Brit admits to aiding Hamas
Efrat Weiss
Published: 29.05.06, 22:46
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1. When he arrives in UK this is what will happen(believe me)
Alan ,   Sa   (05.29.06)
He will be collected(not Arrested) at Heathrow by car on Runway. He will be taken to Padington Green Policestation. He will clean and brush up,trim his beard and spend the night there in a "suite" with ensuite bathroom and prayer room..Early in morning the UK Human Rights Lawyers will join his 58 Family Members who arrive from the North protesting his innocence. The Lawyers services will be at UK taxpayers expense only the best at top fees..He will be released as there is no evidence.. He will be driven straight to BBC White City Studio.There he will grant interview to News24 and World Service. He will say he was just helping kids cross the road.The interviewer will attack his treatment in Israel(barbaric of course). 5 newspapers will wait outside studio to sign a contract about his life story. He will say UK Marginalises Muslims (the usual cr5p) and he had an unhappy childhood in oppressive UK. He wll be driven home with police motorbike escort and continue all the mischief hes been up to till today Amen Selah
2. Stamp out the terrorists and their sympathizers
Brod ,   USA   (05.30.06)
He is an Islamist-Jihadist terrorist. He should be jailed for good. Under interrogation, he will spill out all the Islamist-Jihadist terrorists in the UK that he has associated. This is good for the intelligence community. Israel should never allow any foreigner, who is a sympathizer or a helper of Hamastan/Fatahan (whose Charter calls for the Destruction of Israel), to enter and roam around freely in Israel and to mingle with Israel's enemy. Those foreigners who are currently there aiding Israel's enemy should be deported or jailed.
3. when he will get to UK,,,,
JEW ,   GHANA   (05.30.06)
sometimes you can slip in your appartment sorry
4. Barred "indefinitely" and why not permanently???????????????
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (05.30.06)
5. When he returns to britain
Arie   (05.30.06)
He will be welcomed by brit academia as a conquering hero, given an honorary doctorate at Oxford and named a lead Professor in charge of the boycott of Israel
6. The Jews cannot expect anything good from the Euros
Roger ,   USA   (05.30.06)
7. British Jihadist growing in numbers ready to
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.30.06)
hit again anywhere ? TWENTY “major conspiracies” by Islamist terrorists in Britain have been uncovered by the security services, John Reid, the home secretary, has disclosed.,,176-2200246,00.html Obviously Islam wants to take over the UK - and they manage UK Muslim protests new anti-terror laws: would limit "speaking about jihad" As Charles Johnson says, "Uh. I think that’s supposed to be the idea." And if it isn't, it should be: there should be clear legislation that specifies that teaching jihad -- which traditionally and primarily has meant warfare against unbelievers in order to establish the hegemony of the Islamic social order -- is unacceptable.
8. I hope
yakov shani ,   IL   (05.30.06)
that Miss Ellen will not let him down and will give him a full hero's welcome at the airport, flags, military regalia and brass band. He desreves nothing less for his contribution to global jihad and release of all those oppressed Christians, Jews etc.under the yoke of false prophets and Gods.
9. 8 yakov shani : Great Post
Gabrielle Goldwater ,   Geneva Switzerland   (05.30.06)
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