Palestinian man murdered child
Efrat Weiss
Published: 28.05.06, 19:55
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1. Hang him.
2. The punishment
yakov shani ,   IL   (05.28.06)
that should be administered to him, in my opinion, would be censored by the editors of this talkback.
3. and planned to murder her.
that is the Hamas plan for all of us !!!!!
4. palestinian man murdered child
debbie ,   herzliya   (05.28.06)
is it too much to ask of parents, not to let their young (especially) children wander around at night. According to what I've read, it was well known that Pal's are around this town and shuk, so what would possess parents to allow an 8 yr old girl to be out unsupervised? Doesnt matter if she was with other children. As a mother of young and older children this is all beyond my comprehension.
5. Penalty
David ,   Israel, Tel Aviv   (05.28.06)
show no mercy.... Execute him!!!! those who show mercy to evil doers etc..... "peace! peace!, but still there is no peace" Wake up !!!!! Israel has to have a death penalty!!!! and do not give these terrorists bodys back to their familys!!!
6. this murderer should be hanged without a question , but
a palestinian   (05.28.06)
to the idiot # 3 and all those idiots who think like him , do not mix or compare this crime with all palestinians , for just like there are palestinians who should be hanged for there crimes , there are also jews who commit the same cimes , so this crime has nothing to do with all palestinians or any other nationality . good people and there are lots of them , jews and arabs , condem this evel crime , and i as a palestinian think this retard should be hanged without thinking about it ...
7. Choke
Tsedek ,   Israel   (05.28.06)
I hope this man will become 120 years ol and choke on every day he lives making him to wish he would die. Tse.
8. A Racist Headline
Mr Palestine ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (05.28.06)
This headline is sensationalist and racist and has obvious implications especially at a time of great tension and animosity between jews and palestinians. This is an abhorant crime and the nationality of the rapist and murder is irrelevant. Clearly, almost all the cases of rape and child sexual abuse committed in Israel are done by jews not palestinians or israeli arabs. ALso, this man has not yet been convicted in a court of law, so lets wait until a judegement is given there.
9. Incorrect labeling
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.28.06)
There is no such thing as "Palestinians". This is an artificial term to lull people into thinking that there is some sort of historically independent ethnic group by this name when, in fact, this is not so. They should more correctly called Israeli Arabs or Arab residents of Israel.
10. kiling children
sameer ,   jerusalem   (05.28.06)
every killer must be killed, this is the islamic rule, let us be brave enugh and applye this rule to all killers who ever the victim or the criminal, not to say good killer and bad killer.
11. #4 to Debbie
gabriela ben ari   (05.28.06)
Not all children are born in Posh Herzlia neighborhoods like yours sweety. Hanging around in the shook is all the entertaiment so many, many poor families allow their children to indulge in
12. # 6 Palestinian
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.28.06)
He did not say "Palestinians", he said "Hamas". We have a saying in Hebrew, "on the head of the thief is a flaming hat", ya ani, gives himself away, or shows himself up. Anyway Hamas states this agenda every day at least three times.
13. A sick criminal...Palestinian or not , WHO CARES!
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (05.28.06)
This man should be judged according to the crime he commited not to his nationality! In front of the Law, whether he is palestinian, israeli or american or whatever, he commited a crime! a disgusting sick crime! His nationality is not important and i don't feel guilty for a second to hear that he was palestinian! It's his problem! Justice should REGARD HIM AS A CRIMINAL .... Anyways....Debbi from hertzelia, i love your racist comment ! " Its known that palestininas wander in the night in this region" ...i shall remind you that we are not animals and this man could have been israeli too, we heard about such crimes before where the criminal was israeli....! The nationality of the man wouldn't change anything to the nature of the crime! He should be punished SEVERLY....By the way David #5, israel HAS death penalty! learn more about your law....I join your call for the most severe penalty to this man.....
14. #8 to Mr Palestine
gabriela ben ari   (05.28.06)
If were not "national" motivated, he could have done the same attrocities to an arab child, far easier to get to by the way. Instead he knew exactly beforehand.... Nonetheless I apreciate you feel convulsed by the events
15. should be hanged without thinking about it ...
so, you want to "hang" someone just because you disagree with his opinion nice......
16. Mr Palestine , Jerusalem, Palestine
yes, you understand, we don't lynch the accused immediately. Will you please excuse this behaviour.
17. every killer must be killed, this is the islamic rule
YOU KILL, we have abolished the death sentence long ago.....
18. After seeing the film ...
Steve ,   USA   (05.28.06)
B"H After viewing the video of the Rabin assasination, I concluded that the gunfire was not from Yigal Amir that was blamed for the assasination. The reason is that cameras capture all light eminating during the frame recording, which is only generated with gun fire and not after the bullet travels a distance. The streak is not long enough to reach Amir. It is local, pinpointing the gunfire to the local entourage or vicinity. Further, Amir is seen in the distance at the end of the film and noone is even near him. If the security personnel heard a loud noise from him, it would make sense to apprehend him at the scene. It appears that the public treated him like a security officer of sorts. This is corroberated at the follow link: I have no trust in the election of Hamas by the Israeli government to rule over the Jews, east of the fence. Israel has a democracy, but if in this democracy assasinations are part of the agenda of the left-wing or putting Hamas to control the right-wing is part of the left-wing agenda, I have no faith in that method of government. The disengagement of innocents resembles the disengagement of Rabin from my perspective. Therefore, I feel further disengagements are not warranted. The polical control of opponents through violent force is something I cannot support. The Arabs warn us Jews that something is not going right, but we are so blinded as Jews to the Arab hate and murder that we are difficulty seeing our own problems and dealing with them effectively. Our enemies may hate us, and they may even want to murder us. But if there is a fault within us, at least they are the first to shout about it. I think we need to listen carefully, find out what is correct and what is incorrect in what our enemies are stating, and move cautiously with careful verification of facts. As for guilties who never get tried because of insufficient evidence, this could be a problem in the way evidence is collected or it could be a problem of innocents being blamed erroneously. I would rather not blame innocents if it is not their problem to deal with, because that does not deal with the problem.
19. This deviant monster killed an innocent child.
Arab ,   USA   (05.28.06)
So why does his motivation matter? A heinous crime was committed. Period. Why is everyone arguming about it? This guy is going to rot in jail. Why does it matter what was going through his nasty mind when he did it? Does labeling it an acti of terrorism give Israel justification to now bulldoze his parents house as extra punishment? We have 'hate-crimes' here in the USA, which receive extra punishment, but they do not target the relatives of the criminal.
20. # 9 Reuven
yakov shani ,   IL.   (05.28.06)
How strange ! We totally agree, an ultra right wing secular Israeli and a religious Israeli expressing the same view, nes meretz ha nissim.
21. 2 motivations.
stephane ,   france   (05.28.06)
why the police is wondering if this crime is sexually motivated or nationally motivated? it can be both motivations.this is an other kind of terrorism.put him in jail with real jews,far-right jews,if you want a real justice.
22. #9 - Reuven, there were no Palestinians until you came along
Arab ,   USA   (05.28.06)
Dear Reuven - You are absolutely correct. Palestine is a modern phenomena/invention. Until 1948, Arabs were one big happy family (well, not really). But now there is a small minority of Arabs who live under Jewish hegemony in that political no-man's land known to you as Judea and Samaria, and to the rest of the world as the West Bank or Occupied Territories (sorry if you don't like this terminology). They do not enjoy the same rights as their brethren in Israel, who Israel has granted citizenship to avoid being like South Africa. There is a simple definition for Palestinians, who came into being in 1967 - Arabs ruled by Jews. Hugs and Kisses, Arab.
23. #8 Racist Headline
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (05.28.06)
Mr. Palestine - I'm afraid to admit it, but I might have to agree with you on this one. This is the type of stuff we read in Al Jazeera, Al Ahram, etc - some pretty low standards! At least Ynet gives people the venue to "talk back" - too bad the Arab papers won't!
24. He should rott in jail
Sam ,   Alquds, Palestine   (05.28.06)
Someone who is able to molest a child and kill her afterwards is someone who lost a lot of his humanity, be it a jew, a christian or a moslem. There is no doubt that I wish this bastard the worse he could get. What I can't understand though is the labeling of people in this article, where the victim is an israeli child, and the killer is a Palestinian. In a way the question of why this labeling couldn't be evaded.
25. Re #8: Creating a class
Steve ,   USA   (05.28.06)
This headline: Palestinian man murdered child Anwar Ahdush carefully planned murder, lured eight year-old Lipaz Himi to stairwell where he raped, murdered her. Victim's mother: My girl was raped and murdered on Independence Day only because she is Jewish Compare this headline with the headline on Gafni:,7340,L-3252738,00.html Rabbi Gafni’s spiritual community still in shock Yaakov Ner-David, who founded Bayit Chadash with suspected sexual offender, says ‘for years we supported him despite the allegations, but know we know the truth. This was a blow to many people.’ Community director: The hearts of many people here have been broken, but we must not allow one man’s disease destroy our spiritual world. We will not replace a guru with another guru’ Analysis: In both cases, the class is important. Gafni is called a "Rabbi" even though he had his certification revoked. Similarly, the headline for Anwar is "Palestinian". Now I understand from #8's response that he considers it a racist headline. I think that the logic is that the Hamas government is Arab and so anything that badly represents it reflects badly on the Arab "race". I am thinking that it is not a "race" problem, but rather a caste issue. If it were a race problem, then the categorization "Rabbi" would not be important, and Gafni is white-anglo, so his race was pictured, but I do not think contributed to the categorization. I think it is more of a caste situation where the entire group of people is cast in one light or another to control the group. What I find peculiar is that you state, "This is an abhorant crime and the nationality of the rapist and murder is irrelevant. Clearly, almost all the cases of rape and child sexual abuse committed in Israel are done by jews not palestinians or israeli arabs." If you look at the reports at YNET, the severity of the two accusations are dramatically different, and I would cast the two as potentially different crimes related to violence against women. I am saying that I have no reason to believe what you are saying is true at all because I see this as much more severe than what is typically conducted by ANY Jew. But further, you play right into the system by referring to the group described as "palestinians or israeli arabs", and you are looking for this person to be "convicted in a court of law" instead of asking what is the evidence against him. This is problematic for you, because you are getting sucked into the system of violence when you identify with violent role models, either positive or negative. I am assuming that the cycle of violence is something driven by the leadership to control the masses. To break out of that and create "peace" the masses have to change, and cannot look to the leadership to make all our intelligent decisions for us. We need to become more alert people and not fall prey to such violent and underhanded tactics, and then there is going to be peace because the leadership will find war is not effective for them to achieve their goals.
26. Murder of Lipaz
Zuri ,   Glasgow Scotland   (05.28.06)
I keep on reading about "Jews and Palestinian" ...what the hell is that all about. if you write the word Jews the next word is arabs and not palestinian. ALL THE JEWS IN ISRAEL ARE PALESTINIANS BECAUSE THIS IS OUR ORIGIN AND OUR MOTHERLAND PALESTINIAN IS A NEW WORD. WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS BY ORIGIN. My grandparents came back from Yemen after 2700 years of exile...and why because their ORIGIN is Israel/Palestine. they kept their religion and identity and never forgotten where they came from. There is no doubt in my mind that the arab who killed Lipaz should be hanged. Unfortunately we do not have death penalty in Israel therefor he should rot in jail for the rest of his natural life for commited a murder of an innocent child.
27. it is a CASUS BELLI against Palestinians !!!!
29. she was not rich and famous so Olmert doesn' t care !
30. To #19
Joan ,   Haifa   (05.28.06)
I think you answered your own question. "Was it or was it not a hate crime?" is a perfectly relevant question.
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