Reuters employee issues 'Zionist pig' death threat
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 30.05.06, 09:38
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1. Reuters and AP antisemitic-old news
2. LGF Death Threats
Elana ,   USA   (05.29.06)
I have been following this story for several days and now it seems Reuters is really Al-Reuters!
3. good going Charles
mike ,   san diego   (05.29.06)
is anyone still surprised that Reuters hires these kinds of people for their editorial staff?
4. Bunglawala's past comments
Robin ,   London UK   (05.29.06)
Is it possible that Bunglawala could have made these remarks? Some background on Inayat Bunglawala: Here are some comments by Bunglawala from his time as editor of "Trends", the "magazine for young Muslims". The comments date back about 12 years, and Bunglawala admits that those for which he has been challenged are indefensible. 1) "The Jews consider themselves to be God's chosen people - although the blessed prophet Jesus called them the children of the Devil (John 8:44) - and so can do just whatever the hell they like". Vol 3 issue 6 2) He cites claims that the Zionist movement is "at the core of international banking and commerce " and asks "Nonsense? You be the judge". Vol 3 issue 7 3) He highlights the presence in the media of "Michael Green, of the tribe of Judah, Michael Grade .. Alan Yentob. so that's what they mean by a 'free media'" Vol 4 issue 4 4) His campaign against Israel does not stop at attempts to deselect pro-Israel MPs. His routine description of Israel as "the Zionist cancer" is matched only by his praise for Hamas " a source of comfort for Muslims all over the world" Vol 6 issue 2. Nevertheless, Bunglawala was appointed as the convenor of a UK Home Office working group on "tackling extremism", one of seven such Muslim working groups set up after the July 7th bombings. This was a remarkable appointment, given Bunglawala's past and present statements. He still invokes conspiracy theories about Jews when complaining to the BBC about a 2005 programme on Islamic extremism:"the Panorama team seem intent on creating mistrust by serving the interests of the pro-Israeli lobby and undermining community relations..The BBC should not allow itself to be used by the highly placed supporters of Israel in the British media to make capital out of the 7 July atrocities in London."
5. Just routine Reuters Corporate Culture-dont deny it!
Alan ,   SA   (05.29.06)
6. We expect nothing more from al Reuters
7. Bunglawala is the darling of BBC interviews on Muslims in UK
Alan ,   SA   (05.29.06)
8. Al-Reuters is antisemitism!
Eric ,   USA   (05.29.06)
9. Al-Reuters
herb glatter ,   pittsburgh, pa, usa   (05.29.06)
Charles Johnson one of the best people on the planet for America, Isreal.
10. Paul Julius Rueter wouldn't be too pleased with this...
This is all too typical of certain mass media outlets these days. Most people probably don't know that Reuter's was founded and named after Paul Julius Reuter, a German-Jewish journalist.
11. Suspended?? How about arrested?
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.30.06)
Isn't it illegal to make death threats on the internet? And using Zionist Pig makes it a hate crime.
12. Reuters suspends employee/not employee
saywhat? ,   New York, NY   (05.30.06)
QUOTE: "Johnson was told by the news organization's Global Head of Communications, Ed Williams: "I can confirm that an employee has been suspended pending further investigation. The individual was not an employee of Reuters' news division." How does Reuters suspend an employee who is not an employee of Reuters'? Is it coincidental that Bunglawala also states that he isn't an employee of Reuters . . .hmmmmm.
13. Reuters coverage of Israel/PA is badly biased
howard ,   pacific coast, usa   (05.30.06)
And unfortunately, this biased Reuters coverage appears in newspapers, web sites and TV programs all around the world. I notice that Reuters did not report on its own embarassment ;-)
14. What is even worse...
DANNY ,   America   (05.30.06)
What is even worse is how American Newspapers and TV parrot the crap these "wire services" spew, without checking facts or realizing how biased the news is they pass on. I got to remember they get theirs in the end or I'd be pissed all the time, because they get away with it and dummies around here suck it up as news.
15. Media Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain.
Summersong ,   California USA   (05.30.06)
"an employee has been suspended pending further investigation. The individual was not an employee of Reuters' news division." So, what division are they a part of?
16. hate crime
Rustum ,   London, UK   (05.30.06)
Extremely unpleasant activities coming from Reuters. Next in line could be Ynet - perhaps many of the posters should be tried for the hate crime of celebrating the deaths of Palestinians every time an Israeli strike takes out more. The despicable message "enjoy the 70 virgins" posted every so often and the other triumphalist messages of hatred surely are just as bad as the idiotic Reuters employee's note. I have read in these pages direct threats, joy at Arab deaths, exhortations to "nuke Iran", etc, etc, until one feels ill at the bigotry. So let's see an article on Ynetnews about how Yediot Aharanot are going to take its posters to court for posting death threats and hatred on the internet. Oh, I forgot. If the threats and jubilation are at Arab/Moslem deaths, then your readers won't think it counts as hatred.
17. This employee doesn't write the news
C ,   Bristol, UK   (05.30.06)
"How does Reuters suspend an employee who is not an employee of Reuters'? " Reuters doesn't just do news. Only 10% of their revenues actually come from news in fact. I'll let you figure out what else they do.
18. #16
How is telling someone 'I hope you will get your throat cut' matches with 'enjoy your 70 virgins'? in 1, 1 makes an obvious threat that he hopes someone who is alive will be dead. in the second, people are rejoicing AFTER it has been done, and after it has been done to terrorists who try killing us daily. Idiot.
19. 16 Rustum ,London: Coming from YOU it is expected since the
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.30.06)
HATE speeches and direct intentional death threats Jews get - that doesn't bother you - surprise not really - since you have an agenda By the way there are NO death threats Directly at people on the talk back - since they don't even pass - YOU - LIE You as usual take the opportunity to spew falsehood - and make up stories - bring exact links and comments with numbers You should concern yourself with the Islamic threat in the UK - unless you agree to Jihad Islamic actions. TWENTY “major conspiracies” by Islamist terrorists in Britain have been uncovered by the security services, John Reid, the home secretary, has disclosed.,,176-2200246,00.html Go and concern yourself with UK Terrorism. Unless you are part of the supporter cells
20. anonymous brave #18
Rustum ,   London, UK   (05.30.06)
Mon cher, Thanks for the epithet. Your obvious joy at hypothesising the lack of equality between the anti-Jewish and anti-Moslem statements referred to is rather saddening. After all, as you imply, your joy at death is glee of the demise of "terrorists who try killing us daily". You still don't really notice that you demean your own humanity, never mind the legality of extra-judicial killings carried out by the state. I believe it was Golda Meir who stated that forcing Israeli children to become murderers is what saddened her. Things have come a long way since then - I don't believe Mrs Meir would have approved of the savage "glad they're dead" dances carried out on these pages.
21. Gabrielle and hysteria
Rustum ,   London, UK   (05.30.06)
You might have chosen not to notice, but as a person distinctly opposed to violence, I have never made any hint of a comment expressing anything other than total dismay at the violence carried out in the Middle East. That you choose to think I am one sided is entirely your own imagination. On the other hand, there are scores/hundreds of very twisted people, some of them from Geneva, who express their sheer delight at the deaths of their "opponents" who use every opportunity to call Arabs "stupid", to potray Islam as a religion of backward people. I simply am appalled by all of this, as I am by your omnipresent hysteria. Thank goodness you live in Geneva.
22. 20 Rustum: Don't try to mention Golda Meir - she would Kick
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.30.06)
your @@@@ - from Tuesday into next week wednesday - get it !!!! You most likely never hear Golda - I have She was the toughest Israeli PM - and knew how to kick but Remember Munich Attacks she immidiately counter acted with the only thing to do - Kill those who murdered our athletes. Golda's response was swift and fast Her reality of how to handle terrorism - was always - you don't negotiate with terrorists It is Golda that is needed NOW - so better don't bring up Golda - thinking you would have had a supporter in her WRONG mate - as I said - your but would be flying so fast - you would not remember where you coming from - and where you going to
23. 21Rustum: Concern Yourself with UK Jihadists
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.30.06)
you make me laugh - we get your kinds for over 40 years in conferences - Radio - funny enough on the Radio shows - your kind suddenly take their tail between their legs - and run - since they cannot comprehend facts: Now the Left - = YOU - have a problem: The Liberal Left - In the name of Social Justice - helps willingly without admitting - Terrorism, by appeasement ! (in capitals). Terrorism becomes to the Left automatically finally acceptable. Islamic Jihadists etc.are acceptable partners..... at the most just a nuisance as the Left believes - we should not focus on. There is a craving in them for totalitarian systems. The Liberal Left never wakes up to reality before horror strikes - rather accepts same as the inevitable. The people's suffering, in this case Jews beeing murdered - dying is of no consequences - Freedom in the real sense exist not in the Lefts vocabulary, as we fathom each single time. The Left's idea of Freedom is simply just the absence of war, no matter what or how. The Left has not yet comprehended ..... Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. The name of peace is sweet, and the thing itself is beneficial, but there is a great difference between peace and servitude. Peace is freedom in tranquillity, servitude is the worst of all evils, to be resisted not only by war, but even by death. (the last said by Cicero) The Liberal Left falls into their common servitude of appeasers - yes, the worst evil of all. Finally the Left excuses Mass Terrorism - Islamic cruelty, demonizing instead the victim as we daily see in the Media - A Media so utterly brilliant in pushing the Left to the forefront - while the conservatives are demonized. That's the Left's so called Democracy and Freedom. The most they will do is celebrate 60 years later conferences with speeches and shout - Never Again - void of any deeds and actions - until the next time. But at the same time urging us to turn the page, negotiate anything whatever what with the enemy who wants to destroy us by any means, since The Left have said Sorry and gave us a moment of celebrating our losses. .......... That such turning of the proverbial page of mass murder, genocide of humanities roots isn't acceptable to the victims doesn't strike their conscience, isn't embedded in their poor souls.... The Liberal Left - our 5th column in our society - wanting to live on a perfect planet - sadly enough lives on another planet - far removed from reality - far removed from the Real Freedom. What the Left has yet to understand The idea of living in a Free Society is a powerful source of strength (strength they some how don't seem to possess) - but it demands a constant willpower to stand up for that Freedom, to conserve it - it is a precious gem, as those know who were/are deprived of it. Freedom is/was not gained via preaching - but via actions - actions that demand strength and character. The Left when it comes to character shows themselves as a 'Society of Fears' which reaches out to appease in order to overcome fear. Whereas this divides them from those who will take the responsibility to stand Tall - stand up to BE and defend A Society of Freedom. Therefore - The Liberal Left - see those in Free Societies - those of conservative Belief - as their enemies and Foreign Dictators and Totalitarians as their friends and partners. History is the silent proof of Ashes that should be shouting out loud - we have a duty to the generations to come - to turn this soil over to them with the Freedom our Forefather had fought for. But Rustum - which isn't your name most likely - The Red - has not yet understood reality of survival and real Freedom.
24. 21 Rustum: When you fools cannot cope with a Woman you call
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.30.06)
it hysteria - what a laugh - real laugh grow up youngster - and face the real world
25. Shhh Rustum, go find other places to apologise for Arabs
A beginning could be covering over the massacre of Berbers and Blacks in Sudan and north africa (the original indeginous population since before the Arab conquest and occupation of the middle east). I've rea your last 10 or so talkbacks and there is a straight line and agenda of justifying Arab actions from death threats to suicide bombings and illegal shelling of civilian population, go find a life.
26. Gabrielle
Rustum ,   London, UK   (05.30.06)
I do not use the word "hysterical" because you are a woman. I use it because your responses are hysterical, knee jerk, replete with hatred, bigoted and prejudiced. I reiterate the fact that I am dismayed by anyone being hurt in the Middle East has completely bypassed you in your effort to paint me as a product of Eurabian Londonistan. Well, by your logic, the sanguine anglo-saxon respect for humanity = total submission to the Eurabians. What a world, eh, when we poor British people are willingly subsumed into the ethos of non-violence. It seems to turn your stomach in a rather gut-wrenching manner. Once more - I will reiterate for your benefit that I condemn violence on all sides. I also condemn the one-sidedness of you and your fellow-travellers who jump up and down with glee at the deaths of Arabs and call for their transfer and destruction from the haven of your nice safe-deposit bank somewhere on the banks of lac Leman.
27. Rustum is a decent guy.
shai ,   T-A   (05.30.06)
Compared to the, yes, ''hysterical'' postings of the extreme-rightist swiss lady, Rustum is arguing in an adult and decent way. We should disagree with him but recognize it and respect him. But it is beyond her capabilities : she insults, throws adjectives and types always the same page, full of cliches and of hatred. Shadow of Voltaire, forgive this continuous outburst of intolerance!
28. 26 Rustum: You make the real world LAUGH as 25 said. SHHH
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.30.06)
you now make yourself look not only silly but stupid we get your types on the radio all the time - but you are always a failure Now - go and have some chats on Arab sites - They'll love your rhetoric Don't talk back to this post - because you are just a simple LAUGH honestly - you should consider the midday music hall shows - they love comics of your kind the usual nauseating fun time
29. Two questions for Rustum + one comment
Kate ,   London   (05.30.06)
"I will reiterate for your benefit that I condemn violence on all sides." Did you "condemn violence on all sides" when suicide bombers attacked London recently? Had you been alive in 1940, would you have "condemned violence on all sides" after a particularly bad night for London during the Blitz? For the record, I do not believe that any gentile from Britain has a moral right to criticise Israel for all kinds of reasons. Here are just a few: Britain effectively collaborated in the Holocaust through numerous channels, Britain actively protected hundreds of the very worst of the Nazi war criminals, Britain has done nothing as a member of the EU to help return the vast amount of property that was stolen from the Jews who were murdered, Britain's neo-Nazi like behaviour in post-war Palestine, the fact that anti-Semitism is running at record levels in Britain, Britain's murderous and illegal behaviour everywhere from Malaysia and Dresden to Serbia and Iraq.
30. 27 shai : Another top LAUGH ...another Lefty
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.30.06)
who masquerades as a human being and is easily connecting with any enemy but disconnects fast from the victim What a sad Lot the Left is
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