Report: Israel warns of World Cup terror
Roee Nahmias
Published: 26.05.06, 17:30
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1. Why is Iran in the World cup???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.26.06)
We are letting a country run by a mad man who wants to destroy Israel participate on a world stage. Doesn't that send out the wrong messege???
2. # 1 DR
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.26.06)
Why is Iran in anything ? ? ?
3. something will happen...
stephane ,   france   (05.26.06)
i don't know if it will be violence from neo-nazis or from "nazislamists",but i feel that something will happen in this world cup...there is to many signs.
4. Prequel to WWIII
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.26.06)
What we see before us is the build up to the greatest war the world has ever seen. It will involve Russia and China and of course Syria,Egypt,Israel and of course Israel. The U.S. will be the major loser in this war and Israel will finally have to seek their G-d for help .The Road Map peace covenant with death and hell will at this time be annuled by Israel's God and there will be no more land for false peace or Convergence or Disengagement ..
5. terror
derek ,   little rock   (05.26.06)
if anything does happen, you can bet it'll be a false flag operation. a la 7/7 or 9/11.
6. It is time the West becomes vigilant
Brod ,   USA   (05.26.06)
It is time the West becomes vigilant in insuring their security. The question is how did Saudi Arabia, one of the world's main sponsors and producers of Islamist-Jihadist terrorists, come to know about this? Do they have moles (spies) at the State Department and in key government agencies in the West? The respective government should vigorously investigate this possibility and stamp them out.
7. #1
DS ,   London, UK   (05.26.06)
Iran are in the World Cup because they qualified- football is generally not a political event...
8. #1 Who are you???
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (05.26.06)
Who are you to decide who participates and who doesn't? And what do you mean by "WE"? I didn't know the decision on who participates and who doesn't is taken in your living room!!! They are there because they qualified, and if your beloved USA were to play in the same area where the Iranis qualified they would never do.
9. to #3 and 4.
john ,   london   (05.26.06)
I am impressed by your french analytical conclusions! Immediately, we see the powerful brains of our neighbours at their best : ''signs'' maybe astrology?
KS ,   Lebanon   (05.26.06)
SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH!! PART OF ISRAEL'S NON STOP PUBLIC RELATIONS CAMPAIGN AGAINST HIZBULLAH. Really people, I know that most of you believe that hizbullah are terrorists and what not but really, if you lived in Lebanon, you would realize how rediculous this is. Even the strongest lebanese opposers of hizbullah, and i really mean the strongest, would laugh at this article.
11. To #6
Josh ,   Atlanta   (05.26.06)
I don't think that Saudi Arabia has discovered anything here that most people didn't know already. The PLO carried out successful terror attacks against Israel in West Germany in 72, so therefore, everyone knows that Hizbullah is plotting attacks on Israel in Germany for this upcoming World Cup. In fact, we all know Hizbullah will strike just about anything that they possibly can if the situation presents itself via a security lapse. So, I don't think SA has discovered anything covert here. Besides, despite the fact that SA has supported terror groups under the table, they would love nothing more than to divert attention away from them towards Hizbullah and Iran because they want to ensure that Iran will not be able disrupt shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf, which is SA's golden goose. I actually think Saudi Arabia wants Iran to be attacked because it would neutralize a potential threat to their economy, and they will most certainly use it as an excuse to point the finger at Israel, and perhaps rally fellow Gulf states to prepare for a major retaliation against Israel, assuming Israel strikes Iran instead of the US. So, they will probably play both sides of the fence. They want Iran to be attacked because it will benefit their economy, but at the same time, they can come out after the strikes as if they were outraged that an attack on Iran took place, giving them an excuse to whip up hysteria against Israel, which we all know they love to do.
12. Nr.1
joe   (05.26.06)
**Why is Iran in the world Cup??** Why is Israel playing in the European Football Cup???? Why is Israel participating in the European Song Contest?? I would bar them- European borders are a the Ural and in Istanbul.
13. " If something Happend "
NK (5.26.2006)   (05.27.06)
if something happend it will be Planned and executed by Mosad, Israel is trying to stir the world against islamic countries to hide their crimes against th palestinians. Not to forget israel has a nuclear reactor and an arsenal od nuclear bombs, and never signed the nuclear treaty , why they feel others shouldn't .............
14. #7 DS, You Are Way Too Naive
david hoffman ,   philidelphia, USA   (05.26.06)
Why do you think Israel is forced to play teams like France and Ireland, which generally play higher than "Middle East calibre", in order to qualify for the World Cup?! It's because Israel's rightful regional grouping, the Middle East group, is full of teams that refuse to play the Israeli team! And instead of forcing those teams that refuse to play Israel to forfeit those games, FIFA makes Israel play in a different geographical grouping, against much better teams than are in the MidEast! So, disgusting, hateful, and YES, politically motivated countries like Iran get to play in the World Cup, while Israel never qualifies!! ANOTHER CASE OF WORLD APPEASEMENT OF HATFUL ARAB/ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY!!!
15. to #12
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.27.06)
I do not think you can say Israel participated in the eurovision contest this year.Four points!
16. #-10 KS - Lebanon - look
Tsedek ,   Israel   (05.26.06)
at a blog called michaeltotten I think, and I believe him, that he is sorta telling the truth about that subject, and you are not. Not meant to insult you btw, grtz Tse.
17. #10 is unbelievable.
Dan ,   USA   (05.27.06)
If you don't remember the many terror attacks carried out by Hizbollah then you are ignorant of history. They are a terrorist organization because they participate in terror and are fully capable, willing, and motivated to kill innocent people for the sake of this sick Islamic fascism of theirs.
18. KS: wilful ignorance just makes you look silly
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (05.27.06)
YNet got this info from the Saudi newspaper, al-Watan, NOT from the Israeli or US government. Remember that the GCC do not like Iran either. Now, Mr. Jumblatt has called Hizballah an Iranian agent on multiple occasions. So have other members of the Lebanese anti-Syrian bloc. And various nations besides Lebanon have note the link between Hizballah and Iran. Notably, one of these is Argentina, where Hizballah blew up the Jewish Community Center, acting as an Iranian agent. In general, and maybe straying from my point, the anti-Syrian bloc represents many Lebanese citizens who want Hizballah to disarm. They are tired of private armies and factional warlords occupying parts of their country. Many of them are very aware that the ONLY reason why there is a cold war (instead of a possibly warm peace) on your southern border is that Hizballah and Syria refuse to formally declare the Farms Lebanese territory. Some may even consider that this may be because Syria does not want to formally and legally recognize that Lebanon is an independent state rather than a province of Syria. Think about that for a while.
19. totally right about world cup
GL ,   Brooklyn,NY   (05.27.06)
the other reason Israel plays in UEFA is because if #1 if they were to play Arab teams, there would be riots and/or attacks every time. #2 they play in Europe because they're pretty much the only democratic, European-style country in the entire region. in some ways, they're not like the countries around them, in the sense of government and lifestyle.
20. to john the dumb,"l'idiot"
stephane ,   france   (05.27.06)
i know that my english is not perfect;but when you'll speak french like i speak english,then,maybe you can talk.but meanwhile,TA GUEULE john!and by the way,clever people understood what i mean when i talk about signs.i understand that you can't john...
21. NK the clown!
stephane ,   france   (05.27.06)
yes NK! you're so funny!maybe the mossad will send a kamikaze there!and of course,i'm sure that you will tell us that it was the mossad who attacked NY on 9/11? right NK?
Brian ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.27.06)
KS you are full of shit, besides they, the Hizbullah have brain washed even you into thinking that they are some kind of benevolent-do-gooders.I guess after living under their extremism its not hard to understand why you think like they do.
23. world cup--GOOD TIME to bomb iran's nukes
debra ,   usa   (05.27.06)
question. is israel going to be playing in germany during the world cup? please let me know. i hope the u.s. does attack iran during the world cup. with all those motley neo-nazi scum demonstrating and the islamofascists sneaking around, it would be a good time to blast iran's nuke sites.
24. World Cup
Simon ,   C-Town, South Africa   (05.27.06)
Marcel you are " the internal pessimist" You have crazy ideas !
25. 8 Sam: We know You support terrorism so go back to your
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.27.06)
Cave - actually why don't you move to Iran - since you support them
26. 9 john, london: They got more brains than you
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.27.06)
by the way what is your real name ?? Ahmed ?
27. 10 KS : Rigth YOU are unbelievable or rather dumb
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.27.06)
why do you come to an Israeli website ??? Oy - I forgot Lebanon has NO real freedom of speech and surely NO forums
28. Same Leaders
Arash ,   Budapest, Hungary   (05.27.06)
Why should the Iranian soccer team suffer if they have such a president. Its like saying that the jewish people should not participate in any world stage due to their prime minister Ariel Sharon, who is accused of the Haag tribunal for terrorist activities.
29. 28 Arash, Budapest:YOU just qualified for the Dolt Award
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.27.06)
Kindly bring the proof of that Hague Tribunal falsehood you just posted It was only Belgium who tried this in their courts - but failed - and had to actually delete all arguments. Next time you want to sound intelligent come with true facts OK Nice Try But just remember Iran can also reach You in Budapest - but please don't come crying then
30. 28 Arash, Budapest: <<< A true Anti-Semite
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.27.06)
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