunni world.... (Shia is ONLY 5% of the Muslim world) And earlier you say: Judaism is for the Priviliged ... what a lie. if you are sooo much chosen by God - then Leave this earth! Die --- you will find Paradise there. Chosen my ass. You are choosen to be killers - that is for sure --- you are choosen to be prophet killers -- that is for sure And by the way: Israel is only 50+ years old. So b4 that, your ppl were as screwed up as the palestinsins today -- Your "Civilization" is only history --- and soon, it will be history too. The ppl who read this site are freaking fundementalist --- keep the arrogance, ...until your time comes ... I just have one thing to remind you with: The currssaids stayed 500 yeras in Jeruslaem, not 50 -- 500 and a Muslim - NON Palestinian kicked their ass.... you are ONLY 5 million there .... and the msulim world is 1.6 billion. if you do the math ... yu wont last another 50 yeras ... BET ON THAT. Here is even the date: Mark your calendar 2022 - Current israel will NOT last 79 years ... ask your Rabi: he will tell you that its true --- Its in your own books --- but you are so chosen, you dont even read them!.
13. Islam
Aharon   (05.25.06)
Islam has a few issues... you say there are no associates to God, then why do you add Mohammed in the shahada (declaration of faith)? (God is the greatest and Muhammed is his prophet) why not God is the Greatest and we follow all the prophets? You claim jesus in your line of prophets, however, how come you arent stark raving made when there are portrayals of him? Only Mohammed is worthy? Islam has messed up alot of countries. It exports Arab culture and values to places that are not Arabian (like Pakistan, Malaysia, Bosnia, etc). Its just as imperial as say American culture or European colonization. We jews never did that. You claim there is no compulsion in religion, they why cant apostates of Islam leave the religion? And don't tell me that no one would want to. End of the day, Muslims are so concerned that their religion is being eroded. Is it that weak? Do you need to have Islam enshrined in every law? If Islam is so powerful, then why is it disregarded so easily in the secular culture? Judaism thrived, so did Christianity. Don't lecture me on how I don't understnad Islam and it is the religion of peace. I have studied (and continue to) for a long time and you guys can't take that I dont accept this. I honestly did think about converting but I have to know and not believe. What gets me is that there is only one answer for muslims, complete submission and questions are to be asked but only if you accpet the party line. Nope not a religion for me or anyone for that matter And if you are right, and Islam is the way then I will gladly go to hell then bow to such a menance of a belief system. Peace to you all
16. muhamad
tony ,   PARIS   (05.25.06)
NO,the world only expects you to RESPECT other religeons,people and democracies..Judaism has nothing to do with,the rise in Islamism.and like the artical says,Islamists,are thriving for POWER,in any way possible;and unfortunately,that way is Violence.and supression,dictatorship,and false propoganda.So when you say,it is OUR problem,you are WAY off,It is as much your proplem,and in more ways than one..
17. Islam - Peace or Submission?
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.25.06)
According to my understanding, the word Islam means both. This summarizes its contradictory nature. On one hand, it presents a face of peace, but demands submission to G-d's will. This is not much different than Judaism. Where we differ is that Judaism is the religion of and for the Jews. It makes no effort to compel non-Jews to live by its strictures other than some basic monotheistic, human, social norms. There is no overwhelming need to convert the world to our religion. Islam, as well as Christianity, have theological missions to convert the world to their religions. Each has used militant means over the ages. Fortunately, Christianity has abandoned that route and are now pursuing a much more peaceful and mature approach to non-Christians. Islam, however, has not forsaken this approach. In fact, it believes that it is on the rise once again and is taking advantage of the perceived weaknesses of the liberal democratic West to pursue its agenda. In that regards, Islam is a real threat to the West, and in fact, the World as we now know it.
18. # 12 Ali Baba
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.25.06)
Elf Layla Walayla, at least you chose the right name. Crusades, 192 years. All the rest is nonsense as well, and you know it.
19. #12
pierre ,   belguim   (05.25.06)
Who ever you say you are ,you are not from Ramallah,Why dont you use your true ID.?To prove to us that you are really,IGNORANT,as to what Islam is."Choosen "to be "killers"??I think you are refering to yourselves,(if you are eventually from Ramallah)Who kills innocent woman and children,in buses,hotels restaurants??uhuh??What "People send their own children to blow themselves up,in the name of G-D,for the sake of a religeon????Only the likes of you,You committ murder,in order to go to "Paradise"??and get rewarded with 72 virgins??is Islam that powerful,to persuade you to kill yourselves ,in the name of Allah??,How utterly PATHETIC. Judging by your Incredible Intellect,regarding "ONLY 5 MILLION JEWS "OVER THERE" AND THE MUSLIMS 1.6 BILLION,We can honnestly say,that we are proud of what those" 5 MILLION" have achieved,Can you honnestly say the same for the 1.6 Billion;Muslims?????? And as you so "Intellegently" state,that Israel will not last 79 years????I think you are refering to the whole planet,for as things are going at the moment ,regarding Islam,YOU will be the reason why there will be Chaos,on earth,Your drive for Power,will be your DOWNFALL.(Remeber that sick mental mustashed phsyco,that came to power and started WW2???) MARK YOUR CALENDAR. Ali BABA;cause you'll be needing more than 40 thieves to get you out of this one..
20. sunis kill "infidel" sheites & "infidel" sheites kill sunis
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.25.06)
all over who is the correct path of the pedophile who took a nine year old wife and claimed G-d talked to him in his sleep. This is what the muslims want to bring to all the world. Mass dimentia is the largest problem in the islamic world and they want to spread it to the entire world. I wonder how the Eskimos would respond to putting down a prayer rug on the ice five times a day.
21. # 17 Reuven
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.25.06)
It is a whole concept in two words. The words in the Hebrew and Arabic are essentially the same, both from thr Aramaic roots, HRB and SLM. HRB, destruction,sword,desolate. SLM, wholeness, completeness, oneness. The concept as devized by Mohammed was simple. DAR EL ISLAM, the abode of Islam, is the goal of perfection, to be strived for by the submission of DAR EL HARAB, the others, those who live in desolation and destruction, the sword is the means. All this is not hidden in the words, on the contrary it is self evident. The words were carefully chosen in order that the concept would become perpetually embedded in the psyche of every Muslim.
22. yakov, you are my hero ! ;-)
23. Trying to take over the whole world?
Josh ,   Atlanta   (05.26.06)
I've even heard that strikes on Tokyo have been planned by Islamic groups. I've also heard that they have goals to convert South America. Japan and S America are about as far from the Islamic world as you can get. And yet they claim they just want Palestine and Jerusalem back.... It was never theirs to begin with. They complain that it was taken from them by force, yet they had themselves taken it by force centuries ago. Now they are trying to terrorize my homeland and my ancestors' homeland into submission, which is what Islam means anyway, not "peace." And it has gotten to the point to where it is almost completely forbidden to even criticize Islam in public in my own country!! I believe there is a global conspiracy to convert the world to Islam or kill or subjugate those who don't convert. How else could you explain the mass collusion of the mainstream media in the US and Western Europe to completely black ball any serious criticism of Islam. These two societies pride themselves on freedom of speech and the ability to criticize even the most cherished of principles, yet for some reason, it's almost completely forbidden to question a foreign and hostile religion? It can only be two things or a combination.: 1) An actual conspiracy to promote Islam, its culture, and its propagation throughout the planet. 2)Westerners are just so scared of being labelled a racist that they no longer even so much as dare to admit that they actually believe that someone from another race or culture could possibly be wrong about something.
24. Ali Baba, #12
DR ,   Florida. USA   (06.01.06)
Name one Muslim country that has the technology, medicine, education and strength of Israel??? Not one you brainwashed idiot!!! And Israel will last for much longer than you think. Countries like the US, UK, etc. will not let Islam destory anything ever again. 9/11 opened their eyes to your evil plan to rule the world. And we see how you treat your own kind in Iraq, Lebanon and in Gaza. You people kill each other everyday like primitive tribes used to do thousands of yeras ago. Really sad!!!
25. #12
jason ,   usa   (06.10.06)
5 Million jews? last time i heard it was 20m.. wont last any longer? where are you getting these from? when israel was created and there was a war when it began a country it did seem TH END.. BUT israel won from numbers way more then they did what makes you 'so' sure it last any more? and FYI your prophets are jewish(all but 1)
26. I refuse to serve in the ideological battle
Muslim Refusenik   (06.21.06)
27. "Scholars" - Trying to glaze over human sacrifice.
D- ,   San Diego, USA   (06.22.06)
You can't explain away people who chose to be part of a religion that practices human sacrifice.
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