Sharon transferred to rehab
Meital Yasur Beit-Or
Published: 28.05.06, 14:19
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1. wish you speedy recovery gever.
2. Permanent vegetative state.
sk ,   USA   (05.28.06)
Just as we all knew well before the election, and what that disease Mazuz refused to acknowledge.
3. Sharon
Wise Man ,   USA   (05.28.06)
Really no comment here
4. Former prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Marcel Abel ,   Thoiry, France   (05.28.06)
I hope and I pray he is on the road to recovery. Best wishes to his family. The Lord never abandons his children.
5. May he awaken to an Israel that lives in peace with its neig
Russel ,   Tlv   (05.28.06)
6. A miracle can always happen,but...
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.28.06)
If after Doctors conclude he can not breath without apparatus' helping,is it valid to keep him ,or anybody else ,breathing artificially for I don't know how much time? Isn't it better,after chances of him breathing independentely are gone,let him die in peace?
7. miss you, arik
debra ,   usa   (05.28.06)
may you recover.
8.  4 Marcel
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.28.06)
The Lord never abandons his children ? Throughout recorded history mankind has been abandoned by this mysterious Lord. I will not list the exact instances as it would take 10 pages. Famine, fire, earthquakes, cruelty, war, ideaology, plague, inclement weather, intolerance, disease, misfortune, psychotic maniacs. All these have contributed to the immeasurable suffering and death of an infinite number of members of the "tribe" known as mankind, or "The Children of the Lord". I have been endowed with an unusual portion of patience, I am still waiting to "meet" this elusive "Lord", to "discover" how and when He will redeem and reform mankind, "his children". So far suffering and death have prevailed over life and joy and I am running out of patience. I am also running out of time. Perhaps some serendipitous quirk of life will be the factor that finally causes the enactment of that "meeting".
9. Yacov # 8
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.28.06)
You say: "So far suffering and death have prevailed over life and joy and I am running out of patience." I agree with you,BUT we have to recognize our portion of Joy in life.Aren't you a happy person,despite all world's unhappinesses?I am ! And it was MY JOB to get here;it didn't come for free;I fought for it and am still fighting,same as you,I am sure! But I know that I will be completly happy only when ALL of others human beings will be happy too. Hence,I guess,it is OUR responsability to redeem our world,doing so G'od's Wish. That's why,I believe,we Jews are called to be a light unto nations,because,I believe again,WE KNOW the ways to accomplish HIS will ,and we MUST aply it.It requires strenght,determination and will. That's why I always say to take our Destiny in our own hands,because what aplies for an individual-as me and you-aplies for a Nation. It is the same principle!
10. # 9 Keren
yakov shani ,   IL   (05.28.06)
That we are a light unto the nations, I have no doubt, the problem is that most of the nations wear sunglasses at best, or at worst are wandering their way through the tunnel of life with nothing but a candle to light the way. "The Dark Ages" was a very appropriately named era in history, most of humanity is still there, stuck in the mud. We were the first Nation on earth to place a cardinal value on life, the first to abandon the death penalty, 2000 years before others, yet for these highly moral concepts we are despised by people, like Ellen, who prefer the cult of death, suffering and self infliction that so symbolizes our adversaries. The world is living in total darkness, and The Lord has indeed abandoned his children. I stopped looking for Him years ago. My fate in my hands, of course it is, nevertheless, for those who find peace in The Lord I have respect while for those who find war in Him, I have contempt and I despise them .
11. Im sorry but Im going to say as I see it
Yisraeli   (05.28.06)
I recall how joyous he was when leaving the Likud in ruins and formed the kadamites party. How he looked forward in compounding his power to absolute ruler. While he planned his own selfish egoist future a higher power had another future for him. Whilst he thought he could simply continue with life after the destruction the tears that he himself personally caused to our beatiful brothers and sisters of Gush Katif. That whilst they lay in makeshift homes many left destitute with theyre dreams shattered by this one man, theyre lifes work not just on behalf of themselves but for the greater benefit of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael and he thought he could continue as if nothing had happened. Wrong. Such was his crime on our people one that has NEVER ever happened to us ever before to be expelled out of our homes not by the Poles, not by the Nazis, not by Cossacs but by our own leader under the guise of democracy. His crime to our people is un-paralleled in our history. If he were to be struck off the perch of his power a peaceful passing may not be warranted in this case. Instead he is now forced to limber between worlds, not in this world and not in the next. May he live to 120 yrs whether in this state or not. Ani Lo Eshkach V'Lo Eslach - I shall never forget and I will not forgive. I hope Ynet will not censor my post, it is my genuine sentiment and no doubt of many even if they wont express it openly. But I will.
12. 10 yakov shani : All the way with YOU - G-d gave us brains
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.28.06)
and 2 hands......... It is time we start using same and rid ourselves of our enemies - NOW we owe this to those who did fight for our freedom - and we owe same to the next generation - that the freedom is finally reinstalled. The name of peace is sweet, and the thing itself is beneficial, but there is a great difference between peace and servitude. Peace is freedom in tranquillity, servitude is the worst of all evils, to be resisted not only by war, but even by death. (the last said by Cicero)
13. 2 sk ,USA : have respect - this is NOT the place for your
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.28.06)
very much displaced comment. Esp. since you have no medical or else detailed information to sustain your stupid argument.
14. Yisraeli #11
keren ,   sao paulo   (05.28.06)
I thoroughly agree with you... I think Sharon commited not only a crime but a very grave sin. I wish those people to rebirth from that disaster with a positive and enriched outlook of life,if this is possible...
15. # 11 You started by apologizing
yakov shani ,   IL   (05.28.06)
for your thoughts and words. I make no apologies for my words. Am Yisrael has never had, in its long history, since the days of our formation into Nationhood, two bigger or greater heros than Moshe Dayan and Ariel Sharon. I know almost all that there is to know about them, not from reading books. Many owe their lives to them. They were warriors for Israel who knew not fear and inspired countless with their unreserved dedication to our land and our people. They will live forever in the annals of our history, you and I shall be forgotten. Just in case you you have the wrong idea I shall repeat again. I am a secular Israeli with just as much love of our people and our land as you, with dedication that knows no bounds and with extreme right wing ideas. I detest the left in any context but especially the Israeli left. I have always had respect for the "settlers" (a term I do not like ), I have never been able to understand why in the beginning, the first and second Aliyot did not settle in Judea and Samaria, the heartland of our Nation, sadly after 1967 it was too late.
16. yakov
Yisraeli   (05.28.06)
I dont want to burst your bubble, but its a sad choice for real heroes. They were both opportunists and tho no doubt there were some individual acts of heroism by and large Moishe was a theif (antiquities), handed back the keys to the waqf, for which we still pay for today, not to mention terrible defense minister and Arik was a thug who went wherever it suited him best. Hardly heroes in my eyes. But hey believe as you wish. Israel has thousands and thousands of true heroes but they dont receive the kind of publicity the above did. They are the true quiet heroes for real heroes dont bring attention to themselves. But believe as you wish.
17. # 16 Yisraeli
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.28.06)
I don't "believe", I "know", from first hand knowledge. I am not naive and know all about political opportunism. The fact is that I went on the battlefield with these men, many times, I know who they were and no one will take this from me.
18. Arik, you are missed.
Annie ,   Ofarim, Israel   (05.29.06)
19. He Dedicated His LIFE...
Erica ,   Miami, Florida   (05.29.06)
to Israel and the Jewish people. I didn't agree with the pullout from Gush Katif, but Arik did what he thought was best for the long term future of Israel and the Jews. He loved his nation, he loved his people and for anyone to call themselves a Jew and express such nastiness and hatred towards him because he didn't do everything exactly as they would have is shameful. No matter what anyone says, Arik Sharon was, is and always will be a true hero amongst the Jews.
20. he dedicated his life to Ark and loved only Arik period
Yisraeli   (05.30.06)
21. #13 (Gabrielle)
sk ,   USA   (06.01.06)
I thought we had an understanding, Gabrielle. Don't send off a dumb blurb in my direction as if I were some English snaggletooth or French Zombie. The only question now is whether Sharon is in a vegetative state or fully brain dead. You seem to forget that we actually know quite a lot about Sharon's condition. We knew months ago that Sharon would not wake, and we know that Mazuz used Sharon to keep Merlot as "acting" PM. We know that the doctors who operated on Sharon stated that if he weren't the PM, they would not have operated at all. We know that Sharon is still not conscious. This is a big fraud, Gabrielle. We both know it. I insist that we speak plainly of how Israeli bigshots manipulated the Israeli need for a kind and powerful father figure so as to produce a term for Merlot.
22. Mr. Sharon's recovery
Lois Schwimmer ,   New York city, USA   (01.22.09)
Since I used to work for a company that was very close to Sharon, and I even met him, my heart goes out to him. My heart aches for him and his family. He represents so much t o me and my family. If only there could be a miracle. Sincerely, Lois Schwimmer
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