Dividing Jerusalem won't bring peace
Roni Aloni-Sadovnik
Published: 29.05.06, 17:35
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1. east Jerusalem Forever Arabic>>West Jerusalem for Jew
Citizen ,   North   (05.29.06)
2. Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital City of Israel
Brod ,   USA   (05.29.06)
Secular minds who plan to tamper with the status of Jerusalem should know that their ideas are based on fantasy and illusion. The fact is JERUSALEM IS THE UNDIVIDED, ETERNAL CAPITAL CITY OF ISRAEL.since 4000 years ago. It is the Holy City of Jews and Christians. Leftist skeptics and secularists, who do NOT KNOW -- the history of the Jewish people, the Holy Bible, and the GOD of the Holy Bible, SHOULD NOT be tampering with Jerusalem.
3. Roni Aloni...i find your idea VERY INTERESTING
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (05.29.06)
Its a very interesting opening! WE HAVE TO DEVELOP IT! if we have smart leaders, they should take this point into consideration! Its one of the hundreds of other solutions and its actually a very realistic one!
4. it is already divided
Israel   (05.29.06)
jews go to Ras el amud ? shikh Jarach ? Abu Dis ?
5. #4 What crap
J K ,   NYC, USA   (05.29.06)
I dont go to 125th St in Manhattan. Some people in LA wouldnt go to Compton or Watts. Does that mean Manhattan or LA is divided? Stow it, fool.
6. #1
Jane   (05.29.06)
Mecca and Medina are yours. Jerusalem is ours. Get used to it.
7. #4
Jane   (05.29.06)
There may be a diverse population, and neighborhoods that are minority-dominated, but that does not change the fact that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people, much like Mecca is the focus of Moslem people, the Vatican the focus of the world's Catholics, etc.
8. West Jerusalem Forever Jew No End
Citizen ,   North   (05.29.06)
9. Yerushaliam of gold.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (05.29.06)
All of Yerushaliam is, was & will forever be the undivided capital of Am Yisroel. In other words "Jerusalem is not for sale".
10. Idiotic suggestion by Aloni
Daniel Krygier ,   Israel   (05.29.06)
Every country needs clearly defined borders. If the Arab areas of the Jerusalem area will be part of the West Bank then the simple logic suggests that it can't be part of Israel at the same time. No, we Israelis have to stop this schizofrenic policy and once and for all set clear borders between us and our Arab neighbours.
11. #8
Jane   (05.29.06)
Our Temples witness the fact that Jerusalem is and always has been Jewish. No mosques built atop our holy places change the reality of history.
12. wrong facts
jean ,   paris   (05.29.06)
Her interpretation of Alsace-Lorraine is wrong : after the end of WWII, it returned to France and all its inhabitants are french.
13. No offense Roni...
But there is no such word as 'peoples' :)
14. Jerusalem's irrelevant 'cos Arabs want Tel Aviv too
Yehuda Maccabee ,   MODI'IN   (05.30.06)
and we won't have peace until we implement the same solution that we did against the Cannanites
15. you assume a lot
Stephen ,   raleigh   (05.30.06)
Such as the Arabs would even want to co-develop infrastructure instead of just leeching off the Israel portion, letting it collapse and then calling it a human rights disaster etc.. You can't make them pave the streets of their section and clearly they won't so then you'll have to deal with their spin on a functioning modern Jewish half and a broken lunar landscape Arab half which they will obviously blame on the Jews. Now if they could all just throw themselves under their own bulldozers....?
16. Have you seen the city recently?
Gilan ,   J'lem, Izzie   (05.30.06)
Anybody who thinks the city is undivided has missed a few things. As an Israeli resident of a Jewish area I get all sorts of services from the municipality, like police, busses, street repairs, modern electricity and plumbing systems, all of which are to some degree unavailable in certain Arab areas of the so-called undivided city. I visited a bar in Sheikh Jarrach on New Years' Eve, where "Palestine Is a Nation" posters were prominantly displayed. I frequent a little Knafeh shop in Beit Zafafa, an Arab neighbourhood which is a pleasant short walk from my Jewish area. If we want a united city we must unite the inhabitants, which means equalising rights as well as responsibilities. Who is truly surprised to find that Arab Israelis are not patriotic Israelis when they are constantly treated like enemies and dirt? We must be uncompromising in our defense of the country. We must be unmerciful in the face of terror. But we also must be inclusive and reach out to our fellow Israeli citizens, those who happen not to be Jewish. We must ask them to be our equal partners in building this wonderful country. And we must extend this concept to any areas of Jerusalem that we propose to retain in sovereign Israel. Either tax East Jerusalem residents equally and give them equal services, or give up the concept of an "undivided" city. Currently this concept is an illusion.
17. Why Divide At ALL?
Joe Levi ,   Los Angeles. USA   (05.30.06)
Why divide Jerusalem at all, I ask? The posts here are most interesting and give two views. Isn't it possible for everyone to live there, whether Jew, Israeli-Arab, Palestinian (assuming a state is created) and others? Yet, each group can claim the city as their capital, their own so to speak. Here in Los Angeles, there are 60 different ethnic groups. This is NOT a melting pot as some believe, There are 3 main cultures..black, Hispanic and white. The whites are a minority now. Most school children are Hispanic. Blacks are moving away. Yet, we all somehow live together...in relative peace. Funding is through taxation (of everyone), Federal grants and State monies. Benefits are distributed farily equally. Jerusalem could emulate US...and I think successfully, with everyone reaping the benefits. If an Arab says, "This is my city" and a Jew says, "This is my city".....so what? There are demonstrations (immigration) but they are peaceful. The predominant language is Spanish....but the American flag is flown daily.
18. No offense #13...
Gilan ,   J'lem, Izzie   (05.30.06)
...but you are wrong. There is in fact a word "peoples," and its correct usage was demonstrated in the article. "People" means several individual "persons" (also a proper English word.) "A people" is a body of persons sharing a common religion, culture, language, or inherited condition of life. It is similar to the Hebrew עם ("Um"). The only acceptable plural of this word is "peoples," which means עמים ("Ummeem"). See http://www.dictionary.com
19. To #5 - #4 is totally right - read it and weep:
Edan ,   Beer Sheva   (06.02.06)
I grew up in Los Angeles. If the African-American community in L.A. decided that they want their own state, then yes L.A. would be divided . You see, you can't compare Jerusalem, or Israel for that matter, to any place else in the world.
20. Divided Jerusalem
Allan ,   Florida, US   (06.02.06)
This is the most ridiculous proposal I have ever heard. To begin with, how can a divided city run itself and care for its citizens. How does the writer propose a resident of one district enter another that is less than hospitable to it? Like it or not, Jerusalem is Israel's eternal capitol and must remain undivide and in jewish hands. Could you imagine this scenario with Washington DC? A city that straddles Maryland on one side and Virginia on the other. The American people will never go for it and neither should the Israelis go for a divided Jerusalem. Give it up Roni. Come up with something more realistic.
21. Basic Ignorance here...
Simon David ,   London UK   (06.03.06)
I think a good attempt but some basic mistakes - Every state needs a clear border. Otherwise where is the border control/customs/security check? - 70% of land in East J'lem is owned by residents of the west bank - Today's "Jerusalem" is already divided, in public infrastructure, health, education and housing - The eastern half is 4 times larger than the 2nd largest Pal city and produces 30% of Palestinian GDP. Bethlehem and Ramallah, historically , are just dormitory suburbs of East Jlem. - The area with historical / biblical significance is less than 1% of the total. A cooperative / shared sovereignty can be worked out for the 1 square mile of the Old city + Mount of Olives. (The analogy is with the ancient square mile of the City of London which has its own corporation dating back to the middle ages. Or with Vatican city which of course has its own sovereign state.) But the remaining 200+ square miles should be clearly divided roughly on 67 lines. The arab half, (which has nothing to do with biblical Jerusalem), is renamed Al Quds so Israel is not "giving up Jerusalem".
22. to # 17 Joe Levi
Simon David ,   London UK   (06.03.06)
Joe Last time I checked the various ethnic groups in LA are all US citizens and theoretically have the same rights and pay the same taxes. This is not the case in Jerusalem. The quarter million Palestinians in East Jerusalem are NOT Israeli citizens. They are NOT allowed to vote in Israeli elections. They have a very fragile form of permanent residency which can be revoked at any time. They pay 30% of the taxes in the Jerusalem area but receive only 8% of the budget. Their land can be seized at any time for Jews only neighbourhoods yet they are not allowed to so much as build an extra room on their own homes to accomodate population growth. On average one Arab house per week is demolished by the IDF. They are historically closely related to people in Bethlehem and Ramallah yet are not allowed to visit them. Families communicate by shouting through the wall.
23. To Jane
Annaliese   (06.03.06)
You write the truth and I thank you for doing so.
24. Split up J'lem
Heatherross ,   Clarksville, AR, USA   (02.26.08)
Anybody ask G-d what He thinks about splitting up J'lem? Anybody got guts to even suggest it to Him?
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